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  1. Here, of course, you need to understand that when I was a teenager, I formulated most of these ideas in a different way or did not formulate them at all, this is my current reconstruction, and it is also biased and biased. In general, I have a feeling that the problems of adolescence and the consequences of adolescent decisions we then deal with in the course of life are no less, and in some ways more, than childhood injuries (although one of the other follows, of course). Therefore, many people treat themselves as a teenager more arrogantly and aggressively than this teenager deserves. I'm no exception.

    So, top of my misconceptions of adolescence, as I understand them in my twenty-five:

    1. My dad is always right. Problems in his life are the result of a tragic combination of circumstances and misunderstanding on the part of society. In general, my parents are the most reasonable and correct people on earth, and I must build my life in accordance with their experience and knowledge. In fact, my parents have a lot of maladjustments, most of which they don't do anything about by choice. And many of their positions and points of view are strange to me. However, they have the right to be who they are, just as I have the right to use their experience or disagree with it.

    2. The above-mentioned attitude to parents can be confidently and without any doubts extended to all people who I like quite strongly. Even the most beautiful and suitable people are not perfect for me. My belief in their ideality only spoils our relationship.

    3. Problems in any meaningful relationship are usually my fault. They can be avoided if you are flexible enough and try to avoid sharp corners and conflicts. If a person I like quite strongly does something or behaves in a certain way, then they have good, all justifying reasons. Other people just aren't deep enough or understanding enough to accept the person who deserves it. There are almost no problems in a relationship that are solely my fault. Unpleasant behavior on the part of other people should be met with correct, but still rebuff, because otherwise such behavior becomes more and more, and my unpleasant emotions become sharper and more unbearable.”There are' completely unsuitable 'forms of behavior that cannot be justified by the fact that the person who uses them is 'too bad' or can explain their behavior with rational considerations. If such a person does not agree to change anything in their behavior, although they are aware of what hurts me, then I should not hold on to such a relationship, no matter how attractive it may look for other reasons.

    4. “Official “activities (i.e., studying or working) and my “real life” should not be connected in any way. Yes, and to do professionally what I really want to do in life, either for various reasons, is impossible, or by itself one day it will turn out sometime in the distant future. So it's perfectly normal to do something that I don't like and have never been able to do, if that's what my parents want. Work is a VERY significant part of life. Doing something you don't want to do on a regular basis is a sure way to ruin your health, your creativity, and your more positive life prospects. And you can do almost anything professionally in today's world, if you spend enough time studying and plan your entry into the profession correctly. By itself, the truth will not happen.

    5.�Apparently, people should enjoy taking care of me. My helplessness is attractive. Actually, it happens, but the price is too inconvenient.

    6. Being inferior in something is perfectly normal if there are people around who compensate for this, who, in turn, are inferior in something that you are good at. This is a sure path to dysfunctional relationships without development. It is much cooler to be a well-adapted, well-off, independent person who shares his life with someone because he chose it, and not because otherwise he is not able to live normally.

    7. One love at once and�for life is the only correct way to build a personal life. Romantic love is not much different from any other really close relationship.Limiting yourself to only one close and truly valued relationship in life is terribly sad. In general, the main part of cultural myths about romantic love does not stand up to any criticism.

    8. There is good taste and bad taste, obvious intelligence and obvious stupidity, unambiguously correct or incorrect ways to relate to every thing, phenomenon, cultural object. There are things that every person should know/be able to read / love/think; otherwise, this person is not good enough.�None of this exists, there is only snobbery, which seems to stem mainly from the displacement of problems with self-esteem, as well as correct and incorrect ways to express their opinions and emotions. There are also objectively different levels of education, awareness, and involvement in the cultural context, but no personal conclusions can be drawn from this fact about people, only professional ones.

    9. Negative changes in the state of the body – illness, lack of sleep, hunger, cold, living in a smoky room or smoking, etc. – almost do not affect anything. What is really important is communication and relationships with people my age, which I really like very much. They give me energy, I really depend on them. I have a lot of energy, it is enough if not for everything, then for a lot, the main problems in my life are emotional.�This feeling is instantly resolved as soon as the adolescent hormonal boom ends-about 21-22 years old.That is, relationships with people are still important, but no longer hysterically, and there are actually quite a lot of opportunities for communication, but my body is one and it ends with almost anything. The main problems in my life are energy issues.

    10. The world is full of possibilities – I can easily and quickly get close to any person who seems “close in spirit” to me, we don't have to have common topics, similar lifestyles or views for this. I can also easily do any business that I found attractive. Communicative ease and the ability to absorb new information significantly decrease in the same 21-22 years. However, there is also good news: arbitrariness grows well, you can choose specific goals, count on specific resources for them, and ultimately feel better.

    1. As you get older, you'll have fewer problems. On the contrary, the further they go, the more serious they will become.

    2. University is about freedom and fun student life. To some extent, yes. However, it is also a responsibility and a huge hassle.

    3. A successful future depends on luck. It all depends solely on how much you will work on yourself.

    4. Comprehensive development is not necessary. It is enough to understand one thing in order to be a good specialist. Maybe for work-yes, but not for communication and relationships.

    5. Living alone is easier than living with your parents. There are both advantages and disadvantages. However, at first it is very difficult.

    6. If I receive 20 tr per month, I will have 240 tr for a year. No, it won't, because all the money will be scattered at the moment.

    7. I will be able to study, work and walk at the same time. Only if there are 48 hours in the day.

    8. After a couple of years of living independently, I will earn enough money to not deny myself anything. This can only happen if you are a rare talent or a hard worker.

    9. My friends will be with me all my life. One of the main misconceptions. After six months or a year of living in different cities, you will forget about each other.

