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  1. You can answer that it is a ray , but the ray comes out of the point, and science does not know what a point is (using its conditional understanding). In my opinion, a point is a three-dimensional concept and two-dimensionality does not reveal its true meaning. Therefore, it is not correct to refer to the vector.

  2. Everything that has a beginning will have an end. There is always that which has no beginning: the impersonal, eternal, unchanging Principle-the Absolute, which is cyclically manifested in the temporal in the form of the manifested universe.

  3. There is such a geometric term – ray. Here it has a beginning, but no end.
    As far as I know, scientists believe that there is a thing in the physical universe where atoms slow down. That is, sooner or later (in a couple of tens of billions of years) The universe will just stop, and living on it will be, to put it mildly, difficult!

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