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  1. I'll be brief.

    Provocation is a type of psychological manipulation carried out in the interests of the provocateur in order to encourage someone to take certain actions that entail negative consequences for the actors. In this case, if a person jumps out of the window for a pen, even if it is the first floor, then this is a provocation, but then we will see that this person is mentally ill or simply inclined to rash actions. If he runs for the handle, through the door, it means a good, fit slave. A normal person will offer their pen or ignore the request.

  2. He is not a direct boss , or indeed a boss at all. It was just a whim of his and a request for help. The person himself did not sign up for the request , so he can safely refuse this request and no one can accuse him of poor performance. If I'm wrong, please explain)) and maybe not a psychiatrist, but a psychologist? After all, if a person came to a psychiatrist, then there is a reason to think.

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