    10. The wrong lifestyle does not affect my health in any way. In fact, serious consequences will be felt in 10-15 years.

  2. The history of my delusions is, by and large, the history of my idealizations, for which life punishes.

    • My mom is right, and even if I don't think so, I'll find out later that she was right anyway. My parents are the most rational, experienced and knowledgeable people, and if I disobey, I will have huge problems.“In fact, my parents are actually far from stupid and decent people, but their philosophy of life does not suit me at all, as it turned out, and the questions I ask myself every day during the day cause them unmotivated anger. I will not go into details, but my case is when “You need to use the advice of only those people whose lifestyle seems most suitable to you. People who don't live the way you want to live will give you the wrong advice.” My parents, flatly refusing to accept other points of view on the situation and following their own picture of the world, gave me so much wrong advice that I've been raking it out for years.
    • If I listen to my heart, it will lead me to happiness.” The heart often speaks with the voices of past generations and parents. Listening to my heart led me to very unpleasant neuroses, fat accumulations that I then shed with long heroic efforts, and a magical picture of the world in my head. The truth is that the ” heart “(that is, intuition) also needs to be educated, and before it starts to give out useful information, it sometimes needs to be thoroughly reflashed, having reviewed all your beliefs.
    • “I'm a genius and can do absolutely anything!” vs ” I'm a jerk and a total schmuck.” Quite common teenage bipolar disorder. Long jumps from euphoria to depression, and each time I sincerely believed that now everything has definitely changed. Later I realized what it was connected with, and in a couple of years I got rid of it.
    • “People don't change, and I'm destined to carry my cross all my life. I can never change anything.” Those who believe that they can't change anything don't change anything. This is usually said by people for whom any changes in life are very stressful. By the way, an interesting point: with those who think so, for some reason, there is a huge temptation to behave in the same way as at 17 years old, and it is worth an incredible effort not to succumb to this temptation.
    • “The more books I read, the better I can understand and arrange my life.” Contrary to popular belief, books are a subjective picture of the writer's world, which necessarily includes his ideals, unique experience and values, and a powerful prism that refracts reality according to his angle of view. Looking at the world through someone else's eyes may not be as important as directly getting your own experience and drawing your own personal conclusions, which will then turn out to be a much more effective tool for working with reality. But reading is still interesting and sometimes useful.
    • “A talented person is talented in everything. I can learn anything.” Alas, no. And it is natural that a specialist in some field can be a layman in another, such as, for example, a scientist who does not know how to build relationships at all. It's about values and the character traits that are associated with them. There are areas where I screw up more often, there are areas where I practically don't screw up. Some rough corners can be smoothed out so that they do not interfere with life, but getting rid of them completely is not only energy – intensive, but also not necessary.It is better to spend this time working with strengths. For the same reasons, it is almost impossible to please everyone – there will always be a bunch of people who don't like me.
    • “Hypocrisy is terrible. You can't lie.” Few people like to say it out loud, but it is possible, and sometimes even necessary, as needed. This is called “diplomacy”. I was born a truth-teller in a family of truth-tellers, and it was especially difficult for me to accept this point. Lies and hypocrisy often save relationships with relatives and not only, the main thing is to understand well why and why you are saying something. In no case can you lie only to yourself, even in situations of “fox and grapes”.
    • “You need to be good, kind, the sun that shines on people and brings warmth to everyone.” Yes, but not to the detriment of yourself, and sometimes, what's more, the sun needs to be able to stand up for yourself. Despite my lack of conflict, I had to learn how to do it. It is very important for any person to learn to delineate the boundaries of what is acceptable for others , as in the book “Viy”.
    • “If you try very hard, everything will work out.” In most cases, if it doesn't work, you should give up and look for another option that works and brings satisfaction, energy and enthusiasm. Or look for fundamentally new ways to achieve the goal. You need to get out of an unhealthy relationship. A non-working business scheme should be abandoned. With friends who waste time and nerves, you need to leave. The work that drains all your strength and leads to breakdowns needs to be changed. With the idea of remaking relatives, you need to leave as soon as possible, and move out of them. You need to move from a city that doesn't have a good job, or a house that has unpleasant memories associated with it. Do not waste years of life and suffering on something that can be changed in a month – Sisyphus ' work did not appear in Hades for nothing. The problem is that people (including me) are often unable to realize the futility of efforts and see the wheels turning in the mud in time, and it will take years for them to come to this understanding.
    • “I still have plenty of time, I'll do it later.” Time is limited, but while you are a teenager, it is very difficult to notice. In my head are illusions, dreams, disembodied fantasies and a complete lack of desire to lift even a finger to realize them. It seems that everything will be done and will come by itself.
    • Love moves mountains.” But only with the help of human efforts. If both do nothing to build a functioning family and do not help each other solve practical problems, love will not be enough, and it will disappear one day.
  3. Just one misconception does not allow a teenager to correctly evaluate and perceive the world. And you can also describe it in just one word – “VERY”. They perceive everything VERY strongly … both joy and sadness… it's all about hormones raging in the body and the inability to recognize it and manage it.

  4. I believe that there is a very rigid prejudice about the discrepancy between”fathers and children”. Teenagers gather in a group in order to discuss together how their” ancestors “”get” and do not understand them. While adults often just need support and gratitude from children.

  5. The most common misconception of adolescence is the confidence in one's own omniscience and skill, and the confidence in the complete lack of understanding and ignorance of adults. As well as full confidence in my own power (I am the fastest, the most agile, the most cunning, I am the very-most-most-most).

    1. Your parents love you gratuitously. But as soon as you get older, you realize that your relationship with your parents is like getting a quick loan. And one that you didn't ask for. For all the effort and money invested in you, your parents will ask you more than once. And their compensation will be demanded no worse than collectors.
    2. Women “nag” only negligent men. Apparently, all their carelessness lies in the wrong choice of a woman.
    3. If you can't join a team, then you're doing something wrong. In fact, you're just trying to fit in with the wrong team, putting some strange hopes and expectations on it that aren't really there. You will feel this well when you start looking for a job. Even in successful firms with a global reputation, they often work as complete incompetents and amateurs.
    4. If you can't “win a girl”, then you're doing something wrong. But apparently, the main mistake here is that you chose the wrong girl again.
    5. People start families because they love their spouses and children very much, so they are ready to devote their entire life to them. The responsibility with which most people approach starting a family is sometimes no more than the responsibility of a supermarket for bags left in the storage room.
    6. All adults have sex all the time. Some adults do not have sex more often than children. Especially if they're married. Most adults, however, do not know how to have sex at all.
    7. Smoking adults are lucky, constantly getting high. Unfortunately, smoking does not give almost any pleasure. However, they never have a convincing explanation for why adults continue to smoke.
  6. The biggest misconception is the belief that the world is fair and honest. The belief that you will get everything at the snap of your fingers. Faith in the chance that will change everything.

  7. I'll start with the biggest misconception)
    1. When I am 20 years old (or a little more), I will be a fully mature person who will be alien to all these sensual experiences, ordinary walks with friends, fun and other joys-in life there will be only university-work-serious conversations with the same adult friends. I will definitely be in a serious relationship with a young man and almost prepare for the wedding. It's a good thing it's not quite like that)
    2. Those friends who are now close to me-close forever. Unfortunately(and maybe fortunately), I have been friends with other people for several years, in whom I am much more confident and the relationship with them is much closer.
    3. The creative zest that I have now will always be with me, you just need to grab a pen / pencil / brush and paper with inspiration from time to time and transfer your “masterpieces”to it.

