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  1. Ideal conditions — this is a paradise on earth. Ideas about paradise on earth depend on the worldview, that is, they will be different for representatives of different worldviews. For hedonists it will be one thing, for Buddhists it will be another, for Scientologists it will be a third, for Muslims it will be a fourth, and so on.

  2. People live in an ideal world (conditions). Would you say this is bullying? No, just to see the world as it is, you have to be a philosopher. There is nothing unambiguous in the world.

  3. Ideal conditions for all of humanity correspond to the ideal Purpose of humanity's existence.

    And we don't have such a goal. Or rather, humanity has as many such goals as there are people who think for all of humanity.

    For broilers, for example, you can formulate “ideal” conditions: So that they are healthy, grow quickly and correctly, and cause less concern to their owners, and do not try to get out of the chicken coop like a Six-fingered Recluse according to Pelevin. ))

    The same goes for dairy cows and giraffes at Copenhagen Zoo.

    In general, this topic was raised by another classic:

    In the morning, smear a sandwich. And in my thoughts – and how are the people?

    And caviar does not go down your throat and compote does not pour into your mouth.

    And I never found a solution. Except for how to stop replacing God as in the movie Bruce Almighty, think about all of humanity, and try to think about the earthly, about your wards and your health. Physically and mentally.

  4. Mary, the ideal is something that cannot be, but we strive tirelessly for it. And the ideals for different cultures are different. What is ideal in the American mindset is not our ideal.

    Comfort is the same for everyone, and this is the satisfaction of basic vital needs. To avoid hunger and deadly diseases, to have a roof over your head, the necessary clothes, healthy sleep and sex.

  5. Ideal conditions are those that have developed from ideal prerequisites, ideal methods and for ideal people )

    More precisely, it is, of course, the Kingdom of God, which the Creator will create and into which a cleansed, sanctified, and “circumcised” humanity will enter.

  6. For any organization, the best conditions are those in which the field of its creative possibilities is consistently high. The variability of the choice of actions, the semantic complexity of society determine the level of human development.

    You can put it another way. Human development is cyclical. In a simplified way, this can be expressed as:

    birth-becoming-local peak of development-stagnation-collapse – rebirth at a new level-becoming at a new level, etc.

    Therefore, the best conditions for each development cycle will be somewhere near each new local peak.

    On the other hand, there are no ideal circumstances for everyone. There will always be people who need very special conditions to reach their potential.

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