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  1. An ordinary educated person who knows that you do not need to have such things as stupidity and greed in “your household”, figuratively speaking. And able to clean himself from everyday “overgrowth” in stupidity and greed.

    And, which, for sure, quite confidently distinguishes between what is good and what is bad.

    And in order not to be “led by the nose” by various politicians and other scammers, he must live in accordance with the meaning of life: “Learn and teach. Help and ask for help. Try not to contradict the Lord.”

    And understand that human nature is twofold. The Mind and Brain are two different things. Like a driver and a car. A cyclist and a bicycle.

  2. The way he wants to see himself.

    If you are 20-25 years old, you should not ask someone about what you should look like in your younger years.�

    Get high.�

    Build some image that you not only like, but can also bring pleasure and just follow it.

    At the same time, listen to criticism. Just listen. People can sometimes say things that can help you.�

    If you are annoyed that your whole image infuriates them, but it brings you pleasure, then show your middle finger to this person.

  3. A smart person in 20-25 years is a person who realized that with his education he is facing a miserable existence in Russia, and began to educate himself in order to get a profession that is relevant in society, because it will be too late to start self-education after 25.

  4. he should be quite cynical and understand that he is smarter than the others and use the advantage correctly. �Primarily for self-defense. Ibog this understanding comes late

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