    1. No one will ever love me. At school, I was not the most popular (to put it mildly) character. And despite the fact that I had plenty of friends outside of it, and they all adored me and constantly told me how cool I was, it seemed to me that I would never be loved. I'll always be a leper, or else I'll play a minor role somewhere. Thank God, this quirk has passed.
    1. At 18, I will become an adult and independent.
      2.When I grow up, I'll go to clubs every day.
      3.The parent doesn't understand me.
      4.Everyone sees my flaws.
      5.I know everything! I don't need any advice.
      6.My first sex will be magical.
      7.I NEVER WILL!NEVER! I will not force my child to eat the first one! I PROMISE!
      9.When I grow up I will do what I want to do! and no one can tell me what to do!
    2. Work better than you learn!
  8. 1) The delusion of love. It always seemed like it was like a fairy tale, like the one shown in movies, written in books.�

    2) To disagree with public policy means to be free and smarter than anyone else in the world�

    3) To work and not get a lot of money/fame is shameful, these people are just lazy.

    4) No education anywhere

    5) You can neglect sleep and not save your nerves, what the hell is the difference!

    6) You should always hang out, even if there are doubts, I'm still young!! Having a quiet time is a shame

    7) Arguing with everyone in a row is a good idea, but I have my own indisputable opinion

    8) Friends for life

    9) I must be noticeably different from others, think differently, even look extraordinary

    10) Earn a lot of money, move abroad, become famous-it's easy, the main thing is just a desire!!

    1. For some reason, I thought that I did not have any chronic diseases, and in general I have excellent health.�

    2. Cheating is cool.�

    3. I'm so cool because I hang out late at night. I don't care if Mom's worried.

    4. I thought law was my thing.�

    5. You can do everything in a row – it won't affect my figure in any way (ha-ha-ha)

    6. I thought that you can find a job where you will do nothing and just get paid. in fact, to make good money, you need to work hard like a horse.�

    7. I don't need a college degree.

    1. My value is determined by how much people like me
    2. Love is the main thing in life and without it everything is perishable
    3. Real sex is the same as in porn))
    4. If you imitate the most popular person in the company and agree with him in everything, you will also become popular
    5. When I'm 18, I can do whatever I want
    6. Uni will be super fun, full of parties and flying away
    7. Drinking and smoking is cool. Especially if you smoke very strong cigarettes or drink vodka without wincing))
    8. You can only have sex out of great love
    9. Grandma bakes well (from the creator of “parents are perfect”)
    10. All household chores (everyday life, child care, shopping) must be performed by a woman.
    1. Education is very important.

    This is true, but in the concept of self-education, school and university provide only a base that no one needs

    1. I'll finish high school and raise money.

    Yes, you will raise money if you understand how it works. Alas, this is not possible for everyone�

    1. I am unique, what I have experienced – no one has experienced.

    To properly prioritize this judgment, I advise you to listen to the song Noize MC-what a pity.

    1. As long as I'm young, I'll heal like a dog.

    Unfortunately, most of the injuries that bother us in old age were received in our youth. Smoky lungs will not be healthy anymore. You need to start taking care of yourself at a young age.

    1. All roads and the whole world are open to me.

    Life in modern realities is a constant struggle. Fight against yourself, the system, injustice, and other people. And yes, no one needs you.

    1. Youth is one and you need to spend it.

    Youth is the perfect time to take care of yourself, both with your body, and to pump up mana and intelligence. If you understand this in time, you will be an order of magnitude higher than your peers. And any expensive show-off quickly turns into a cheap one

    1. I will do as my parents tell me, because they are much older and smarter than me.

    In fact, it turns out that all the advice of your high-aged relatives is very mundane and at least irrelevant. Don't be afraid of anyone, this is your life and it's up to you to decide how to spend it.

    1. When I move out of my parents ' house , I'll be free.

    You won't. You will become a hostage of various circumstances from which you will search for many years.

    1. I'll fall in love once and for all.

    No, the search for your faithful companion for life is a long and thorny path, which does not always end with a good result. The main thing is to understand in time with whom your thoughts diverge and continue on your way.

    1. I will take care and think only of myself.

    Don't be afraid to help strangers. Of course, there is no God and you will not be allowed to enter paradise for this. Just any help helps in establishing communication – it can be useful to you in your difficult path.

    I would like to finish in the style of Madison-this is life, there's nothing you can do about it�

    P.S. Brevity is the sister of talent.

  9. 1) You are not like everyone else. In fact, you're just as mediocre as half the world's population.

    2) Permissiveness and impunity. You're wrong if you think so. If you are not fully responsible at this age, you will be responsible when you turn 18.

    3) Think that you are smarter than everyone else. “For every smart person, there is an even smarter one.” I highly doubt that you will become a great criminal genius or a legendary killer. For the simple reason that you haven't seen anything further than American action movies and computer games.

    4) Think that you are actually obligated. No one owes you anything, just your parents. Apart from them and the rest of your family, objectively you haven't given up on anyone at all. Because there is no practical, large-scale benefit from you.

    5) And of course think that the problems of adults will not affect you, but this is from the section of the first paragraph.�

    I needed 10, so I wrote 5 🙂


    In fact, all of the above applies to many, but not all. I'm sorry, but most likely you will live your life grayly. Because if you want to somehow stand out, then you need to radically change something or be born in the appropriate conditions. You, like most ordinary people, will be born, learn, work, have children yourself, and eventually lie down in the ground. Even if you are born into a rich family, it will not save you. For the simple reason that there are relatively many of them 🙂 You can take examples from the field of science fiction. Super-scientists, time travelers, super heroes, etc. can be used from real life. Spies, as well as any scientists who work in the underground or the Illuminati. It's hard to talk about it because from their point of view, it's their life that's boring and mediocre. Of course, you can cite some tribes as an example, but they will also have a mediocre life. And for a person who got to them for the first time, it will be a lot of surprise and will hardly seem boring to him there.�


    From real life: Being born a genius, becoming an Illuminati. Somehow miraculously learn the secrets of the universe. You can go live in the woods or somewhere to the aborigines on the islands, but not the fact that you will not be eaten there:) �

    From the field of science fiction: Build a time machine, be some kind of hitman or spy who will be put on the international wanted list. ( I'm pretty sure that after trying to kill someone for the first time, you'll be caught on the first day.)

    Of course, this is not all, who knows what else is capable of fantasy. You just have to try to accept the fact that you are nothing on the scale of humanity. I'm sorry, it's true. It is a pity that many teenagers do not understand this. Yes, but to be exceptional, you need to at least meet the points set out above, and 97% of the population of our planet will not succeed.

    1. All adults are smart.

    2. I'm not pretty.

    3. I will meet with the first person who offers, because there will be no others.

    4. Comedy Club – great humor.

    5. Alcohol and cigarettes are cool.

    6. I am an unhappy and morally weak person.

    7. There is no God.

    8. It's easier to find a job at 20 than at 14.

    9. A serious relationship can be built at the age of 14.

    10. If I don't like a person, then they are a priori uninteresting and no one likes them.

  10. 1) I will get an education and immediately I will be appreciated as a valuable employee

    2) Sex will change my life

    3) I have iron health, so there is no need to monitor it. I can go without a scarf, eat without getting fat, and not sleep for days. This will never come back at all later.

