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  1. Hello! )

    The question is interesting, but first I want to make one explanation, in the form of another question.

    And should the desire indicated in the question be mandatory-to learn, develop, and achieve?

    For example, the animal world has no desire to achieve anything, and quite pleasantly exists. We know that there are some tribes that are also happy in the absence of these desires. And if we continue the analogy, then there are millions of people in the world who lead the most ordinary life-bodily. They have brains, of course, and they can even read, but that doesn't make them any different from the ancient tribes.

    It is known that the desire to achieve and develop is a person's desire that creates additional interest in life. But at the same time, it adds anxiety and fear that the goal may not be achieved.

    For example, the famous psychologist Labkovsky in his speeches said that he considers a strong desire to achieve something – a property of the psyche, which is based on anxiety. If a person wants to DEVELOP, then he does not consider himself perfect. Therefore, he does not love himself and does not accept himself as he is.

    On the one hand, man should not be like animals that live without any desire for anything but instinctive ones.

    On the other hand, excessive striving makes a person neurotic. He ceases to enjoy life.

    In this case, the question can be answered as follows: in order to avoid neurosis and live for your own pleasure, a person sometimes needs to stop chasing some goals.

  2. Hello. Because the world is dominated by the ideology of consumption. Now, when you ask 12-year-olds who you want to go to work later, they say:”Nobody. I'll make money on YouTube.”
    People need to be full, drunk, happy, warm and dry here and now. And so as not to strain too much, because laziness. The amount of information needed for some minimal functioning in society will be served to them in a chewed form from the Internet, TV. What a spiritual life there is! What kind of self-development is there! They don't even think about it.

  3. It seems to me that it is better to put the question differently: what is the reason for people's desire to develop, to achieve something more in life?

    At the moment, for many people, all the problems that we lived with most of the time are completely solved. Death from starvation, cold, plague, predators, war, etc. At the moment, a person who lives in Russia (we will consider our country) is more likely not to face any of these problems. Our problems look more like this – we would like better food, a good rest, better clothes, a good car, an apartment in a decent area, and so on. All these desires do not directly affect our life, respectively, a person will be alive and well-fed both in an apartment of 20 meters and in a 100-meter one. It will be protected from the cold by clothing from the market, H&M or Tommy Hilfiger. In any case, it will be a matter of desire rather than survival.

    Therefore, to answer your question-Why should a person develop and achieve something more in life, if in general all his needs are met? Now, for a very reasonable price, anyone gets access to the Internet with hundreds of thousands of entertainment content, TV shows and movies. Calories are available to everyone in any quantity, and we struggle more with obesity than with hunger. So, for example, I am more interested in the opposite question – why do we want to develop when we have everything that people have been striving for thousands of years before with blood and sweat))

  4. Fear of failure and responsibility for their actions to themselves and others, when failures can not be pushed to someone else. And the more you achieve, the brighter you shine, the shortcomings can be seen, it's scary to rejoice in defeat. And you can live mediocre, like everyone else, look at others, gloat.

  5. Perhaps the answer to your question lies on the surface.
    There is no desire for self-development – there is no incentive, no goal, no such need, then why bother.
    Laziness is the engine of progress. Only the person who is constantly dissatisfied with something, lacks something, or vice versa, in excess-will develop in order to satisfy their “selfish” desires (needs, etc.).
    I hope that my answer is useful to you

  6. A school can and should solve a very simple problem –

    make absolutely everyone much more successful and active,

    but the school has never done this and is not going to do it…

  7. We all inherit a genetic set. Which determines the dominant mode of existence. Like playing cards with a fool. Which ones were distributed with these and play.

    In man there is an animal-man. And the Mind is from the Lord. Soul. How much the genetic alignment enslaves the Mind and nails it to the animal-human level. So much so, and in such qualities, is the individual enslaved to the animal with its sets of instincts.

    And such qualities of the Mind as curiosity and anxiety, the ability to remember, mobility can partially, or even almost completely, be covered-overlapped with similar abilities from the human-animal set that is dominant due to the genetic alignment.

    That is, as Mayakovsky said: We are all a bit of a horse.

    There is an extreme case, they say that: Well, I was born an animal. What you will do. Or another: It lives by its instincts. And they say about druih: the talent burned up and flew to the Lord. It's like two extremes. Opposites.

    The trick is that both innate and “acquired” demons of varying degrees of malice and stupidity participate in this set. Who hate the Lord and all that is of him and connected with him. We will never understand them, because they are of a different nature from Us, Mind-Soul.

    Hence the sometimes monstrous cruelty that animals are not capable of. Why do they say: “Not even an animal.”

    In short, the Mind-Soul from the Lord is “opposed” by a fairly large army, which can be called anything and a bow on the side that is almost or not necessary at all, or even hostile. But this is a different and bigger topic. Laws of the immaterial.

