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    • you are not responsible for anyone. the same hnya kst to cats and dogs. there is no such thing that you get in a taxi to go home, and the situation is kind of strange and you squeeze your balls into a fist and turn gray, thinking ” nenene, everyone at home is worried, my dog is not walking in the morning!!😱”


    * you can't buy your own morning snack – no one will.

    no one will wash the dishes in the night while you sleep, because the owl. or no one will bring out the same dog from the very beginning of the morning, because the lark. nuvyponali.

  2. Friends / girlfriends climb into the soul.They think you have to share everything with them.Friends can betray you when you don't expect them to.

    A single person's socks will be washed by a typewriter, regardless of where they were lying before.Many people can cook themselves.There is money-orders of food at home or cafes and restaurants, without taking out the brain, who should clean the table, and so on..

    About the notorious “glass of water”!Often children live not only in another city,but also in another country,connected by their family and work.And their old and sick parents are served a glass of water by neighbors or social services.Yes, and those children who live in the same city often do not find time to fulfill even a trivial request.

  3. Pros – you don't depend on anyone. You do what you want. No one puts unfulfilled hopes and excessive demands on you. You walk like a lone tiger, with an elegant but at the same time slightly nervous gait, as there is a slight electric tension in your pants, dissatisfaction. It is usually noticeable to others. No one steals your stash. That's a good thing… There are no kids crying with poop around.�

    Cons – no one will wash your socks, no one will say a kind word to you at the entrance to the house, you will not have a delicious dinner waiting for you, no one will give you a blowjob… Everything is self-service, just like in the Soviet service. And they also say that in general, having a person who is more than a friend around improves life a little and generally contributes to the psychological disclosure of the individual. However, not everyone agrees.

    What do you like best? Each person chooses for himself.


  4. Communication is one of the human needs. In addition to the fact that communication is just great and interesting, it is also useful if you have the right contacts. Because it is communication that gives you the opportunity to develop, if you are, of course, ready for it. From this, respectively, you can find disadvantages in the lack of communication.

    The only question is: why is it necessary? Live alone. You can, for example, stop drinking, but again, why, if this is the need of our body? So it is here. Isolation and the desire to protect yourself from the world does not arise from scratch.

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