    4) When I grow up, I won't be like other adults. I won't sit at home instead of going out, and I won't tell my kids how to live properly.

    5) I have a lot of time, there's no hurry, I'm still 30 years old. And in general-30 is an old age, I don't even want to live to that age.(“I don't want to live to see wrinkles” is usually what teenage girls say)

    6) Love is like magic, all by itself. If she appeared, then be with this person, the harmonies subsided, flaws are immediately visible and hundreds of reasons why we should not be together? “Oh, I don't love you anymore.” “Develop and maintain relationships?”no, I didn't hear it.”

    7) When I finish university and go to work, my independence will reach unprecedented heights.

    8) The whole world just looks at you. You are so unique and everyone needs you!

    Sorry, then the fantasy ended. If I remember what else was in my head at that time, I will add.

  11. I'm 14, but here's what I've learned over the years. Not everything, but I can't remember anything else. These are my subjective conclusions, I may be wrong.

    1. Appearance is a priority. If you are unlucky with it, then no one needs you and you will not achieve anything.”

    No .You can start dating and relationships regardless of your face/figure/weight. Only primitive people care only about their appearance, but it is better not to communicate closely with such people.�

    1. All people look at you and, of course, notice a small pimple on your nose/a spot on your shoe, ” etc.

    The majority of people do not pay attention to such trifles. Of course, there are exceptions, but I don't think such small things matter much. Similar to the previous point, but slightly different.

    1. “I have some free time right now.. Can do something that can be rescheduled for later *here is any action, from preparing for exams to cleaning the apartment*? Although no, better *any kind of procrastination* (phone, drinking with friends, popping bubbles)”

    While there is a free hour, it is better to do something useful. Because there will be time for all sorts of garbage later, and if there isn't, then it's for the best.

    1. Here in life everything is so bad, I was abandoned by a guy/girl, my parents did not buy an iPhone, and the whole world hates me and does not understand. I'm going to get drunk on baby champagne and cut my wrists with an either spoonI'm sad. Yes. I do not know why, I just realized that life is so bad.

    Are you serious? I didn't notice such garbage behind me, but I'm lying around with my peers who make such conclusions in their 13-15 years. Especially those who complain so much about life and want to commit suicide every day, but for some reason they didn't do it. Life isn't bad, you're bad. If you're not doing well, it's in your hands. If there is no way out, then you should look at the situation from the other side. And there is no fate, corruption and the like. Any problems? We need to solve them, and not shift the blame to the whole world and unknown forces.

    1. If I start drinking/smoking/doing stupid things, I'll be an adult and cool.”

    Again, I noticed it among my peers. When will they realize that it is possible to stand out among their redneck classmates in smarter ways, but definitely not in this way? Falling into addictions and being a laughing stock isn't cool. In this way, you can catch the admiring glances of narrow-minded 5th graders, but definitely not normal people.

    1. New Year is coming soon, you need to save up money and give a gift, buy a bunch of food, etc.

    I realized that it is not necessary to invest in dates, but to create a holiday on this particular day. Why do you have to wait for a certain moment? If you want to make yourself a treat or a mini-holiday, then do it now. I still don't understand the preparation for NG throughout December, the sweeping celebration of weddings, the long-awaited DR (you grow up, you try. Time is running out, I want to cry, not eat cakes).

    And much more, but.. Too lazy to write.�

    I'm going to suck on a pacifier and play with dolls, I don't have anything to do here.

  12. Perhaps one of the most significant misconceptions is that it seems that we have quite a lot of time to implement all our plans. In reality, everything is different. Now I am well aware that there is not much time…..

    1. When I grow up, everything will settle down somehow. (It can be anything, but in any case you have to make an effort)
    2. As an adult, I will not waste time on boring work, I will constantly travel and generally live in my own pleasure. (As it turned out, constant travel can also become a chore, and without work you start to climb the walls)
    3. You can make great money with music and other creative activities, and everything will always be high. (To make money with creativity, you need not only to have talent, but also to be able to force yourself to create even when everything is tired.)
    4. I can become anyone I want without making any effort, but simply by choosing the right university
    5. I have dozens of very cool friends! They will be with me all my life and we will always be great together! (People change, interests and priorities change, families appear)
    6. Teachers, for the most part, carry some kind of heresy, they do not understand anything about the structure of the world and in general. (Every year you realize that the teachers taught you very deep things that you just didn't understand. And, as a rule, the more odious the teacher was, the more unshakable was the truth that he was trying to convey)
    7. Higher education is only necessary for the crust and generally a waste of time. (Studying at a higher education institution provides some basic knowledge, but this is not the main thing. I defined the main function of the university for myself as follows: to teach students to analyze and systematize the information received, conduct research, and treat their work responsibilities responsibly. This is all achievable without higher education, but much more difficult, I think)
    8. Alcohol and fun parties are an integral part of the life of any sane person (There comes a time when you start to get bored at parties)
      That's all, I can't remember anything else.

    P.S. inaccurate quote, I don't remember where: “… And now I can buy as many cakes as I want. And I don't want any cakes.”

    1. At the age of 18, my life will change.

    2. I can do anything, I don't need anyone.

    3. I'm surrounded by stupid people.

    4. I'm not like everyone else.

    5. When I'm an adult, I won't be an idiot like these.

    6. Why do I need this training? After all, some nouname from the village became a rich and cool dude, although he studied for 2-3 years.

    7. This is not useful in life.

    8. I'll do it tomorrow.

    9. As everything will be fine, so I will start doing it.

    10. Yes, there is a lot of time, what's the hurry?

    P.S. Everything that now seems important is not really important

  13. There are many misconceptions. I can't name ten, just a couple. 1. There are mistakes in life. Strangers are not a reason to be wary. Whatever happened to someone, it certainly won't happen to me. 2. Everything can be done in time, so do not rush. And so on.

  14. It's hard for me to make a specific top, but I'll try. It may seem presumptuous, but since childhood, by default, I have the ability to analyze everything and everything, to dig into myself, I am such a person. Thanks to this, I passed the lion's share of common misconceptions, but not all of them. A certain level of skepticism did not allow me to expect anything special from the future, even when I was a teenager, so I can not say that I miscalculated somewhere, set up castles in the air for myself.

