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  1. Karim, frivolity is the inability to think about your behavior and the commission/non-performance of actions. A frivolous person does not understand what his behavior and actions can lead to, so he can harm not only others, but also himself. From here follows irresponsibility, since it is impossible to be responsible for something that you have not seriously thought about.

    Frivolous behavior is forgiven for children, since they are not required to behave seriously and deliberately due to their lack of experience. And the older a person is, the more negative their frivolity is evaluated, as it can be dangerous and destructive. A frivolous and irresponsible person can only be called an adult, but cannot be one.

  2. Good afternoon!

    The term “frivolity” refers to a lack of seriousness in a person's behavior or actions, or superficiality. A typical reaction to frivolity is concern, distrust, contempt, and rejection.

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