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  1. The biochemistry of women and men in nature is balanced. But equating female and male logic is pointless! A woman's head will contain the entire male world, and a man's head will contain only a part of the female world. Ladies mature earlier and fade quickly. This is biology and nature! .You can refer to the history. Even before the new era, Egyptian priests introduced circumcision into the life of bipeds. It started with women. For what? I think that many people know? In nature, you can compare a female and a male. In the life of society, a woman, her thinking, behavior is well sung and described by poets and writers. And how much admiration for female beauty and everywhere belittling before the charming sex. Yes, what are the creators there, when there are a lot of young women in generals and deputies, in officials. And the servants of the masters of life? They wield powerful striking weapons. Their diplomacy is the habits of lynxes and tigresses. Not all women are devious and cunning, but the conditions of survival make them hide and expose their claws. It is unlikely that the ladies will agree to defeat in the” cold war ” with the Lytsarsky floor? They will put up all the arguments in any conditions, they can lose, but they will achieve their victory by” quiet foot ” and whims in any case.

    Nature has given them the characteristics of a female and endowed them with instincts and specific fluids. In women, all the natural qualities of survival have become more acute. Ladies have become sophisticated diplomats (hypocrites) and act “quietly”. To fulfill their desire and goal, they approach with the gait of a lynx and, like an octopus, wrap their tentacles around the victim. They are sometimes subtle psychologists. They can see through the character of their “actor” husband, but they may not know their talent either. They often fall into a trap. The explanation is simple-power and mercantile goals. A woman is a mother and in her the well-being of her child merges with her interests. In women, the sense of ownership and possession of the “victim” is more developed than in men. Its own – there is its own, sometimes even boring and gray! If matriarchy and slavery were allowed, I am sure that many ladies had male harems with a pack of eunuchs in their seraglios. A sense of bitchiness, jealousy, rivalry, a developed imagination in the kaleidoscope of color of being, richer in color and shades, contrast, than sometimes in infantile, premature to adulthood, peasants. However, sometimes it seems that many ladies have no brains. But they are there! Often chicken! The logic of the ladies is boundless and sometimes unpredictable! They are diplomats with low beam “headlights”. “Distant”, which is given to men, they do not need. A lot of men in the pose of heads of families, just do not realize that in fact they are henpecked, and refer to the female antics of their “actresses” to whims. Most “horned” do not see these “gifts” of fate and always polish them to a shine. Blame nature and the male! The beauty of hetaera idams from salons is not genuine female beauty!

    Beauty is a great combination of intelligence, inner spirituality, intelligence and amazing femininity. But they are not sewn with bast either.

    As a rule, with a beautiful woman from politics or from a salon, escort, but stupid in mind, you can spend 2-3 days in bed, roll around from the heart, there will even be like smart and abstruse conversations, but soon you feel tired of representatives of these ancient professions, and their seduction policy is also from this “opera”, set your teeth on edge and a feeling of emptiness that Why? The pretense and falsehood, the ambivalence that these ladies absorb in this dirty and vile occupation called politics. After all, there is no secret about the path to politics. There is a common phrase: “We love the beautiful, but we marry others.”

    We need genuine and natural feminine beauty and domesticity in our lives. And here is the shell. Not for nothing is there another proverb: “Do not be born beautiful, but be born happy.” Try it and agree that I'm right. Often a woman is an insidious snake, comfortably warmed on the chest of a man. Treason is their springboard! “If the bitch doesn't want to, then …” Ladies love more, but they break ties instantly and unconditionally. Nevertheless, we love them, try to mold them into what we want to see in them, in defiance of genetics and natural female logic. Alas, they become sculptors.

  2. Women perceive everything in terms of feelings and emotions. Men in terms of logic, numbers and diagrams. That is why the union of a man and a woman is effective. Partners complement each other.

  3. I will quote my answer to another question. It was about communication, but the essence is the same.

    Women have a different behavior strategy than men. For tens of thousands of years, women have been improving their communication skills. This is required because it is more important for them not to solve issues by force or cold reason (this is required, and this is the business of men), but to solve issues by agreeing, feeling and anticipating others, and, most importantly, children. Children can't solve their own problems, they can't explain what is happening to them. You have to feel them. Of course, we are talking about a period of approximately 0-3 years, and this is a very long time. Children cannot be raised by a woman alone, she needs help, which must be negotiated. When it comes to hunting, a man can convince you that he is right in a rational way – by proving it in practice, by reasoning. When a woman has a sick child, reason alone is not enough. Evidence-based medicine is still a hundred thousand years away. (But even now, when doctors come to you on a call, they make a diagnosis based on experience, and do not immediately perform tests.) In the meantime, the woman is forced to turn on intuition and communication with others. Moreover, select only the necessary information from all of them, listen to another woman with her ambitions for an hour or two and do not kill the communication, since she will not have another assistant tomorrow anyway, and this means death in primitive cave conditions. This requires attention, patience, the ability to understand, and the ability to feel what they want to say, and not just what they say directly, the ability not to explode at the moment of unfair teachings.

    I repeat, men also need this, but mostly they need to work with rational arguments.

