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  1. Because we're lazy. When a person has a question, he can study it himself, conduct an experiment, and so on. Or maybe just ask this question to anyone and don't waste your time. We also ask questions because we imagine “they say that someone has already had it and they have already found out the answer to it, so you just need to ask.” Scientists when looking for something new ( for example, a new element in chemistry) they don't go to another scientist and ask, ” oh, do you happen to have a new element?”)) they do research. We have no such questions. We're just people. And our questions are usually everyday, they relate to public life, and a little science. Yes, and spending time researching a question that has already been answered is stupid. For example, I won't invent a rocket to find out what the moon looks like up close. I'll just ask this question to Google.

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