  8. Sometimes this is due to the “greenhouse conditions” in which a person is placed, then there is no incentive to develop. And why? Parents/relatives/husband will give money, if necessary, solve problems and resolve conflicts. Development exists where there is dissatisfaction with life, where it is necessary to adapt to a changing situation, to break through difficulties. If these difficulties are eliminated by someone else, there is no place to develop and there is no need.

  9. We all develop in one way or another. Life never stands still. It's just that the forms of this development are so diverse and sometimes bizarre that it's actually difficult to call it development (but it is).

    Finding a position where scratching your belly while watching football is most effective is another step forward.

    Think about it)

    1. This is difficult and energy-consuming.

    2. Different starting conditions.

    3. Features of the worldview.

    This item is the most interesting. The fact is that the more a person grows and develops, the less they want to be “successful”. The reverse is also true.

  10. Interesting question. However, a logical question arises – what is the reason for a person's desire to endlessly learn, develop and achieve something more?

    So, the endless movement forward is most likely a consequence of a person's dissatisfaction with himself. And from this, dissatisfaction with everything else is born – the place of residence, country, clothes, home, environment, etc.

    A person in this race does not have time to communicate with people close and dear to him. Don't have time to enjoy the night sky and leaf fall. He doesn't have time to just sit and look at the water…

    However, there are people who are completely satisfied with their lives. They go to work, have lunch, and spend evenings with their children and family. Meet up with friends, go fishing, watch TV.

    They are happy. Everything is enough for them. Enough.

    They have achieved harmony in their lives. It's great.

    This is the answer to the question: what is the reason for the reluctance to learn and develop?

    These people are already self-sufficient. They don't need to read a few more books to feel smart or happy. They already have it.

    And what does it mean to “achieve more”?

    These people achieve more every day: at the harvest, at the loom, with a pointer at the board, with a broom, making their area cleaner.

    They don't need more than that. They've had enough.

  11. This question cannot be adequately answered. Because it's not a question, it's a statement, and it's a false statement.

    1. Unwillingness of the majority — the author personally interviewed the majority?

    2. Unwillingness to learn — learn what? Unwillingness or impossibility? In order to learn something, conditions are necessary, and the first is the availability of free financially secured time. Given the fact that less than 10% of Russians are paid at least the cost of labor, and the rest are much lower, and are forced not so much to live as to survive, and with difficulty to survive, the very formulation of such a question looks meaningless. The second condition is the availability of the necessary literature, a teacher who will lead the study of the subject, and, finally, a clear and proven understanding of the usefulness of studying this subject.

    3. Unwillingness to achieve something more in your life. What? More money? More knowledge? More than what? Find at least one person who did not have such aspirations at least in his youth, and then — a question of conditions.

    Conclusion: the author just paraphrased one of the false bourgeois myths that say that success is achieved only by a select few who have some special abilities and aspirations, and the rest of humanity is a gray mass that does not strive anywhere and is worthless. As the poet said: we all look at the Napoleons, millions of bipedal creatures are one tool for us…. Neither this myth nor its reworking into question has anything to do with reality.

  12. Interestingly, I regularly ask the same question myself. And not only to yourself, but also to your friends or acquaintances.
    The answers were different and I will briefly list them. Well, just the very meaning of long sentences:
    1. Blame the school that teaches an outdated program.
    2. YouTube and TikTok are to blame, because a very large number of children now, as soon as they get a mobile phone, immediately get an additional dream – to become a cool blogger, shoot a “cool video” and collect a bunch of likes.
    3. Teenagers successfully use not so many applications to do everything that is necessary, whether it is necessary or not (I mean ordering food, calling a taxi, delivering by courier, in general, any product from any store.

    These are three opinions that I immediately remembered, then started to think about it and decided to finish, otherwise writing the answer will take too long.

    In principle, I support the third option, because I have before my eyes my husband's brother, who goes to the store only if there are no cigarettes and he has no way out, because no one in the apartment has cigarettes. In other cases, they order everything by courier delivery : groceries, household chemicals, ready-made food from restaurants and cafes, clothing, shoes, and accessories.
    A teenager, the daughter of a 16-year-old friend, once told me that she didn't have to. If she finds a video on YouTube and does what she likes, or calls the wizard and buys it.
    Therefore, the amount of knowledge that she receives is quite enough for her.

