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  1. It's up to you to decide which habits to develop and which ones to get rid of.

    I can write about my habits. I think it's worth developing positive thinking. Bonuses:good mood, self-confidence, a surge of vitality. I also think time management is useful. When I wasn't doing time planning, I was less on time and more lazy. I have fewer of these problems now. I feel like I'm actually using my time more usefully. :- ))) The habit of doing sports/fitness. I'm not a strong fitness fan. But I thought it was good for me. Therefore, I actively fight laziness.: -)))

  2. I highly recommend that you develop the habit of meditating every day. At least for 10 minutes. Meditation improves mood, teaches the brain to be more aware and happy, increases stress tolerance, develops the ability to concentrate, increases immunity, prevents the development of anxiety and depressive disorders, makes us more compassionate and loving.

  3. You have to live a long life, and that means being zhdor. Don't put things off until later. I'm not going to explain it well, so Brian Tracy and his book “Million Dollar Habits” can help you. I strongly advise you to read it.

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