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  1. RSUH Master's Degree in Marketing. I can't think of a more pointless investment of money, it would be easier to spend it all somewhere in clubs, although I rarely drink ahah

    1. Car. I bought a car, which I then crashed in vdora. According to my statement, the district police officer lied that he was working on my issue, and then announced that he did not care about my broken car. I sold it in broken form for 40% of the market value. And I put this loss on the account of my native police (or the state). After a while, I decided that I generally shouldn't have bought a car, because I rarely drove, and the yard in which it stood was always considered busy. Due to the proximity of the metro.
    2. A Windows Phone-based phone. It was very expensive, but as it turned out, it didn't represent anything good. But superamaled display!🤣 There would be something else to watch on it.
    3. After a failed treatment in the hospital, I left all my savings in the form of$500 as a thank you to the doctors. As it turned out, I did not need the operation, due to an error of the doctor attending an ordinary polyclinic.
    4. Purchase of Russian blue chip shares in February 2020. Right before the Sars-Cov-II pandemic. Perhaps in the future this venture will not be so hopeless.
    5. Buying Etherium and then selling it at a loss of 30 thousand rubles (Thanks to active TV propaganda that everything will soon burst and splatter people who invested in this business with bile). I attribute this loss to the state channels that allowed themselves such bold estimates, as it turned out.
  2. I spend money on my hobbies normally and do not regret it, but the most stupid and useless waste is a contribution to one online game, when they just started, I spent on it an amount that is not very large, about a week's income, but I still regret it, I still spent a lot of time, it was really a big stupidity that did not bring anything useful.

  3. Me in Mitino divorced on money. I wanted to buy a video game console for my computer. I wanted a Playstation. But it's very expensive. I felt sorry for the money. As a result, I bought a supported Hbox for 8 thousand rubles. I wish I hadn't. It doesn't read disks. It is impossible to play. One disorder. I threw away my money for nothing. My biggest disappointment.

    For comparison with the same 8 thousand, I bought myself a full-fledged Mystery TV, which is made here in Konigsberg. It has been working for 3 years without any complaints or lags.

  4. Alcohol, it took a lot of money, now I don't drink and I don't regret a drop that I quit, I lead a sober life and enjoy it properly =_)

  5. nintendo switch) absolutely do not understand why everyone is delighted with it. It is very large for a portable device, the joycons are inconvenient, I had to buy a gamepad in addition, the wi-fi catches poorly, discharges quickly. I don't say anything about the cost of exclusives at all. For a long time I suffered with this “miracle”, in the end I still sold it.

  6. I spent about 7000 rubles on the warface game on ps4. I really regret that I spent so much money, because for this money you could buy something really useful or at least fun

  7. Mouse for 6 thousand in mac duck in 7 years for money from the birthday ate enough (for everything) keyboard for 12 k well on the PC and fast food I'm a fool stooge blinnnnnn

  8. Pick-up books and courses. God, I was so stupid, hoping to get some miraculous advice and not strain myself.�

    Cigarettes are also a pointless waste of both health and money.

  9. There was such a thing… I decided somehow, instead of my old but trouble-free Japanese car, to buy a new European car from the salon… A crossover… German quality … Comfort… service… In general, I sold the Jap on credit and bought a Tiguan. The first two years(while there was a guarantee) felt like a cool pepper, but as soon as the guarantee ended, I began to feel like a cash cow. In the car, everything began to break down abruptly just in a row, once a month at least I was at the officials and repaired. When I was told about the need to make a capital repair of the engine, I gave up. I sold this beautiful cart for half the price and bought a Jap (5 years old) back. As a result, I spent a lot of nerves and money on this experiment. I do not advise anyone to take cars from the salon, especially VW, in fact these are cowsheds for milking customers…

  10. When I was in the seventh grade, I spent all my savings on a board for seances, then it was a rare thing and cost about 1500 UAH. (somewhere 4000 rubles). In view of my then childish interest in the paranormal, I couldn't resist such a stupid whim. As a result, not a single spirit, to my great regret, ever contacted me, the board was declared useless junk and doomed to fall in dust behind the sofa for the rest of its life.

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