    I would say this: everyone is used to the fact that there is “OK, Google!”, or any other assistant and do not consider it necessary for themselves to find out any information in advance. If you need it, the Internet is at hand. In extreme cases, you can hire specially trained people

  13. Here everything is very simple, compare our Soviet Union what was the ideology, examples and now, then it was not just fashionable or honorable to study, then there was a cult of education in the whole country and for quite a long time, but with the advent of democracy absolutely everything changed , and most especially young people do not understand why they study if I pressed 2 buttons on a smartphone,

  14. it's all the brain's fault. The brain is a lazy human organ. Not only does it consume most of the body's energy, but it also looks for the easiest ways to solve problems. Of course, this was good during the Stone Age, but now it is extremely impractical. therefore, people have a lot of prejudices, stereotypes and there is a reluctance to learn.
    And now is the time for clip thinking. It is difficult to concentrate on one thing for a long time due to the appearance of social networks and other buns

  15. I will partially supplement the answers. For many of my friends who have stopped searching for themselves, have lost the desire to learn new things, they call the lack of meaning the main cause.
    It seems to me that this is also connected with the inability to look ahead to the future. It's fine now, but we'll wait and see what happens later. Until, as they say, the “Fried Rooster” bites, nothing is done by it and so well.

  16. The reluctance may be due to a person's lack of Ego. You will have no ambition when the past and future no longer matter, and there is only the present, which you spend on contemplation. But in most cases, reluctance occurs when life moves in a vicious circle. A person gets used to his rhythm of life, work, home, household needs, creates the effect of “squirrels in the wheel”. And finally, the third option of unwillingness, when a person has achieved everything, learned a lot, what he wanted to do, wherever he wanted to go, he just enjoys life, gets pleasure from it.

  17. With psychological inertia. Now the level of creativity (TV) decreases after 10-12 years. It is sinking below zero, to actively counteract development, by the age of 22-25. Clearly in the picture with the Ribot curve in the last century, and its estimates in the current one.

  18. Many people have learned and achieved something more, but will the director be able to reach heights without inconspicuous employees? A pilot can't fly without the people who do the maintenance, we all contribute to the community.

    But without moral education of oneself and children, a person will degrade and lead to the decline of even the most intelligent. This can be seen in the example of the wise King Solomon. Moral education-light!!!👌

  19. And who said that people do not have the desire to learn and rozvivats. I will say even more that every person has a wild desire to learn and improve svay navaki. He doesn't like the form in which it is presented to him.

  20. It's all about priorities. It's much easier to sit around and do nothing. Many people need to relax in their free time, and some people want to climb the career ladder. The “ceiling of opportunities” is different for everyone, and no one knows how high it is.

  21. I used to play the piano as a child. But when I was 13, I thought, ” What good is my skill if I die sooner or later?” My mother always said that you need to study well, get a higher education in Moscow, get married successfully, and have children… And I have one question in my head: “Why?” My thoughts boiled down to why I need all this, if people are sick, suffer and I and my children will not be an exception. And this is inevitable no matter how rich, talented, or successful you are. Therefore, I had no desire to develop and achieve something more.

    Now my views have changed, I have learned that humanity, and even I personally, have an eternal future. Therefore, I try to continue developing my personal and professional qualities, and help my children look forward to the future with confidence.

  22. On the one hand… Even those who do not develop and do not learn, who did not make such a decision, actually made a different decision – not to develop and not to learn. And this decision is justified by some position, for example, a person does not have such a goal, according to which he needs to develop and learn in order to achieve it. And if there is no goal, then why actually try that? For what…

    On the other hand… Even someone who doesn't develop in one thing, such as a career, actually develops in something else, such as the ability to write VKontakte posts, who knows? We can't help but develop if we do something all the time, and we can't help but do something, even if we just lie down and think, there is some activity in the neurons…

    Or maybe a person on the way to this MORE does not see any other way how to infringe on others, and he does not want to do this. I don't want to fight, compete, go over the heads, push out, get ahead of someone… And another way does not come to his mind, perhaps because of his lack of understanding of how else to act that… And perhaps the circle of people is not the same nearby, or a person does not have examples of whom to look up to and who to be inspired by. Well, there can be many different reasons in fact. We can call such people losers without understanding the essence of this phenomenon…. But then, in this case, how will we ourselves differ from those blinded people, those clumsy and stereotypical thinkers, whom we criticize as idlers and losers?

  23. This happens to those who do not have knowledge as a priority. It also depends on the environment: no one is developing around you, and you will not strive for knowledge and search for answers. “Tell me who your friend is, and I'll tell you who you are.” You can't speak for everyone on this issue: not everyone goes to the gym, not everyone diets themselves, and not everyone is completely atheist and vegan.

    Here's how young people still think: the main thing is to have a crust. This commitment takes away vital energy, and not everyone has it left for self-development.

    Then comes the low level of spirituality. It's nice to degrade.

    If you start getting rich,you'll start thinking. A person will feel lonely in a society with different views. Who likes this? Therefore, it is easier not to worry, and during a smoke break to discuss with relatives the opposite sex, everyday problems, ancestors and new products on the market.

    This opinion was formed from conversations and observations.

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