    Generally speaking, although I am more of a realistic type of thinking, I have no problem admitting that I also had rose-colored glasses.�

    The main thing is probably that people are more stupid than I thought. In fact, I still wonder about it, even though it's not a typical trait for me. I used to think that it was only in movies that there are such “shots”. Alas, but no. And this is, to some extent, a tragedy, because this is a global problem, when the majority does not see beyond their own nose. Everyone measures according to themselves and their idols, so, I admit, it was a discovery for me that many people do not seem to know such concepts as “introspection” and “self-improvement”at all. Some people just live a “stimulus-response” life, and then someone else dares to criticize the classical approach to the human psyche, like Skinner? This is probably my main misconception, and in the end, I was disappointed – I came face to face with a total misunderstanding of me from other people. I was and still am amazed at the way people open their mouths and stare at me when I take even a step away from what is generally accepted or expected of me. I thought that if you are a smart, kind, decent person, then you will achieve your goal, find your own people. And then I realized that either they didn't understand me like that, or they thought I was a sucker, and I should take advantage of it. For all my skepticism, I am still an idealist, and the veil fell from my eyes when I realized that no one was even going to understand my ideals, let alone support them. To paraphrase Churchill, most people live from the position of ” my duty is to protect my interests.” What is there in the bath honesty and the desire for self-improvement. The main thing is to achieve the implementation of your selfish plans. I still believe in specific people, but I've lost faith in people in general. To be honest, I thought there were more people like me than there really are. I don't want to sound like a saint, but I thought that the average person is smarter and kinder, that you can build relationships with people based on mutual trust and respect. What I've seen is that even people who treat you well often create the false impression that they are your friends, and in fact, this can all stop at once, as soon as there is a conflict of interest. Altruism is clearly not in the nature of most people. Therefore, the conclusions in the answers of other users that no one can be trusted 100%, that adults are not so smart, are completely relevant to me. Life is more complicated than I would like, and this is not the world like this, but we are people like this, we do this to each other.

    Under all this, you can draw a line that adult life for people like me is a very difficult thing. And I have already realized that sooner or later, I will smash my idealistic head against the wall of ordinary human thinking.

    If you go down to the level of some household specifics, then for a change I will highlight a couple of misconceptions of me as a teenager:

    1. I'm not pretty. Generally scary, who will love me like this. No, well, I definitely look better now than I did before, but I realized that this is a destructive and depressive mindset. Thank you for it, first of all, to my parents. I understood from childhood that my parents were wrong in many ways, but I understood it intellectually, but from the point of view of self-perception, my self-esteem was below the baseboard. In addition, no one was going to help and offer ways to become better. No one supported my initiatives. I had to think of everything myself, to experience it myself.

    2. I will never drink alcohol. It's probably for the best that my health doesn't allow me to carouse, but only occasionally drink on holidays. But I used to wind myself up out of the blue. There is no tragedy in this, nothing to drink and relax sometimes without crossing the line of reason. I'm drunk, and I behave just as appropriately as I do when I'm sober, although I used to worry about how out of control I'd be if I skipped a shot or two, God forbid. Maybe for someone else these concerns are relevant, but to exaggerate out of the blue turned out to be a bad trait.

    3. A person can be convinced of their rightness by giving arguments in their favor. It doesn't work at all. Everyone sees and hears what they want. Even if you say everything to a person's face, chewing it like a 3-year-old, he either blinks with the face of a person who just remembered whether he turned off the iron at home, or the reactionary mode turns on, and he defends his misconceptions with triple force. I consider the apotheosis of everything to be situations when you are openly told that you do not have the right to vote, that you cannot defend your point of view. At one point, I thought that in ordinary life, you can apply the rules of court hearings – to speak honestly, give arguments, a kind of “alibi”, if you show that the truth is on your side, then you will win. Naive simplicity, no doubt. In general, this is like one of the conclusions from my long introduction about misunderstanding, and what kind of person I am.

    4. I will find my happiness, I will succeed. Why would that be? As I have already said, reasonable pessimism does not allow me to stay in the clouds, but I realized that simple human happiness is also rare, it is difficult. This is a very primitive analogy, but I like it – “bite your elbow”, so they say in such cases. It seems to be about, but the chances are minimal.

    5.�I won't be like my parents, like other sad adults. I'm on my way to becoming the adult I'd like to be, and yes, I'm not like my parents, but it's stupid to deny that I'm their son and somehow I'm like them. I also realize that no matter how different I am in my thinking and perception of the world from other people, I also, like most adults, go to work, get a penny, complain about my superiors and a sedentary lifestyle. The fate of the gray mass befell me once or twice, which I clearly did not strive for. I hope that my hope to turn my ideas into reality is not just another pair of rose-colored glasses.

    1. Adults are smarter, times older

    2. At some point (age 18/ high school graduation), everything will change immediately

    3. You need to have a standard set (car-apartment-family) to be happy

    4. Friends will stay forever

    5. Classmates who barely finished the next academic year will definitely not study at normal universities

    6. Does your parents ' achievements characterize you in any way

    7. Something depends on a person's gender

    8. It's normal to watch TV regularly

    9. You need to be an altruist, a “good” person, sacrifice your own interests for the sake of others

    10. If you get a cat, there's nothing left of the house.

  15. Oh, as a person of this age, I can only assume but still
    1. The opinion of others is important. No. no and no. Because I constantly see peers who think so, and it seems to me sooo that it is not very important. For what is a good attitude to you, what is bad-one fig, few people will come to the rescue.�

    2. All sorts of actions “that lisch malyshnya does” are stupid. Well, that's all. What's so terrible about buying something delicious a la kinder surprise, juice or yogurt Rastishka? in my opinion, this is not a big deal. for what difference does it make who mostly is if you like it?
    2.1 All sorts of things “that adults do” is cool. Yeah. swell up in the trash is kruuuto. throwing up everything and everything, getting knocked up drunk is even better. and then wonder “and choita I feel bad? what do you mean, a stomach ulcer?!”
    3.Popularity is cool, I will live better. Well, yeah. that's the current when some garbage happens chot no one comes to the rescue.

    4. You can not worry about studying, because I go to dopa (but I don't even teach them, but why? these are dopes). ага yeah. that's why I didn't pass the exams, I wonder why?

    5. Relationship: I will never find someone like her / him. Well yes. of course. then when they break up, it kills them like crazy, a la life pain. it's probably more personal, but I still don't understand what they all find in it. I had a girlfriend, flowers and petals then broke up and … somehow don't care. well all. there is no person and that's it. I don't understand most of them.

    6. It is necessary to always be in a trend and be fashionable/ not be like everyone else because I will attract more attention this way. �And here everyone is divided into 2 groups. Some try to look like the most groping person in the world, supposedly it will help them, as a rule, these are ordinary gray consumers who eat any flatbread that our industry gives birth to a la Face. And after all, they consider it a “Phenomenon” of our industry, which others who do not rummage will not understand.And the second group is no such thing as everything. well, in fact, these are also gray consumers, but they dress in something little-known, listen to something little-known, and so on. and so on, because it supposedly makes them stand out. and then there are crowds of one and no such thing as all. Well, in fact, these two castes are almost the same, their biggest similarity is that they almost do not have their own opinion. they dress as their caste dictates. Of course, they say that they chose it themselves, it is their decision, but this is not so. This is just an obsessive opinion based on the choice of the majority.

