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  1. The Joker's philosophy is quite simple – in a world that tries to live by the rules, there are really no rules. A civilized society is an illusion, in some ways it is the same “matrix” that we saw in the film of the same name.

    His character, despite all the canonicity, is a collective image of all the most insane, criminal, cruel and, at the same time, true in our world.

    In fact, the audience is informed about this even in the film's slogan: “Welcome to the world of Chaos!”. In general, Christopher Nolan managed to make a brilliant movie that absorbed so many different references, Easter eggs and philosophical meanings that you are right amazed.

    And now, let's remember the quotes related to the Joker together:

    1. “I believe that what doesn't kill you makes you weirder…”

    2. “<…> There are types that operate outside of all logic. They cannot be bribed, intimidated, negotiated, or compromised. These people dream of seeing the world on fire. ” (c) Alfred Pennyworth

    3. “For them (people) you're just crazy. Like me. They need you now, but if they get tired of you, they'll throw you out like a leper. Their principles, their code, are just words that are forgotten at the first sign of danger. They are what the world allows them to be. I'll show you. When things get bad, these “civilized people” will eat each other up. I'm not a monster, I can see right through them.”

    4. The only sensible way to live in this world is to live without rules.” (C) Joker

    5. “Do you want to know why I use a knife? The gun is too fast, you don't have time to enjoy, get pleasure. And more. You know, at this very last moment, the true nature of a person is revealed. So, in a way, I knew your friends a lot better than you did. Do you want to know which one of them was the coward?”

    6. “Do I look like someone who has a plan?! You know who I am? I'm a dog running after a car, I wouldn't know what to do if I caught up. So I just do it. The mafia has a plan. The police have a plan. Gordon has plans. They are planners. Planners try to control their own small worlds. I'm not a planner. I'm trying to show them how pathetic their attempts to control everything are.“(c) The Joker

    Here, of course, the Joker is lying, he is also an excellent planner 😀

    1. “You know what I noticed? No one panics when everything goes according to plan. Even if the plan is monstrous! If I tell the press tomorrow that one of the gang members will be shot dead if a truck of soldiers blows up , there will be no panic. Because it's all part of the plan. But when I say that some pathetic mayor is going to die, everyone suddenly loses their heads!! Just a little bit of anarchy, a violation of the established order and everything around is thrown into Chaos! I am the bearer of Chaos.”

    2. “I took the White Knight of Gotham and brought him down to our level. It was simple. Insanity, you know, is like gravity. You just need a little push…“(c) The Joker

    That's something like it, friends.

  2. The joker in this film is a hidden real hero who single-handedly destroyed crime in the city, questioned the authority of the ruling elite and instilled humanity in people

  3. There is a lot of pathos in this character, but..

    1) Those who “don't play by the rules” already adhere to this rule.
    “Don't play by the rules” is also a rule. It simply excludes some of the same rules and gives free rein to the imagination, and this is the algorithm of actions.

    If you thoughtlessly apply such an algorithm of actions in everyday life, then the paramedics will take you away, but not because you are such a brilliant criminal and keep Gotham at bay, but because you hammer nails with a microscope.

    2) If this character entered the game and if his philosophy is really worth something, then he should have won.
    However, he lost, and repeatedly: people did not blow up the ships, he ended up in prison, Harvey Dent's change of shoes went unnoticed. �

    This is an epic fail, considering that the Joker started this game. He started f*cking out and got hurt by his f * cks.

    This character is quoted and idealized by people without even the rudiments of logic in their heads.

    Finally 153 bloopers of the movie:


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