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  1. In addition to the above, it can be a reaction to stress or depression. Reality is so depressing that the brain tells itself: “relax – you're dreaming.” This happens with some very frightening events. Maybe vice versa, everything is so dull and monotonous that it seems like a viscous boring dream. Relaxation and positive impressions, pleasant things that you are involved in can take a little out of this state.

  2. Perhaps you are referring to something called derealization. A condition in which the perception of the surrounding world is severely disrupted. It can occur in certain pathologies of the brain, mental disorders (not considered as a separate mental disorder, but rather as a symptom or as a neurotic disorder), and drug use.

    At the same time, the surrounding world seems very remote. A person experiencing a state of derealization may”freeze” a little: not to hear what is being said to him, not to understand very well where he is, the flow of time disappears, it seems to freeze and the picture stops or moves in some slow motion. It is advisable in such cases not to put pressure on the person, trying to find out what is happening, but just to stay close and make sure that the person does not become completely ill (the condition can vary in duration, it could take a minute for me personally, it may last longer).

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