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    The question, of course, is from the series ” I was banned from Google, help!”…)

    But my answer, as a systemic behavioral and cognitive therapist, is this.

    Each of us has two basic characteristics: how we see the world and how we react to it. That is , a way of knowing and a way of behaving.

    Psychological portrait, by and large, just describes the ability of a person to comprehend the surrounding reality and interact with it…

    For example, temperament – the only physiologically determined and therefore unchangeable psychological characteristic, the speed and method of excitation and inhibition of the nervous system-divides people into four groups:

    sanguine – takes a long time to understand, interacts quickly ;

    choleric – quickly delves, quickly interacts;

    phlegmatic – takes a long time to understand, interacts for a long time;

    melancholic – quickly digs in, interacts for a long time .

    And so on…

  2. My daughter is in the 8th grade and yesterday also asked this question)

    A psychological portrait is a portrait of a person that can be used to determine their characteristics and skills. The task when writing a psychological portrait is such that, having described the appearance of a person, it is possible to describe his spiritual state and role in society.
    The remaining criteria for creating such portraits are similar to those for regular portraits.

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