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  1. The meaning of amor fati is not to suffer when it is not necessary. Not always necessary.

    Imagine the situation – you want to buy yourself a cool Porsche, but you don't have the money for it. Is there any need to sit around and suffer because you don't have them? If they don't exist, then you just accept the idea that you don't have a Porsche and won't have one, and go do other things. If you can, for example, earn them – you go and work, again, without wasting time on dissatisfaction with your bitter fate that this money did not fall from the sky to you.

    Following the same logic, you can find positive notes in what happens to you. No Porsche? No need to worry that it will be stolen, that it will have to spend exorbitant amounts on its maintenance. You can buy a kia rio that will take you anywhere, and you will have all the same things for much less money and spent nerve cells.

    And as for not accepting your fate – you are quite free not to accept your fate, but following the logic of amor fati, you will simply suffer for nothing. If you want to change something, change it; if you don't want to or can't, don't change it. If you follow the amor fati concept, you are ok anyway.

  2. Amor fati is not about determinism at all. If everything around you is random and chaotic, you should still happily accept your fate [according to this concept].

    A very good illustration of this principle is the scene from The Captive of the Caucasus: https://youtu.be/3f1FKbxqzE4

    There, the Stooge and the Experienced accept their fate, but the Coward does not.

  3. In fact, determinism and freedom of choice get along well. The world is deterministic as a Matrix of many possibilities, on which each of us, as it were, is “assigned” to one. Rules of the Game – I do not start MY LINE in full, with deviations. There is already a freedom of choice – to accept or not to accept. Not accepting – I suffer, I reject, but I submit, simply, not effectively. Having accepted, I stop suffering, effectively obey, extracting everything I can, and ….it also opens up the freedom to choose whether to stay within the line, or, relying on it, go further.

    Yes, the world is deterministic, but we have the freedom to choose how to use it. If we are synergistic, adequate, then we are happy.

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