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  1. As bonalish as it sounds, for me, kindness is when you give what you need yourself. Do not leave in trouble, and ready to help. When you realize that your kindness is being used, you think: “Let them use it, if it makes them even a little happier, then I will only be happy =)”

  2. This is an abstract concept that includes a set of certain qualities of a person. The list of these qualities is subjective, for everyone kindness is something different, however, there are some basic qualities that most people put into this concept, for example, friendliness and attention to other people. Due to the fact that this concept is too inaccurate and serves, rather, as a guide in dividing the world into black and white, it is practically not used by adults. Mature people use “I like it – I don't like it” instead of the “good – evil” picture, realizing that all a person's ideas about the world are actually based on their personal preferences.

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