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  1. As strange as it may sound, I believe that these are people.I like to look at them,look at them.Everyone is so different and interesting.I like to look you in the eye..they are unusual, you will not see exactly the same eyes in people.How they laugh, communicate.

    Nature, it also gives a lot of emotions.

    But I think the most important thing is that you have a good mood, then everything around you will be beautiful, even the most filthy and gray day.

  2. People have already been mentioned. There are people sometimes, more beautiful than any picture and the most stunning landscape. Just magical.)

    Also, I always admired something that was built or created in principle by a person. Admires more than the beauty of nature at sunsets and sunrises-views of the night city. It's great to walk along the streets at night, when the roads are almost empty and there are almost no people. The light from the lanterns is especially warm then, it fills the soul with this warmth and comfort.

    The question is so abstract)

    It's great to love and be loved, it's great to please your loved ones, to do good to people in principle.

    Another of the most beautiful things in the world is to return, after a long time, to places that have a lot of positive memories. To the places where I grew up, where some significant events happened)))))))

  3. A very general answer will be, well, okay, I'll try to explain. I consider life, nature and the morning to be the most beautiful. Life – because we arrange it ourselves, and we can live it incredibly and interestingly and create a story. Nature – because it is beautiful in itself (Many people have probably heard it: “The sunset doesn't care if they look at it or not, it will still be beautiful”). Morning – because it gives me strength, hope, opportunities. Night, of course, is also charming because at this time of day, as a rule, we bare our souls and become real, but morning is a time of action.

  4. Animals are beautiful to me. Beautiful and amazing. I can watch them for hours and admire their beauty. They carry infinite positive energy.

    I also love architecture and nature. This causes incredible delight, but unfortunately not 24/7, like animals.

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