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  1. And what is comprehensively developed?
    A normal person has a certain area of interest. For example: motorcycle, organic chemistry, hunting. He can talk about it for hours.
    And people who do not understand the topic will be interested in it.
    I will say from my experience, it can be too rude… but really smart people are extremely bad conversationalists. A very smart person will not have the desire to entertain you in conversation with something. They won't be interested in you.
    They have a certain circle of acquaintances who are approximately equal to them in intelligence in some topic.
    And if you talk to a friend of mine(the guy remembers it by heart after reading the book) about a topic that you don't understand yourself, he will not hesitate to send you to his fellow human beings in an extremely rude way.
    So here's a well-read attitude, combined with tolerance and a desire to teach others – a combo that I've never seen before in my life.

  2. Curiosity, I think. Such people are interested in literally everything and they are not shy about their ignorance – but they swallow information greedily and “productively”. And sharing the information they receive is not a burden. And the sphere of girth is huge)

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