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  1. Well, you “delay” writing a biography…Just every stage of life teaches you to understand yourself, absolutely everyone. It only seems to us that we have finally figured it out. Man is a very complex being with a spirit and a soul. With all that, we are also changing. I would like to write, of course, with benefit and in a shorter way, namely, what stage in life taught what and what helped to understand. I will try. I'll start with my teens. Signed up for the wrestling section. A year later, I realized that patience and hard work would wear everything out. I do not know the ambition( often later you will find out what it was – in 5, or even 20 years). nature or youthful maximalism, aimed me to participate in the Olympic Games. I thought that more than three years would be enough for me, with intensive training. It was surprising, but not humbling, that I was defeated by others no less than I won myself. I didn't go, of course, but I found out that this saying works. Last 2 years at school, I decided to start studying. And then it worked, which surprised all the teachers and students. As a student, I started studying psychology. I decided to leave the sport because of the overload. I dug and dug, but found nothing. Well, there was no literature, except that such attention, etc. Had to leave. Took up philosophy. The topic was suitable and then I already began to make up my theory, or rather one of the aspects of the universe. But when I decided to supplement it with clever and wise words, I went to the regional library. I went every day for six months. Overgrown with books,

    scientists realized that the further into the forest, the more firewood…And it had to be abandoned. Of course, I got a lot of knowledge and experience. In addition, you always gain or lose significantly more than you think. Even in the most intelligent and wise person, the mind is limited and therefore realized that the world is unknowable only with the help of reason. Then he took up spiritual literature. Roerichs, Yoga, Christian and occult literature. The mind and knowledge of course increased, but only after 10-15 years I realized how dangerous it is to read all this. Even many aspects of life changed, but as an atheist, I thought it was accidental. Then the army. For whom the school of life as they say. Now I understand that the school, but bad. One generally changes a lot and the person starts to allow everything. I got into a construction battalion with a higher education. Approximately 30% were Russian “convicts”, the rest were from Central Asia. Therefore, there was no hazing. From the convicts – blatovschina, from the rest of the community. I learned to spin and dodge like a slalom skier. Well, that's a bit from the outside, because I got a job as a medical instructor. In civilian life, teenagers were attracted to engage in sports tourism. There was a school right here. I did not understand why I was carried to the sphere where I did not understand anything and could not? And now I don't understand everything. It means fate. You can't relax on trips with children, but it's good that there are a lot of helpers from young people and adults, even older than me. First there was a club in the basement. From misunderstanding and inability to solve and plug all the holes of a frequently sinking ship, I experienced a lot. It was such a pioneer project. At the same time as the state one. I think that I learned no less than, for example, the regional governor. From experiencing sores closer to psychosomatics. Everyone still tells me, both former schoolchildren and adults who are already old, that this was the main school of life for them. At the same time, he began to study music, studied law, and even the opposite sex. There was someone to go out and get drunk with. Eventually broke down to a real depression( medical or clinical) as they say. I carried on my feet again through tourism, communication, women and realized that you can't overcome everything with your work and success is such a mysterious thing as magic. Not everything can be achieved with your own work. Just because of limited resources. Only those who have learned or received an official opportunity to use other people's resources achieve great results. The music disc still managed to be recorded. The club had to be transferred and turned into an ecological one. It was mainly funded by Americans-Exxon, Mobile, etc. through grants. And the current Trump is said to have left this cohort. Depression on the legs (i.e. out of the hospital) could not be treated yet. ( I also have an answer on this topic here.) He began to be treated with alcohol. Such treatment leads to addiction with double acceleration. I gave myself a taboo on suicide and drugs. And thank God it worked. It is difficult to quit, or rather to be released from addiction, but somehow I was able to. Well, the untreated depresnyak remained. That's when I crawled into a Christian church when things got worse. A charismatic church is just for people like me. About 10 years later, I realized what Christianity is, although it seemed that I immediately began to understand everything. It is useless to read the Bible without listening to sermons. Now I know something about the spiritual world. Now I can compare that books are a theory that certainly helps to understand life by about 10-20 percent. The main thing is practice, circumstances that did not break you, even though they made scars in your soul with excess. If a person like me, and perhaps everyone, does not become a Christian in adulthood, then he will be angry with the whole world and will already begin to wish for a different world. Okay, enough writing letters. You wrote anonymously, but who should I be afraid of? They protect us from above much more than here. Finished…Read Ecclesiastes. Or a video message with an interpretation.

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