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  1. Of course, a book that forms a moral worldview. Something from the Teaching series. Modern books of this direction: The Secret Doctrine, the Teaching of Living Ethics, the Teaching of the Temple. While studying them, along the way, there will be a desire to study the ancient Teachings.

  2. I present you a book that really should and should be read by every person on our planet, but not read for any reason…it would open up unlimited opportunities for people in terms of education and expansion of consciousness, after which everyone would be able to strengthen the book of any element, be it a philosophical essay or a complex novel with a multi-detailed plot…nothing would stop a person from reading any sort of book after this ONE, which opens up this truly divine possibility… and it's called…


  3. The book ” We are our Brain. From the uterus to Alzheimer's” by Dutch neuroscientist Dick Swaab. Many phenomena of human life, such as consciousness, moral behavior, exposure to harmful substances, sexual attraction, after reading it, you begin to look at it in a new way.

  4. The world of Sofia by Justine Gorder. The book in a narrative style tells about the main philosophical concepts of the main philosophers of the world. And it also fascinates with the plot.

  5. “- You're a wonderful person, Alyosha! you should at least read a book or something…

    – And why, Ivan Antonovich?!

    – Although yes: you may not need to…”

    (From the film “About the poor Hussar put in a word”)

    As long as you remain convinced that a single book you read will fundamentally contribute to expanding your horizons and consciousness, it is better not to ask for any recommendations at all. Sooner or later, they will recommend Ellen White, Ron Hubbard, or just the Bible and the Koran – in general, everything is according to the scheme…

  6. 1) Transurfing Reality (parts I-V) Vadim Zeland

    2) School of Lazy people, or Health-improving gymnastics “Bench Press” for internal organs-Oleg Lamykin

    3) Revelations of Guardian Angels-Renat Garifzyanov

  7. First of all, I would recommend studying the logic. The book” Amazing Logic ” by Dmitry Gusev will help you with this.

    Sergey Rubinstein's” Fundamentals of General Psychology ” covers just over a thousand pages. Nevertheless, the book is worth reading, because this great work can make you a full-fledged psychologist.

    It is also good to know financial literacy. Robert Kiyosaki created the classic “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” manual, aimed at eliminating ignorance in this area.

  8. Erich Frome. Have or be?�

    Marcus Aurelius. In private – reflections.

    Irwin Yalom. �Peering into the sun. Life without fear of death.

    Odintsovo, Victor. Linguistic paradoxes.

    Vadim Zeland. Practical transurfing course in 78 days.

    John Lloyd. The Book of Universal misconceptions.

  9. It is very difficult to recommend anything here with one book, because a small stack of books comes to mind, even if it is for a PERSON.�

    And this person is not defined by anything besides… I understand that it is one thing to recommend a must-read book for a European or, more specifically, for a German, etc., or for a Chinese. Here the question would sound more definite: What should a Russian read? – “Dead souls” to read! And in general, these examples can be extrapolated to various professions, but that's not the point right now.�

    Now about what I mean by this… Trite, but such a book that I would, hoping for a person, thrust, perhaps not. But if you still hope for this person, imagine a situation in which he will try to overcome any book and chew it, abstracting from ideological and other claims, then let this book be “Dialectics of Myth” by A. F. Losev.

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