    7. If I'm bold, openly talk about how bad I am, be bold to everyone, then I'll be cooler. Well, that's understandable. Allegedly, ” oh, how brave he is, pissing on a cop car. AYE”. this is not courage. this is stupidity. and listening and singing songs a la “mom I'm in the shit buhaya” or “I'm buhayu and I po*uy” well, in the end already “I f * al your chick”. Here is deeerzost the direct ofiget.�

    But of course, there are exceptions to any of these points. For example, I listen mostly to little-known artists, or watch original movies, just because I don't like most of the popular new products. I don't see any originality in them. it's just punching. And I want to see something unusual that goes beyond the boundaries of these stamps. well, in fact, there is a lot of good stuff in this underground.(I understand that this example about myself is extremely stupid and selfish)�

    I won't tell you the rest right now. still, it's hard to look at the same ones as me being on the same level with them, but I said something. maybe I still have some cockroaches in my head, but I consider them the norm.

  16. In my case, only one:

    • I am very wise and knowledgeable, not cowardly.

    No, she's a coward. And due to the fact that at one time I simply pissed off, finding 1000 explanations for this, now I don't have what I always wanted.

    Don't be afraid to take the first/final step, it's better to try and fail than to talk yourself out of it and then feel sorry for yourself.

    Well, except for heroin and murder, of course.

  17. In addition to the top answer:

    1) When I become an adult, I will be free and everything will be possible for me .

    2) If I earned a thousand dollars, then I will have two thousand in my piggy bank in two months .

    3) My Body is invulnerable .

    4) Old people don't understand anything .

    5) Everyone is stupid, but I'm smart.

    6) Living in an apartment is cool, but having your own house is a calhoz.

    7) Be honest and be happy .

    And a lot more

  18. 1) Politics is a boring activity. Knowledge of politics will never be useful in life.

    2) Studying cinema is a terrible activity. I'd rather go to all sorts of modern movies. A lot of people like it, so it's a good movie.

    3) If the majority say so, then it is true.

    4) The school does not give knowledge, all this is nonsense. But on YouTube there are many useful videos from my mother's atheists.

    5) Smoking and alcohol are a sign of a good life.

    That's enough. I would like to give some advice.

    First, start reading books, but read them correctly. Read what will be useful to you in life. Analyze and learn.

    Second, isolate yourself from trends. Many teenagers only want to be a slave to style, spend their mother's money on very expensive things that they will wear for a month.

    Third. Be able to argue your position. Get involved in politics, art, or film.

    1. He believes that he understands politics,economics,or any other industry better than his elders. I don't care if I've never even read anything about it. (What can these fucking Putinists understand, right?:D)

    2. He believes that after graduating from university, he will immediately find a high-paying job.

    3. The whole world revolves around him, everyone owes him.

    4. Once he moved out from his parents, it means that he is independent and can do anything.

    5. Any relationship is a reason to drop out of school or work part-time.

    6. Many subjects from the list are not needed at the university – therefore, they do not need to be taught. My mother won't see it anyway.

    7. As said above, he believes that he will be no such thing as an adult. “Everyone's different now, too!”

    8. It's so cool to live from entry to entry, clean up the trash every day! He believes that this way of life will lead forever.

    9. We depend on the opinion of the public. Friends bought themselves a spinner. What's worse about me?

    10. Any decision is not subject to any analysis and is immediately put into action without thinking about the consequences.

    1. the end justifies the means.�

    very often not. It was a good thing I didn't have large sums of money at some points, because I didn't know how to manage it then, and I would have regretted it a million times.

    1. parents never understand anything.

    in fact, they understand exactly as much as we allow them to understand us. they are not psychics to know everything about us: what we think, and what we are afraid of, and where we need to be supported, and where in any case it is impossible, why we are sad, why we are not in the mood, and why we glow like the moon, etc. if you do not tell your family elementary things about your life and wait for elementary understanding, well, you are a fool)) (I'm still at this stage, by the way-_-)

    1. if you suffer, then all your life. because there's no other way.�

    Hah, no! not immediately, but through trial and error, you can survive everything. except for the death of loved ones. this can be experienced, but not immediately. it will take time.It's painful, sad, and irrevocable. this must be accepted.

    1. friends are more important than parents.

    not at all, but you realize that with time. awareness hits you over the head with a bat and you don't have time to understand what happened. both are important. but still, the priorities must be set correctly.�

    1. I'll never stop loving you.�

    and here I will stop loving you! but that's another story. you can – if you really want to, remember?�

    1. I know how to do it better and more correctly. �

    this can still be seen sometimes, but I look after myself and try to be better.

    I really want to sleep and today I can't remember anything else. I finish typing my answer and go to bed.

    1. It is important to get a good financial reward from work, not pleasure from it.

    2. To enter only where, and “the diploma in life will be useful”.

    3. School friends are for a long time.

    4. Working in an office is prestigious and cool (I personally did not have this misconception, but I often heard from friends).

    5. “By the time I'm 20, I'll definitely be living separately from my ancestors.”

    6. Parents are eternal.

    7. Absolutely all adults equally do not understand young people, do not follow fashion and do not want to accept new trends (most (!) really do not follow).

    8. “It's better to work than to study. At least they pay money for it.”

    9. Masculinity and everyday conservatism of views are signs of a real man.

    10. Patriotism.

  19. 1. I will do everything whenever I want and I don't need my father's pendel.

    1. Everything will somehow work out by itself.

    2. As it will always be now.

    3. All social norms and principles are wrong. And in general: anarchy is the mother of order, chaos is the father of order.

    4. My opinion is so important.

    5. Standing out is cool. And I'm so unique.

    6. Safety regulations are bullshit, and I'm sure nothing will happen to you.

    7. The whole world is a mess, all the women are whores.

    8. Yes, there is garbage, now we will figure it out and everything will work.

    9. Tomorrow my salary will come, and I'll give you everything.

  20. I haven't gone far either, but I'll try to make a list, at least for introspection.

    1. There is no God, religion is a senseless waste of time and money, enslaving minds.�

    2. If a person doesn't like me, if I don't like them, they can be beaten. In general, physical strength can solve at least half of my problems, so I just need to swing more and look as intimidating as possible.

    3. I can deny 90% of my emotions, turning them into anger.

    4. The world around me is my enemy. Everyone wishes me exceptionally bad things. Even unconsciously, a person can only make me feel bad.

    5. If I don't pass my final exams at school and go to university, my life is over, I will kill myself.

    6. I'll move out to live separately as soon as I turn 18.

    7. Sex is a common thing, you can sleep with just anyone, and there will be no psychological discomfort. I have no special moral principles, I'm not very sensitive.

