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  1. I can recommend a good work, suitable for all parameters, with the exception of the mystical plot. “The Sufferings of Young Werther” by Goethe. The book is imbued with the thoughts of an unrequited person in love.

  2. I would recommend Robert Bloch's book “Psychosis”. A very interesting,exciting and very dark trilogy.The plot of the first book is exciting and sometimes very scary. One of the rare cases when reading a book can be scary.Turns of events, blood,death, split personality, psychosis.In a word, a masterpiece! The first part was adapted by Hitchcock,you can watch the movie first.

  3. Kobo Abe's conditional trilogy “Alien Face”, “Burnt Map” and “Woman in the Sand” – for myself, I call it the trilogy about the lost. Abe wrote absolutely existentialist texts in all three books in bulk, and much more talented than Sartre or Camus did. Solitude can be rowed with shovels.

    If “not a novel”, then the stories of Thomas Ligotti. A sample of the so-called “philosophical horror” and fully justifies this name. Full-fledged collections were not published in the Russian Federation if individual stories were translated for anthologies or by enthusiasts. Search in all pirate libraries in the country. I would recommend starting with the stories ” The White Clown “and”The Miracle of Dreams”. Loneliness pours from the pages.

    Lost by Thomas Bernhard-if you can break through the thick veil of misanthropy and cynicism. The limitless loneliness of the hero, a lot of thoughts about how pointless everything is if you are not a genius or at least Glenn Gould.

    Don Delillo's” White Noise ” – four hundred pages of pure despair and fear of death, and reflections on death itself as it appeared to us at the end of the twentieth century – from TV screens, from radio speakers and through electrical wires flows a pure and unclouded death. But seriously, this novel is one of the most honest and thoughtful sentences of Western civilization.

    Any book by Samuel Beckett of your choice. In the context of the question, I would recommend “Murphy” or “Watt”.

    “Cogwheels” and” The Life of an Idiot ” by Ryunosuke Akutagawa are two of the great master's dying stories, in which he recorded what he felt right before his suicide.

    Any book by Emil Cioran, but Confessions and Curses is probably the best. Let it be formally such philosophical crumbs, but Cioran is a rather subjective author, his notes and reflections have their own lyrical hero, so you can safely read it as a literary work.

    Shane Jones '”Staying for the Winter” is a surreal tale about how one city struggled with an endless winter and an evil February. There is a chance that the translation is a little stalled, but if you endure a little, then there is a risk of getting a lot of pleasure from reading. And remember: all of this makes sense, you just need to use your brain a little.

    Dostoevsky's Notes from the Underground is a classic. Neither add nor subtract.

    Oddly enough, such a colossus as Melville's Moby Dick cannot be called a novel in the usual sense of the word, but there is enough philosophy there, and loneliness too. Plus hundreds of pages about navigation and fishing.

    “Winter Dream” by Kitakata Kenzo is about an abstract artist who, locked up in a village house in winter, tries to draw and reflects on life and his past.

    “Elementary particles” or “Map and Territory” by Michel Houellebecq. Although, in truth, you can take any of his novels. Even the first book, ” Expanding the Space of Struggle.” All his characters are consistently lonely, consistently sad, and consistently reflect on themselves and the entire civilization. Basically, of course, that both the hero and civilization have come to an end.

    And for dessert: The Sculptor by Scott McCloud. It should be released in Russian soon. A desperate creator makes a contract with Death. Let not be confused by the word “comic”, there are enough reflections on life in a condensed form. How many approximately fit in a standard novel, there are just as many of them there. All the required parts seem to be also available.

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