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  1. Tulpa is a very strong visual autosuggestion, it is a certain image that you create yourself, in the flesh to the second person in you, which will communicate with you and develop on its own, if only you modeled it well. We can say that tulpa is the programming of the psyche of your subconscious mind. Through multi-hour meditation, you create a hallucination with your imagination, psychiatrists associate it with schizophrenia, but people in this field look at it absolutely categorically.

    This is a very interesting experiment with your subconscious mind, you can create a person who can help you in a difficult moment, and people will perceive your actions as your own, and not what your tulp told you.

    Personally, I believe that nothing goes away from our brain, all the knowledge that we accumulate, but after a while we forget, they do not disappear anywhere, they accumulate in the subconscious, from where they get their individuality, and therefore they will differ from you in the intellectual aspect. You can let him learn everything, and when you need something, just ask him. And much much more….

    I forgot another part of the question, Wonderland tulpa is not one term, but two different terms that go into the same category. Vonder is also autosuggestion, but not in creating some kind of personality, but in representing some imaginary world where you train and develop your tulpa, but this is not so necessary. To create a world, you need to go into a trance, sitting in the lotus position, clearly imagine the world that you want to create, well, I do not know the details, this is already from the part of meditation in which I do not understand a damn thing.

    I am very skeptical about this, watching videos on YouTube no one has yet demonstrated real communication with a tulp, they only say the steps to creating a tulp and the process itself, and if there is communication and supposedly a successful experiment,they say, I did it, he touched me (tulp) – all this was like a theatrical stupid game.

    Thank you for the question, but I will continue to study it anyway, for now!

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