    8. Politics is not interesting.

    9. You can achieve everything in life if you push ahead like a tank.

    10. A bitter truth is better than a sweet lie.

  21. 1) There is no other love than love at first sight. If it didn't initially catch on, then it definitely won't (haha, well, well)

    2) I will only build relationships with people who are a few years older than me. They are smarter and wiser, it's more interesting with them, I'm not interested in peers (once again ahaha)

    3) People who are at least a year younger than me (what's the point of talking about more? and so everything is obvious!) – a priori dumber and “still children”. And I, hoo, the wisdom of ages over 9000

    4) I have awesome health, no need to worry about it

    5) Parents have outdated views, why listen to their advice

    6) Everyone is stupid, and I'm the only one smart and well done

    7) it follows from the previous paragraph: If you think that someone is wrong, tell them so. Argue and at all costs, prove your case. Getting involved in someone else's argument is also cool, without your opinion, people's life is not nice and in general the day is lived in vain.

    8) If people are hinted at, they will understand everything. Especially your mysterious and pseudo-smart status in kontaktik (it's just facepalm, I'll leave no comments)

    9) I'm scary, I'm unlucky with my appearance, and there's nothing you can do about it.�

    10) Probably if I behave arrogantly and even rudely, everyone will think that I'm cool

    11) I did not have a transition age, I behave normally, do not create all sorts of game, it passed me by (but a certain psychovannost, acute reaction to everything and excessive emotionality – this is so, does not count)

    12) I have serious problems, no one understands my emotional torments and experiences, I am a subtle nature, and all thick-skinned, where are they to me and the moss of sorrows

    13) When you graduate from high school, you are an awesome adult, accomplished person, you can be proud of it

  22. Maybe I'll repeat the previous answers somewhere, but okay.

    1. It is absolutely necessary to join the team. It doesn't matter if you like it or not, but for some reason you need to adopt herd chips in order to be appreciated.

    2. The Unified State Exam is a mega-scary and most important stage in life. Because of this attitude, which is cultivated in every MBOU secondary school, a new student who has already passed the Unified State Exam and entered the university gives the impression that all the main things are over and you can relax. In the first session, this attitude will backfire.

    3. You really need this tattoo with a deep meaning. And I don't care that in 2 years you will change your views, and laser mixing costs money. And not the fact that you will still love bodymods at all.

    4. It's cool to be a typical Russian teenager in the style of Dostoevsky and go headlong into an existential crisis with your head. It won't make you look mysterious in the eyes of others, it won't make you feel like anything, you're just wasting your time on suffering for no reason.

    5. When you go to university, you'll move out of your mother's house and live as you want. You will eat doshik, miss your parents, grandparents, and dog / cat, and do things that can lead to bad consequences.

    6. You need someone you can emulate. Make a stupid haircut like a friend-androgynous misanthrope and with bipolar disorder and start behaving like a finished *udak and spoil your relationship with dear people. (Partly similar to the first point, but more concerned with a personal need for coolness, rather than a desire to become part of the herd)

    7. The authorities are not always right. Even the best ones. Even Mom and Dad are also mere mortals with their own mistakes. Critical thinking will come in handy.

    8. The whole world is evil. There are a lot of good people around and you can only notice this by becoming more positive yourself.

    9. The math is complicated. No, you're the lazy one. And math is beautiful and logical and it is better to learn it while there is time.

    10. You can spend your free time playing games, but I'll start a hobby later. Then there will be no time. It's best to start at school while you still have the time and opportunity. At the same time, by the first year you will be an interesting conversationalist and quickly gather a company based on your interests.

  23. 1) The world is only black and white (in fact, everything is shades of gray)

    2) There will be eternal parties at uni, beer will flow like a river, girls at parties will be debauched (in fact, this is not and is unlikely to happen, rote learning and dialogues with boring classmates will take 94% of the time)

    3) All the doors are open to you (so yes, but try it-enter)

    4) Your openness to the world=the world's openness to you (sad but not true)

    5) I can drink as much as you want (then you'll really puke and it will be bad in the morning, but you're young)

    6) Your social circle is with you forever (everyone will score on each other, only a few will remain)

    7) Reading for suckers (g-d, I thought so myself. Without reading, you're a mindless, degraded piece of meat)

    8) Our ancestors talk shit. Their advice is bullshit! (not all the tips are right, but they say wise things very, very often, so it will not be superfluous to listen to them)

    9) I'M SO FUCKING IMPORTANT AND THE WHOLE WORLD SHOULD BEND UNDER ME!!!! (You bend under the world, and this is a classic of the genre)

    10) Relationships are easy. All the girls are already pining for you (pffffffffff)

    1. I'll be independent of my parents as soon as I'm 18. No amount of advice or threats from them will have any power over me

    2. My life is so fucking complicated and misunderstood by everyone, the world is a solid depressive shit, there is no good, all hypocrisy and decay, all dust.

    3. It's a shame to buy kinders and stuffed animals, drink too much alcohol, smoke, and dress like a whore, because that defines your “status”

    4. A salary of 15 thousand will be enough in excess, where only my parents spend it, I will live even better on such money.

    5. I thought that at 18, my flaws in appearance and character would magically disappear, and I would go around the world so strong and independent, my hair back, platform and dress. Work on yourself? No, that's crazy.

    6. Higher education will make me a person, I will finish university and have a lot of opportunities, a good salary and a life in chocolate.

    7. I will never die, at least it was perceived as something not with me and nonexistent. Everyone dies, but I don't.

    8. Cram = learn. Know a lot = be able to do a lot. In short, I thought that the main thing was to know a lot of facts and other things, but I didn't know that you should be able to use this knowledge.

    9. Other people's opinions are fucking important, if I'm told I'm scary or stupid, I can curl up and die of my own worthlessness.

    10. I believed that mutual love does not exist and in a couple one person allows you to love, or both in the relationship see each their own benefit. Against the background of the same, I believed that love is so ephemeral, butterflies in the stomach and it will continue by itself, and the fact that relationships are self-sacrifice, mutual respect and work on yourself and relationships – there is no way to believe in this.

  24. I am still not far from adolescence, but I have already realized my main misconception that everything will appear by itself. Work, friends, relationships.�

    No, it will not appear, for this you really need to make an effort yourself. Yes, even what. Of course, nothing will ever appear.

  25. 1. When I'm about 18 years old, the Autobots will arrive right away and appoint me as the chosen dude to be given by Megan Fox.
    I will have my own startup/business, I will have my own car, I will live separately from my parents and throw parties in my villa every day.

    That's what some teenagers think. They are very surprised when they forget about their peers for a while and communicate with those who are 18 or older. My eyes pop out of my head in disbelief. After all, everything should be different.

    2. A university or dorm in another city is synonymous with absolute freedom on the verge of anarchy.
    I'm so far away from my parents that they can't stop me from playing for months on the laptop they bought me “for school.”
    My parents can't control me, I can listen to music as loud as I want, I can get drunk so much that I'll smear the dorm walls and floors with vomit and feces all over the hallway. Let that stupid cleaning lady clean up after her master.
    I can skip classes and not care about anything, I'm free.

