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  1. I don't quite agree that dreams don't predict events. Prophetic dreams do exist.
    The subconscious mind can notice some things, little things that the conscious mind does not notice, and build a dream based on this.�
    For example, a wife dreams that her husband is dying. And after a short time, he really dies, it happens. The whole point is that maybe, somewhere in the subconscious, it seemed that her husband's behavior had changed, that he had become somewhat pale, his appetite had worsened, etc. And on the basis of these data, the subconscious mind logically completes the picture.

  2. I would like to point out one significant error. The concept of “subconscious” has long been considered obsolete. There is conscious and unconscious activity.

    Our brain does not have such mechanisms, prophetic dreams are either coincidences or associations, similar to horoscopes.

  3. It's worth it, of course. But with the caveat that dreams do not predict or foreshadow any events. Usually dreams show what is happening in your subconscious mind. You can read about this in detail in Freud's works (“Introduction to Psychoanalysis”, for example).

  4. You should take yourself and the people around you, your life and the life of the surrounding space seriously, first of all. Dreams are an integral part of us, so make your own conclusions.

    Know your own, even if only one, dream and you will know yourself as a part of the world and the world as a part of yourself. However, we always see the same dream – in a dream and in reality…. The main thing is to cultivate irony about what we are and great pride in who we are.

    Our words are a dream. Our feelings are a dream. Our thoughts are a dream. Our business is a dream. Our achievements are also a dream… Solipsism, you say? Cough, cough…

    I don't exist, so it (or he or she?)doesn't exist. forever/everlasting/everlasting. Freud became fascinated by the ancient Greek basement, Jung buried himself in archetypal catacombs, Ron Hubbard raved about cosmic thetans, Gurdjieff got dirty with engine oil, Rajneesh was lulled to sleep by a tantric cobra, Buddha became a cosmic orphan, Jesus harnessed to the cart of corporeality, Bodhidharma disappeared with tea…

    What is your fate, friend?

  5. Dreams are reflections of processes in our unconscious. Of course, knowledge and disclosure of these processes can help to know yourself, your inner world. But! Interpreting dreams is the lot of specialists. I have already written three or four times on this resource that people from your environment in a dream have nothing in common with real people – they are images of the unconscious, which can take any form. If the dreams are repeated, then this only means that there is a certain question (problem) in the unconscious that has already been in your experience and now, in the opinion of the unconscious, it can be solved. Well, what kind of question is for a specialist.

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