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    1. Accept life as it is.

    2. Enjoy the little things.

    3. Set goals and achieve them.

    4. Learn new things.

    5. Do what you like.

    6. Love the world.

    7. Dream.

    8. Travel.

  1. Are you sure this is the right question? Because the wrong questions don't have the right answers. It would be more correct to ask: What should I do? Everyone does different things. And everyone is right and wrong in their own way. Parents tell their young children about it, but that's what they're parents for. Wives read morals to their failed husbands and point out role models. But in general-what you want-you can, then do. You can buy a cottage in the capital and furnish it with antiques, or you can dig a dugout in the forest, get a rabbit instead of a cat and live “in your own format”. It may comfort you to think that whatever you do, you will die, and your deeds or non-deeds will gradually be forgotten. Good luck:))

  2. First of all, reach a state of moral maturity in order to avoid secondary and insignificant things, stopping wasting time, health, and nerves on things that will no longer be important to you in 5 years

  3. Do whatever you want, really. Of course, you should observe certain limits(not all) set by the society, but this is actually at your discretion. I believe that the meaning of life is happiness/pleasure, so do what makes you happy, preferably something that does not violate the basic rights and freedoms of other people. Find a goal that you will strive for, because in fact, life itself has no meaning, but you can fill it with “individual” meaning by finding a goal. Continue to learn all your life, learn new things, develop intellectually.

  4. a person's life is a process of cognition + satisfaction of their needs, which a person has a whole range of – from physiological ( food, clothing, shelter, etc.), psychological ( friendship, love, relationships, communication, motivation, etc.) to “metaphysical” ( meaning, vocation, self-realization, vision of being, etc.). In the process of all this, a person reveals himself and in this disclosure he can make corrections, based on the experience gained, change his path, his thinking and meanings.�

    Learning, Discovering ourselves and the world is the meaning of our life.

    Oh how many wonderful discoveries we have
    The spirit of Enlightenment prepares
    And experience is the son of difficult mistakes
    And the genius of paradoxes is a friend.

  5. First of all, decide on a goal in life. Then start developing in any field of activity that is closer to this goal or will lead you to this goal faster. If your goal is achieved, then look for a new goal in life. In my opinion, the meaning of life is to achieve different goals…

  6. I understand that my version will sound, to put it mildly, a little crazy, but nevertheless….

    The chance to live is given to all people with the same goal – to try to find and understand who a Person is and what life is. Причем Moreover, neither as someone kaaatsa….and as it really is. These are the basic definitions. Until you grow up to them to understand who is who and what is what, in fact, it is obviously impossible to understand anything at all. More precisely, it is possible to make up something and very much even a lot of things, but it will be one continuous illusion – nonsense. And the criterion of reliability is death….Yes, yes….that's the one….about which so much has also been made up….But in fact, death is a part of life that performs the role of blocking-attempts to live just like that, erroneous goals, judgments, opinions, decisions … everything that does not correspond to the reality of the World, life and a Person….but it is not recognized as a mistake. So, death is not at all some kind of evil-doer and enemy of life, but quite the opposite-the guardian of its purity…

    This is for you as an example of the difference between your ideas about everything and how it really is. Here and pokumekayte….if you have something to do….is it worth it to rest on your delusional achievements? There are plenty of examples in any cemetery….you don't have to go far.

    Oh, and one more thing….which is also important. It is not possible for obviously mortal people to get to reality only on their own. The help of people who are ALREADY able to realize reality is necessary and mandatory. And such people already exist on Earth…. Build a school….let us know about it…. and they will come. And it's up to you to decide what to do….no one will force you into a bright future by force

  7. To begin with, it would be good to understand why we come to this world. A person is born, grows up, studies, marries, raises children, achieves some success at work, then old age-and he dies. Then what is the point that he lived, achieved something, somehow realized himself? Life is fleeting. Our emotions are also fleeting. Today we are happy that we got what we wanted for a long time. And after two days, we can get discouraged, because yesterday's joy can't make us happy.

    The whole point is that a person has a God-given desire to be accepted, valuable, and important to someone. If a person does not feel love from others, he suffers from loneliness, and no amount of life achievements or entertainment can not numb this pain. And by and large, if a person lives only for himself, to satisfy his desires – he lives his life in vain. When we understand that someone nearby needs help, our support and start helping others, show that we accept them, that they are valuable to us, our life becomes meaningful.�

    That's why the Bible says what to do in life: love people and love God.

  8. I would say everything is much more complicated, but this is normal, we are destined to complicate everything. It is impossible to say exactly for your fate or mine, because we grew up in different families, with different upbringing, with different worldviews, with different interests ,etc., and therefore, everything is relative.

    I'm here myself in search of something to do that I like.. but I haven't found it yet. I follow the standard path, no matter how much I would like it , that is, school/university / work now and in the army soon. I have such conservative parents, Soviet training, that it is NECESSARY, then it is necessary and nothing else, and I prevent this and do a lot of things in my own way, although it annoys them or offends them, because I am a guy with my own values in modern life, and I want to live the way I want, and not the way YOU want. I was brought up in a decent family, but they didn't lay the foundations of the humanities and spirituality in any way (they didn't give me any special books, they didn't give me any advice on how to live and WHAT to DO in this life), so I have to look for everything myself, although it is incredibly difficult.

    But still, now I realize that it's not necessary to complicate everything and somehow accept life as it is, because you can't change your family, you can't change your character..

    Nevertheless, I am more than sure that everyone can find a life's work. As N. Machiavelli said, that fate determines most of our life, but a smaller part of it is our choice(not literally). Relying on fate and waiting for the weather from the sea is not an option, you need to take and do something yourself, I don't want to go through sometimes, but in any case we will come to something.

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