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  1. Under the threat of destruction from the outside, humanity will forget old grievances, rally together, and eventually good will overcome evil. The energy that we spend on weapons, we will spend on science and the study of the universe. Commodity-money relations will disappear. Then we will build giant spaceships and spend several generations exploring and mastering the vastness of space. By this time, we will have lived for an average of one hundred and fifty years and overcome all diseases.

  2. In principle, humanity cannot expect anything good. If we take the existence of our planet for 24 hours, then a person lives in time for about 1 second. It's nothing.�
    He is waiting for the same thing as all living things before him-a slow and certain extinction. Perhaps there are some other alternatives, but given the climate changes on Earth and possible collisions with meteorites and other objects, they are illusory.

  3. Humanity will get rid of the biological shell, “move to other memory carriers (a person in modern terms is a memory), and eventually “move to an electromagnetic or other field (quite a material one – there is no” soul”). Of course, the “ray people” will be immortal ( and in case of death in a “black hole” – they have copies), move at a speed close to light,� will be able to influence objects of the universe in any way-for example, move галакти galaxies, knowing the key points and methods of influencing anything, because knowledge is power.( This is how one intelligent savage can defeat a herd of mammoths by scaring the leader with a torch and sending the herd into the abyss.) The only “money” and material value “they” will have is energy, for which there will be a struggle. Cognition and expansion are limitless by definition. BUT!� You are unlikely to be happy if you become a forcibly immortal, and you probably wouldn't like� living in such a world. “They” will have a completely different ethics, psychology, and scale of values.� we just don't understand each other. Perhaps you will consider “them” to be complete “scoundrels” by our standards… No one has abolished the laws of Nature, and natural selection will also prevail among these superhumans, and it is not a fact that the ideas of humanism will win in their hearts.”For example, K. E. Tsiolkovsky” suggested in his scientific works that for the sake of a bright future from superhumans “urgently now”physically exterminate “all” Negroes”, Indians and other”non – humans”, as well as useless old people, and all animals(when they are no longer needed-there will be artificial food) in the meat grinders of instant action (“painless”) invented by him… So,I believe that love, self-sacrifice, spirituality are all the lot of mortal weak beings, that is, you and I.

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