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  1. A few years ago, I tried to formulate what “personal development” is (well, or “personal growth”, or those words that are in your question).

    It turned out to be a whole webinar.

    These are the “Main existing Directions”, as I understand them.�

    1. Spiritual development. – Esotericism-mysticism-religion. Hello, Teacher!�

    2. Harmony. – Between parts, different levels of your personality. Psychodynamics, psychosynthesis, gestalt, etc.�

    3. Adaptation. – Social success. To be a successful member of the society in terms of its criteria. Focus on attitudes and skills.

    4. Maximum life – achieving ambitious personal goals in society. This is not an adaptation: goals are associated with active activity in society, but they can either coincide or completely disagree with the “generally accepted” criteria for success.


    All this can be combined.

    “Pitfall”: in practice, the emphasis on #1,2 often directly competes with # 3,4.

    – If you are curious, write the address, I will reset the presentation. If not, it's fine)

  2. This is a conscious process that a person carries out without any external support, using only their moral and physical resources in order to improve their potential and realize themselves as a person.

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