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  1. For me, self-development is, first of all, the position of a researcher of my own life.

    When I take the position of a researcher of my own life, I get out of the flow of experiences and look at them as if from the side, from a reflexive position. This allows me to see some typical patterns and automatisms in my behavior, those “buttons”that circumstances and interaction with other people click on. I can determine my attitude to these automatisms: do I like them? Do I want to continue like this? And if I understand that I don't, don't like it, don't want to live like this “on autopilot”, I start looking for ways to “dismantle the button”, replace automatic response to conscious decisions and actions, and build new habits. I go on an information search, choose the techniques and tactics of change that are suitable for me, then try to integrate them into my life — and watch how changing part of the system changes the whole system. I get new knowledge, new habits that help me act in accordance with my values.

    I don't try to bring myself into line with someone else's standards and ideals. It's important for me to define (…and redefine sometimes) my own. I start moving from where I am now, building on what I have. This movement will never end (or at least it will continue as long as I can maintain my awareness).

  2. Self-development is when you honestly admit to yourself your shortcomings and work on them. Disadvantages in any field. For example, in the character – lies or gossip. Any change for the better begins with an admission that this is the case. And then you need to track your behavior and change it step by step until you can break the habit of lying/gossiping. Shortcomings in the field of education. So you thought about it and came to the conclusion that somewhere there is a lack of knowledge in the professional field, in some area of it-you go to courses/watch videos/study with a tutor. I also refer working on my body to self-development. Being healthy is just as important as being an interesting person. Everything is clear here. For example, if you have extra pounds – nutrition adjustment + gym classes/running/swimming, etc.�

    For everyone (absolutely everyone!) a person has many areas where he can improve the situation. And the main thing is to do a little every day, the key to success here is regularity. We did a 20-minute exercise session – this is already a big progress (if you've never done it before). We watched 2 video tutorials, restrained ourselves when I wanted to gossip – these are all small bricks that make up self-improvement.

  3. Self-development is a word that does not indicate actions that lead a person to complete mindfulness.

    Mindfulness will allow a Person to almost completely eliminate obsessive thoughts, internal conversations with himself, empty dreams, unnecessary memories, that is, it will allow a Person to control his own mind, and not go along with it.

    Mindfulness will allow a Person to become more responsive, compassionate, and sensitive.

    Mindfulness will allow a Person to learn faster and better, remember, and see the relationship of cause-and-effect events.

    Mindfulness will allow a person not to react to stimuli, but to reflect and reflect on the best response to this particular stimulus, and not a similar one that has been encountered before.

    Mindfulness will allow you to rest your soul more and enjoy Life by performing only the necessary part of the work that is necessary.

  4. The word self-development does not quite reflect the desire of a person, and I would use the word improvement. The perfecting person recognizes the body, soul, and spirit equally, and pays tribute to each of them. Neglecting something is a mistake that should be corrected in due course. “You can't change your life overnight. But overnight, you can change the thoughts that will change your life forever.” To learn is to grow, to grow is to change. With respect.

  5. Hi!

    Self-development is understood as the desire to develop in any field (not necessarily scientific), without resorting to the help of experienced teachers or teachers. People who are engaged in self-development are ready to recognize their own shortcomings and correct them on their own, achieving success in what they did not succeed in before.

  6. It's like a computer strategy game. You need to go through the levels of self-improvement of the soul and spirit until you fully mature into a perfect person in order to pass into eternal life. It is difficult – that is why so much has been said about it since before historical materialism. At the same time, it does not even occur to anyone that matter itself is historical. That is, there was a time when there was no matter-according to the nefarious big bang theory.

  7. I don't want to go too deep, but self – development is the pursuit of a better version of yourself. This is when you take and work on yourself, develop. Not somewhere in the school / institute, but myself. I decided to study philosophy myself, started studying psychology myself, and then achieved very high achievements. By myself, all by myself.

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