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  1. In my opinion,it is to live and make your own decisions, not the advice of others!And yet, you should not live by stereotypes, looking at others!

    If you think about yourself, then I'm a moral freak, male!And I don't owe anyone anything,and if I do, I always return it!

  2. The only thing that bothers me is the proverbial list of what I owe to whom. Here it happens that I met an amazing girl. She is beautiful externally and the inner world is beautiful, but when you find out that she also has this list, you want to scream and run.�

    That's fair enough. I hope that over time these people will become much smaller.

  3. These are all far-fetched social stereotypes. Relax and live your life to your heart's content, don't try to live up to someone else's standards, be yourself and don't sweat it.

  4. There are no real men. This is a stereotype invented by society to force guys to meet imaginary standards. For some reason, I've never heard the expression “real woman.”

  5. I don't know, I've never tried it. In general, I am always baffled by the word “Real” in this context. A kind of Mujik 100% organic, without GMOs, dyes and preservatives. For some reason, the question about girls is formulated more loyally in relation to the weaker sex. “What does it feel like to be a girl?” – it seems to imply that the girl herself is full-fledged as a person, while the man needs to make some “way” to become a real peasant.

  6. When you leave the house with a woman or children , you take on the responsibility of being responsible for them.In front of yourself. Keep the word you gave to another person.And this is also necessary in order not to betray yourself.This is the most important thing, I think.Reliability and protection,so it was many years ago and so it will always be.
    �The time of real men, they say, is over.But it is a noble thing for them to talk about themselves,so they secretly exist in collective images.

  7. On December 31, 2010, at 21:30-22:00, an ambulance arrived at the apartment of my great-grandmother, who was ill with onaology. A few hours earlier, my grandmother had fallen and broken her arm in several places. At the age of 94, this is well, you know what it's like.�

    Two doctors arrived-a man and a woman. They began to put them on stretchers. Hellish pains. Then they realized: sixth floor, no freight elevator, three women, two men, and an old woman on a stretcher in the apartment. The neighbors are already drinking heavily. There was nothing to do – I had to go down second. It was very difficult to listen to the moans of such a dear person, with whom I spent so much time together, from the very birth. I wanted to cry.�

    My grandmother was taken to the hospital. I never saw her again – she died a few weeks later. They say it's a really masculine thing to do.�

    So to be honest, I don't really like being a “real man.”

  8. Awesome. You come home like this, give it to your wife in the face, go to watch TV with beer, scratch the egg, then sniff it. Just created, not life, but a fairy tale.

  9. Worse than being a real person or being your real self.
    No matter how sad it is to realize this, but the format of our life involves various kinds of restrictions. Each person has enough of them, so there is no point in producing any more if you are not a moral masachist.

  10. Being a man is quite cool, but a real man, well, it's not always possible, even it's possible to be real more often. Well, you understand me.
    140 characters.

  11. I wasn't, and I never will be. It's humiliating to put yourself in an uncomfortable, irrational frame made up by some bastards, just to please women and earn the respect of other men. But, unfortunately, you often have to mow under the “normal kid” in order to save your jaw. I believe that the elimination of such a construct as a “real man” (along with a list of all his “debts”) will greatly facilitate everyone's life.

    UPD. Obizhenki, as always, fiercely minus.

  12. It's stressful…Yes, society always has high expectations. A man should be able to earn money, so that by the age of 30 a car, an apartment or a house. If you do not achieve this, then depression begins (probably why many people drink) Somewhere in the same period, a family should appear, because being a bachelor in 40 years is more than strange. And in sex? If something went wrong, then of course the man is always to blame. And yes, condoms are terrible. Have you tried swimming in boots? Only men have to serve in the army. Retire later than women. You can never give up paternity, but it's enough for a woman to write a statement. Or for example, we are taught from childhood that it is bad to fight, but if you did not fight back or did not stand up for the girl, then you are a rag. Double standards. It is low to hit women, but a woman can easily slap a man and this is generally normal. In any family conflict, the man is to blame. It is His lot to accept and forgive. A woman has hormones and periods, and so on. Or here's another thing, if a man likes children, not his own, of course, then this also looks strange, so a faggot. Wearing a bright T-shirt, homo. = ) In short, not life but a race against everyone and neither… You can't complain, you're a man, it's a woman who can cry to her friends.

  13. Does pride make a real man beautiful? Isn't writing self-congratulatory songs like “what it's like to be a real man” narcissistic, paradoxically taking away this status from a narcissistic boy?

    I don't know any real men who would say, “I'm a real man.” This status must be clearly visible on business, and words to describe it are unnecessary.

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