    3. Sitting around playing games, which turns into weeks and months of wasted time — is cool.
    My coordination is impaired, I have speech problems, I do not know (or confuse) the meaning of dozens of words, I do not develop in any way, because I sit and hammer on the same keys all the time since childhood, I have insomnia, I have attacks of aggression.
    And it's awesome. Everyone does that.

    4. Booze is cool. And the more decent you were when you got drunk, the worse it would be for your popularity.
    You have to throw up from the window, so that your vomit runs down the windows of the neighbors from below, you have to behave as inadequately as possible, so that the others have a desire to film everything and put it on YouTube.

    5. Yes, I want to become a successful startup that will create an IT giant.
    I'll be cooler than Musk, Bezos, Brin, Jobs, Zuckerberg, and Gates combined.
    But I refuse (independently or at least in an educational institution) to study mathematics, English, economics, management and other subjects/areas, because I am special.
    A cursory knowledge of a couple of scripting programming languages and a markup language is enough for me. Books, public posts and blogs on YouTube about success are also quite enough.
    Anyone who says otherwise doesn't understand anything, because they haven't achieved anything.

    6. I know a lot about life, because I watched a lot of videos from pseudo-intellectuals on YouTube, a lot of movies, anime and played a lot of games with a plot.
    What books? What other observations of my own from the world around me? What hard work? What kind of self-improvement work? A couple of installation techniques and you're done. A couple of mouse clicks and life was a success.

    7. Hanging out in coworking spaces, attending workshops and trainings will do everything for me.
    In a coworking space, I drank smoothies in between Mafia games, and at workshops and trainings, I was motivated. What do you mean, it's not enough?

    8. I'm a volunteer working on a lot of projects. As a friendly team, we build houses, clean up garbage and improve parks.
    In what sense does it mean that the authorities use such volunteer work to saw through the state budget intended for the salaries of construction workers and cleaners? It doesn't make sense.

    9. In fact, I deserve a good job and a good salary.
    My parents/friends will arrange / arrange me for a good position, and no more problems.
    Healthy competition is not for me. These are all sorts of suckers, let them get an education for years and let them knock on the doors of employers for months. And I will play computer games at the workplace instead of working.

    10. Before I was born, everyone didn't know how they lived. There were some dark ages, apparently.
    And as soon as I was born, so immediately gave a ride to all the innovations.
    Social networks, smartphones, VR, drones, Google Glass, Uber, electric cars with autopilots..
    I guess I'm special, because how else can you explain such a coincidence between my birth and the explosive growth of technology?

  26. This boy/girl is my love for life and we will get married, there is no one else like it and there will never be.

    My parents really wish me well and everything they do, they do for me, their love for me is undeniable and sacred.

    “It's better to be alone than together with just anyone”; if you have a fight, I will always find new friends, better than these.

    Life has meaning.

  27. Even if I'm not so far gone from adolescence, but I can name my 10 banal misconceptions. �

    1) No one understands me.

    If only I knew how wrong I was about that. It turns out that many people go through certain problems.

    2) I am completely different from my parents and will never be like them.

    Oh, no, no matter what our relationships are, no matter how different we may seem to each other, but many of the mannerisms, character traits, and habits we adopt from them. An apple from an apple tree, remember?

    3) I will never be able to love anyone so much again.

    Can. Yes, and even much stronger. And even you will understand that love for the object of lust in the future may not be the main thing at all.�

    4) I know what knowledge I need and what I don't need.

    Interests change, and so do priorities. It turns out that many missed and “unnecessary” knowledge would be very useful.

    5) I know everything better than anyone else.

    No comments here. Youthful maximalism. No, alas, but adults by virtue of experience and others from the outside – it is more visible.

    6) There is no need to get up and go to bed early.

    It turns out that your parents and grandparents were right, and while you sleep for half a day, your strength and time are running out. The sooner you get up , the more time you'll have.

    7) Loneliness, suffering is beautiful.

    No, well, if you want to attract attention like this, then maybe it will work. But it won't be the same, and sooner or later everyone will get tired of your sad face.

    8) We will always be friends.

    It turns out that your priorities and social circle are changing. And once best friends may now not recognize each other at all. But this is not terrible at all, because there will be new ones that you will choose more consciously.

    9) Popularity will make you happy.

    No. Not once. The crowd will never give you anything.

    10) There is plenty of time. I'll do it later.

    And then one day he's not there at all. The older you are, the faster it flies. You have to be here, now and do everything in time.

    1. What you're going through-no one has ever experienced it before �

    2. Your problems are the most terrible, and others just make up �

    3. Adult advice is shit. What do they know about my life?

    4. They are my lifelong friends and I will never part with them

    5. Uni is amazing, but school is terrible

    6. What they ask me to read at school is not suitable for me, and half of the subjects are simply unnecessary(sometimes all the subjects are unnecessary for someone)

    7. No one understands me (a common generalization when someone you like doesn't understand you)

    8. My life will be radically different! I will never be like my parents and I will never raise my children like that

    9. The world is kind and wonderful, waiting for me the only smart lawyer/advertiser/manager �

    10. I will live forever and I will have time for everything

    1. The main misconception is to overestimate the importance of relationships. As in that joke “I had a relationship where I left, there was a relationship in which they left me, but most of all I liked to drink at the bar in between relationships.”�

    2. Someone else's opinion of you is important.

    No. I don't care about opinions. There are always judgmental people.

    1. There are people you can trust 100%.�

    No. There will come a time when even your parents will do something that will end up hurting you.

    1. Friends for life.

    Anything can happen. And sometimes the people you hated from the first day you met them will eventually become best friends.

    1. Life is shitty, and why I was born in the first place.

    Like in the movie House of the Sun: Do you even know what a great fucking life it is? Exactly. There will be a lot of surprises that you will want to solder into your memory forever. Because life is worth the time spent on it))

    That's enough.

  28. 1-smoking is very cool, then of course I'll quit whenever I want (no and no, I quit only after 10 years)

    2-school sucks, why do I need all this knowledge? ( the most magical time in life, as it turned out in practice)

    3-school friends forever, we swore to each other (no, no and no again)

    4 – after 18 years, there is complete freedom, what I want is what I will do, and no one tells me to do!

    5-do not eat – the best method for weight loss (all ended with bouts of overeating and weighing more than 100 kg)

    6-why do I need to go to university after school? This is stupid! And to live for yourself? ( one of the biggest mistakes, here's catching up)

    7-unrequited love is the worst thing that can happen to me (and again no, for me the worst disappointment in people)

    8-my father is a goat (again not true, despite the divorce from my mother, he did a lot to get me back on my feet)

    9-musikalka, courses, any additional education-sucks ( no, it's amazing to develop thinking and broaden your horizons)

    10 – I want 100,000 tattoos and piercings (I still do)

    something like this:)

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