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  1. Often, helping others, loving others is devalued! Everyone saw the lovers unrequited: he tries to please, asks nothing for himself, runs errands. Yes, they'll put up with him for an hour, and then they'll ask him for a wet rag. Help is about interaction, and when the interests of the other person are taken into account. Many women run around with their overgrown children “for love”, and children, the older, the more freedom they need, otherwise they will grow up infantile unstable.�

    You can't make sure that the aid is devalued. No need for help, no gratitude – go away.�

    It is necessary to help when people really need it. “Life for yourself” is a term that doesn't mean much. For yourself, you can only live in a cave as a hermit. True, hermits live for God. Man is a social being. We live in a society, no one likes it when a person always pulls the blanket over himself: “I-I-I” is the position of an egocentric person. Help isn't just about getting your roof fixed and getting money, it's about empathy, inspiration, and sharing your feelings.

    Helping others, participating in their lives, enjoying, empathizing-this is a huge life resource. At the same time, you need to understand that others are separate individuals, and their vision is different from ours.

  2. The truth, like everything beautiful in this world, exerts its beneficial influence only on those who have experienced the cruel influence of lies. Truth is the hidden feeling that teaches us to enjoy life and makes us wish for this joy for all people. (Khalil D. Gibran)

    There is only one certain happiness in life – to live for another. – Leo Tolstoy

    The best way to start the day off well is to wake up and think about whether at least one person can be happy today. – Friedrich Nietzsche

    an old fairy tale: When you die, let those around you cry, and you smile, remembering the good that you did to people.

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