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  1. I am the sum of your current life experience. I am constantly changing. In the mind, networks of connections are formed in the course of life. The decisions you make are determined by what connections are relevant in your mind. If you like pears more than apples, then the connection with pears is stronger in your mind than with apples, and next time you are more likely to choose a pear. How are these connections formed? In the process of living, you gain new experiences and compare them with past experiences. When you were first born, you had a pure Self, a basic set of innate predispositions. You were able to breathe, eat, shout, etc. Then, you started getting a new experience. For example, that mom is good, it's warm and delicious. The foundation of a new network was formed in my mind. You grow up and they start to teach you, for example, your mother says that you should wash your hands before eating. In your mind, this new experience runs through the foundation of the network (mom is good) and makes up a new network (washing your hands is good). Gradually, these networks become more complex, new people appear, new opinions appear, harmful and useful events occur that affect and change the networks in the mind. As a result, you have a value system defined by all the events that have occurred. In addition to the fact that the Ego is affected by external phenomena, there is also an internal work with connections inside the mind. A person constantly checks what is still important to him and what is no longer important. Therefore, I also change because of internal reasons. Many decisions are made unconsciously. That is, a person makes a decision and acts faster than he has time to realize his choice. Therefore, it is useful to train your mind so that useful connections are preserved in the mind, and harmful ones do not arise. I am amenable to training. A person can consciously work with their mind, live in harmony with the world, and be happier.

  2. Let's take it in order.

    Is that what I think I am?

    I may think wrongly of myself, just as talented people often think they're worthless. And sometimes I don't think anything of myself at all, but still, I don't stop being.

    Is this who I want to be?

    I can want to be anything, but wanting is a speculative desire, and it doesn't affect who I am.

    Is this what others think of me?

    Others may think I'm being generous because I'm donating money, but I'm actually laundering it through a charitable foundation.

    Other people's opinions may also be wrong. How can anyone know who I am better than I do?

    Do I know myself through another person?

    Yes, I can know myself in comparison (we do this all the time). He's tall, but I'm not. She's fat and I'm skinny. He's well-read, and I don't like books.

    But, again, even if there are no other people around, my awareness that “I am” does not disappear.

    It turns out that I am something more than the thoughts of others, my own thoughts, my desires and comparisons.

    I am something beyond that, if neither the thoughts nor the opinions of others can fully describe it.

    Here I have provided resources that will help you find the answer.

  3. What is I?

    Difficult question. Because “I” is not just one thing – it is the product of many factors.

    Is that what I think about myself?

    By about 5%. Very conditional.

    Is this who I want to be?

    About 2%, very conditional.

    Is this what others think of me?

    Somewhere by 0.1%, very conditional.

    And “I” is also how we were raised, our subconscious, our habits, our stereotypes, our worldview, our experience, and much more.

    Do I know myself through another person?

    To some extent, yes, but it is impossible to know yourself just by interacting with another person. We have many different facets in our minds. You can deal with one of them in this way, but you can't deal with the others.
    Poetically speaking, a person knows himself in all the manifestations of his life.

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