    That is why women are more perfect in communication and their communication is often incomprehensible to men. They see, take into account and apply more nuances in communication, more shades.

    Perfection in communication is also confirmed by the fact that girls start talking earlier. This is due to the fact that the corpus callosum (the part of the brain that connects the two hemispheres) develops earlier in girls. As far as I know, there are still studies on the size of this body in adulthood. Some argue that women have more (up to a third). Others talk about smaller differences.

    Research also suggests a third more active genes associated with speech in girls:�medportal.ru


    And there is no difference in the basic structure –�EVGENIYA NEBOVA wrote everything.

  4. Let's first define the terminology. Thinking is first of all an activity, and secondly a cognitive one. I would also describe this activity as synthetic and analytical. Let's take thinking as the activity of processing incoming information – comparing it, making sense of it, interpreting it.

    So, this activity has no sexual characteristics. There are various gender-specific features of brain processes, but psychology is not yet able to accurately relate these features to such a large-scale and complex activity as thinking.�

    Features of thinking are socially conditioned. And this applies not only to women and men, but also to nations, for example.

    If a person is brought up surrounded by certain stereotypes, then how would this person relate to these stereotypes (accept, do not accept, in principle, would not know about their existence) they will have an impact on her mental activity, including thinking. Therefore, different societies will have different ways of thinking about gender.

  5. Allan Pease has a book “Why men want sex and women want love” and a book “The Language of relationships”, there is about it. In short, these books and articles are about how women are emotional and men are rational, so you have to talk to men in the language of facts and women in the language of emotions, and, like, women have to talk a lot and men have to solve problems.

    But in general, what is discussed in such works is always a bit far-fetched (and Allan Pease, I remember, has no psychological education at all). The psychology of modern man does not work in the same way as that of higher primates or our distant ancestors, we have different realities, we have a different social environment, we do not exist by instinct, we think, after all. Well, they should be fine.�

    And, of course, the features of psychology can not depend only on gender.�

    For example, rationality correlates not only with gender, but also with age and education (people with higher education and people aged 30-45 years are more rational on average than others). And so it is in all the “male” and “female” qualities.�

    I, for example, make decisions rationally, do not understand hints very well, and I say directly what I want. And it pisses me off when people start telling me that I act like a man, or argue like a man, or speak like a man. I talk, think, and act like I fucking am. I'm a person first, not a gender person. Look at the person, not the floor.

  6. The question of rationality does not depend on gender, and intuition and understanding of nonverbal signals, contrary to myths, are on average somewhat more developed in men due to the higher social status of men as a group. Reasoning about “female logic” is related to reasoning about gender issues, when a typical violation of logic by a patriarchal man is declared a model of logic in comparison with the same violation of logic by a patriarchal woman in gender issues. Women are credited with intuition, so as not to belittle at all in the presence of stereotypes that deny logic. Also, men, because of their higher social status as a group, contrary to myths, have slightly higher average speech activity, and attributing “talkativeness” to women with its condemnation is due to the fact that talkativeness is less encouraged in women. The same applies to curiosity and the notion of”feminine curiosity.” Michael Kimmel, for example, wrote about the differences in thinking between men and women, emphasizing that they are minimal and caused by social causes, in the book Gender Society.

    Answered in more detail in the topic:


  7. There is a famous book “Men are from Mars, women are from Venus”. In a nutshell, a man's mind and emotions work strictly alternately and therefore in full force, women always at the same time, so a woman drowns in emotions (men often need help), but never “loses her mind” in a pragmatic sense.

  8. You can get the most complete answer in this TED mini-lecture�http://www.youtube.com�(there are Russian titles)

    Briefly, she says that from the point of view of neuro-biology, the brain is a mosaic of both “male” and “female” qualities, and most of the changes occur already at the level of fetal development in the womb. Everyone has an individual brain, so there is no “purely” male or female thinking

  9. The essence of men's thinking is seen in a pragmatic approach to life. The stronger sex competes, historically, with the stronger sex for a place in the sun, for changing the personal environment, for comfort. Strategic planning and best implementation.

    Women's thinking is based on the personal concept of motherhood and weakness. In this regard, attention is drawn to the internal emotional state, the weather in the house.

  10. There are many articles and arguments, scientific and pseudoscientific.�

    The essence of gender difference thinking almost always works on the same principle in nature. Females are the foundation of genes, they choose the best without the worst. Males are a kind of test material, they can be put into fire and water, tested for strength and not only. The strongest and most tenacious get the location of the female.�

    In the course of evolution, this is roughly how things worked out. Women regulated and made a choice among men, sifting out undesirable properties and traits. They themselves received and gradually instilled in themselves what was necessary.�

    Men are experimenters, since they are expendable, and you don't need many of them to continue the look. All this aggression, the thirst for victory, everything is connected with the primal instinct to fight for the female. This is the essence of thinking, become the first and get what you want.�

    Woman as the keeper of genes, in evolution took the best and rejected the worst. No, they're not perfect at all. But they are deprived of some of the vices laid down by them in men. This is the essence of thinking, becoming desirable and getting what you want.�

    Unfortunately, man in the evolution of the species does not keep up with the evolution of science and society.

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