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  1. Definitely not worth it. Masturbation is a great way to relax and release tension at a convenient time for you. If you have come to the conclusion that masturbation is bad for some of your beliefs, I advise you to change your mind. Even in a relationship, masturbation has every right to exist.

    Imagine that you are in a relationship and you want to have sex right now. And the partner is not around, he is busy with something, not in the mood, and a lot of other reasons. Yes, you will be able to abstain for a while, and then you will still come to masturbation.

    Now think that you are absolutely free. And now you want to masturbate. Will you deny yourself this desire? Of course not. There is a stupid stereotype among the people that masturbation is a perversion. However, in fact, this is a completely natural need. Believe me, everyone does it – even those who are struggling to deny this fact.

    Focus solely on your own feelings. If you need a sexual release, and your partner is not around, masturbation is the perfect solution. The most important thing is that masturbation is not performed instead of sex. If you feel that you don't want to have sex with a partner or you are just too lazy, because masturbation is easier and faster, then you really should give it up.

  2. No, do not exclude masturbation from life. There are situations when sexual partners do not match the temperament, the so-called sexual constitution. And it turns out that he needs to have sex every day, and it's enough for her 1 time a week, or vice versa (yes, it happens). Here can help self-discharge, release of sexual tension in the form of masturbation. The myth about the dangers of masturbation has long been debunked. Think about how a state of pleasant bliss at the moment of orgasm can be harmful, which is more harmful for the body-abstinence and accumulation of negative energy, or short-term discharge? Of course, it should be understood that masturbatory acts should not completely replace the normative sexual life. When in the sexual life of a person there is a predominance of masturbation before intimate relationships in a couple, then we are often talking about pathology.

  3. Masturbation must be eradicated from your life and abstain, the most important thing is to eradicate pornography, many mental problems depend on it.

  4. Reliable scientific studies on this subject speak about the benefits of abstinence, and many really competent and honest doctors say that abstinence at least does not harm. The problem is different: there are people who continue to fantasize or even watch porn on abstinence, but without a “climax”. This is what can lead to prostatitis. Although with regular masturbation, for example, prostatitis is even more likely to come from it than from abstinence.

    In general, before you blindly trust medicine, you should study this or that issue. The question of abstinence is not difficult to study. I tried it on myself ,like thousands of other people, and realized how much more profitable it is than irresponsible sex life or masturbation (which is one thing, which is another is the lot of self-respecting, in fact degraded people who have fallen into addiction).

    This information has been verified by many people. Find, for example, the I Know channel (Russian-language) on Youtube and take a look. This is a channel about abstinence. It provides many arguments, interviews various people, interviews viewers who practice abstinence, and also provides documents with official medical tests – for example, for testosterone, which increases by one and a half times or more during abstinence. This is scientific research, and not blind faith in such pests of society as Malysheva and others like her. Read what great scientists and writers, businessmen like Hemigway, Da Vinci, Napoleon Hill, Newton, Tesla, and many others have said about abstinence before jumping to conclusions.


  5. To answer this question, you need to understand why you asked it.

    If you are tormented by the fact that you masturbate, from a religious point of view, then it's up to you to decide whether you love yourself more or rituals written by someone unknown.
    If you've read about voices on your palms , then no grass grows on autobahns. From a medical point of view, there are no contraindications for masturbation, moreover, at a certain age, it helps to reduce the risk of cancer. Another thing is that you should not completely change healthy sex to masturbation. But if there is a period when nothing shines-jerk off to health.

    By the way, this also applies to girls.

  6. Of course it's worth it!
    Masturbation is a good thing only if it is irregular and rare.
    If you have an addiction or practice it regularly, quit.

    Masturbation does nothing but harm.
    Regular masturbation lowers your testosterone levels and makes you more unhappy.
    When you have performed the next act , you have received a short-term pleasure, but then you will feel worse.

    You will become tired, irritated, and less attractive to the opposite sex. Your life with constant (sorry) “jerking off” goes from one act to another, and in between these acts fatigue and a dream about how you will now come and get another portion of pleasure.

    When you quit, you will feel happier, the shackles of addiction will fall, you will become more attractive to women(sexual energy, etc.)

    So drop it.

  7. If you have been doing it before and your libido is not lowered, then after a certain time of abstinence you will notice something that will excite you very much and there will be such pain in the groin that you will have to walk with your legs spread as wide as possible. I'll have to relieve the pain by masturbating. Well, that is, more importantly, that stagnation of sperm is harmful in itself.

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