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  1. Everyone here is competing in wit, and I would recommend dismantling the tank and using the water in it.�


  2. Only Koldyaev has a more or less adequate answer) I'll take a note. It seems that no one uses public toilets. And they are.

    Alternatively, have a strategic pack of wet wipes with you.

  3. I will give a rather rough and low-grade example, but the first association led to the manga “Gintama”. In general, it tells about a case when men got stuck in the toilet without paper during a fight and somehow they got sandpaper next to them (I don't remember how). They hesitated for a long time and suddenly found photos of their favorite women in their pockets. Then there is the story about choosing what to wipe yourself with: sandpaper, which is madness, or a photo. In fact, everything is fun to play, but the most epic moment is when two opponents, having got rid of the burden, jump out of the booths and fight. In the end, one loses and falls with the words “Sorry, mistress”, and the second after the words “Sorry, Otae” begins to gush blood from the 5th point and he also falls without strength, which makes everyone's choice obvious. Quite rude and cute at the same time. Sorry. 😅

  4. I generally try not to use toilet paper, even if it is in the toilet, and I always wash my ass only with water. I believe that after each defecation, you should wash your ass with water, and not wipe it with paper, this is more hygienic and cleaner.

  5. This problem does not arise if you are a Muslim. For water, water, and water again.

    (I don't know where to get one hundred and forty characters from. It's just some kind of trouble.)

  6. Once, when I was in such an awkward situation and it turned out that the toilet paper was out, I found a miniature book in my pocket – the New Testament. At the same time, a real case was recorded when the Bible saved a person from trouble.

  7. I'll just say one word – newspaper!

    Many things are incomprehensible to us, not because our concepts are weak, but because these things do not belong to the circle of our concepts.

  8. I am not a Muslim, but I use only water. Why? It is more convenient in the first place, and secondly more hygienic. You see, men have quite a lot of hair there, and after the paper, in any case, something remains on the hair, and after the water, everything is clean and beautiful!)

  9. Well, if it ended right at the right moment, then it starts�

    “Maaaaaaaaaaaaaam!”Maaaaaaaaaaaakkaaaaaaamm!Please urgently bring toilet paper!�

    (if my mom isn't home, my sister will probably be there.)�

    – Seeeeeeeeeestra!Seeeeeeeeeeestr!!!We're losing it!!!!!Urgent roll of toilet paper in the operating room!!!!!!�

    (if my sister isn't home,there's always a couple of packs of wet wipes in the locker.)�

    Besides, we have a rule in our family: who finished the roll,he should immediately hang up a new one.

  10. I go to the store and buy a huge package with 12-15 rolls of toilet paper.

    In general, at home there is a shower, napkins, handkerchiefs, wet wipes. You'll find something.

  11. Do you have a benefit tonight? 5 questions in an hour, come to your senses.

    To the question.

    When I run out of toilet paper, I buy a new one.
    If it ends right in the middle of the action (which I've done a couple of times in my entire life), I carefully crawl to the tub and jump into the shower.

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