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  1. Options to choose from:

    • That he has low self-esteem

    • That he has difficulties with this topic because of his upbringing

    • That he is self-serving, but tries to hide it

    Money´┐Ż is a medium of exchange. In other words, a resource. Both for survival and for a comfortable life. It's also a social endorsement. The better you do something, the more you get paid.

  2. I think that you should not judge a person by his words. Sometimes these very words are uttered only for the sake of society, so as not to seem allegedly mercantile.
    If the person really believes that money is not important. Hmm.I don't think it's serious. Money in the modern world, although not dominant, is still very important. Money is a way to ensure a good life for yourself. Without money, you can't eat, have fun, or get dressed.
    Sometimes people talk about how money isn't important in context. That is, if the conversation turns to love, for example…
    There are different situations. In any case, it is better to think that money is not important, and earn it. Than to shout about importance and money and at the same time spit at the ceiling in front of the TV!

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