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  1. First, distinguish between the concepts of treason and betrayal (these are different things). Historically, as in any process, there are two options: a person is naturally inclined, a person is pushed by external circumstances, often by the way, disrespect on the part of a partner. If the first option: then everything is clear, the person is always ready, he has a full sense of normality of what is happening, this is him and he lives like this. Second: the person is not inclined, but lito is a great love, or disrespect on the part of the partner, or a desire for revenge, or unsettled/dissatisfied. There is no other way.

  2. “Pushes” means doubts, walking “on the edge” and other uncertainty. That is, the decisive, pushing fact can be any, even the smallest “jamb” on the part of the betrayed. A kind of “clearing of conscience”. Scanty, of course, and pathetic, but it is quite possible.

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