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  1. In short, the effect when a person thinks that he is leaving the body is described by research in the field of neuroscience, starting from the 20th century, there is nothing supernatural here.

    Studies confirm the key role of the temporal-parietal node in this process, but the anterior cingulate cortex, prefrontal cortex, part of the medial surface of the cerebral hemisphere (preclinium), postcentral gyrus, insular cortex, and upper parietal lobule also play a role in processing information leading to this condition.

    So, this condition is possible with a violation of the brain or electrical stimulation of a certain part of the brain.


  2. Getting out of the body is a manifestation of psychic abilities. Even if it cannot be seen from the outside, it is always possible to conduct an experiment with obtaining some information that was not reliably known to the subject at the time of falling asleep. Or here is an experiment with falling asleep in a Faraday cage, which supposedly prevents the exit from the body, as described in the book by Robert Monroe. In general, a real exit from the body implies the possibility of a person receiving some information from the outside world with the help of psychic abilities. And the fact of this receipt can be verified, including: with the help of a double-blind experiment prepared according to all the canons of scientific work.

    Twenty years ago, James Randy established a million-dollar prize for anyone who convincingly demonstrates mastery of any kind of psychic ability.

    If getting out of the body is really possible, and an ordinary person can easily learn it (and there are many thousands of people who claim to be able to do it), then it is not clear why there are not thousands of queues for the James Randy Award.:)

  3. Unfortunately, in a number of bioenergetic practices (yoga, qigong, etc.), there is an idea of “getting out of the body”. Probably, the author of the previous answer deliberately ignored this fact, focusing on a purely medical interpretation.

    Of course, you can literally” leave the body ” only in one case – but then it is completely unknown (at least to science) WHAT leaves the body. For “soul” can be understood as a set of knowledge and emotions, that is, a certain (for many abstract) information state. But, on the other hand, some part of this information can be stored materially – in everyday objects, culture, on various kinds of physical media (I mean not only books and computer media, but also any other, up to the Akashic chronicles). However, this stored information is not identified with the soul.

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