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  1. My very first important and memorable event in my life was probably the first trip abroad (I come from a very closed country), this storm of emotions, new impressions, new acquaintances, the first time I saw the sea (evening sea beach), I will never forget it. The next, but much more important, is the birth of a son, his first words and first steps. This was probably the first time I found meaning in my life. But this is for me personally.

  2. Events in which you touch humanity, or your soul. Sincere love, joy, friendship, helping others, creativity, moments of deep peace, understanding and acceptance of the world around us.

    And even in outwardly tragic events-there is a place for Human manifestations. Self-sacrifice in extreme situations, saving a comrade in combat, self-denial and heroism – all this is driven by our deepest and most authentic part. Which cannot be encompassed by simple logic, mental schematics, and the ” expediency of personal well-being.” But we do it and feel like people. Many veterans miss it after the war-precisely because everything conventional is erased in it and friendship becomes real, love becomes real, and the joy of being alive is also almost palpable at the fingertips…

  3. Usually emotions tell us which events are more important than others:) �

    Have you ever noticed how fast time passes when everything goes on as usual and how it slows down when something doesn't go according to plan, this is a reaction to the body, a kind of signal that you need to pay attention to it. Emotions, in turn, help to better record the event in memory and leave it for further analysis.

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