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  1. Don't think you're special.

    You were born just like everyone else.

    You look just like everyone else.

    Everything inside you is the same as everyone else's.

    Your brain is built like everyone else's and works like everyone else's.

    You feel the same as everyone else.

    You live in the same conditions.

    The world won't work any differently for you.

    The only thing that you have your own is the choice of what you will do with it all.

  2. I often think: “I wish I could go back to my 17 years and change a lot of things.” And you have a great chance not to make mistakes,at least mine.

    The first thing to do is not to get attached to people. It creates the illusion that you will spend most of your life with many people around you,but this is not the case. Many will leave, and when you look back,you will realize that you wasted your time and went through life with the wrong people. Do not tell all the most personal and intimate things, otherwise you will regret later that the people who left your life know your most intimate secrets.

    In life, the biggest disappointment is created by people and the best advice I've been given and follow is “don't be charmed so you don't get disappointed.”

    Go through life with those who approve of your worldview. Who supports your initiatives and concepts.

    Find a job you like or go about your own business. At the age of 17, you can simply gain experience by working part-time and earning money. But over the years you will come to the conclusion that it is better to do what you like.

    And the most important thing that I can advise you to do is spend more time with your parents,as you will realize in adulthood that they are often right, even in the smallest details ( put on a hat, it's cold outside). With age, everyone begins to love comfort and warmth, so always take care of your health.

    My answer may seem strange,but I think I can give such advice. I made a lot of mistakes and now I regret it. And every day I dream of going back to my 17 years and changing everything,but it won't happen. I can fix it now,but it's fucking hard.

    Love the world, nature and people, no matter how they treat you. Life is the most beautiful thing you have. It is very important to understand this at the age of 17. Help everyone you can,that's fine too.

  3. Well, you can, for starters
    -paint your teeth with green paint
    – have a dozen chickens in your apartment
    – open a gay club in Chechnya
    – change your name to 74&0.5

    … and so on…

    And even better, Matvey, to define more specifically what you want, because all these “yanetakoykakbolshinstvolyudey” nothing but a smile and sarcasm do not cause.

  4. 2 things — understand if you want to die at 35 and whether you need to hurry

    No one in the world can make you do anything you don't want to do.�

    You've just spent 11 years without a choice to make, and chances are good that the last few of them you were nervous and panicked, just like your loved ones. Understand that this is not normal.

    If you want something unusual, then you are not sure what you want, so you need time to think.�

    After finishing school, understand that no one will force you to continue studying. Don't go straight to the university or sharaga if you don't want to-you can travel, work, volunteer, because there are thousands of places where you can do this

    Clear your head, but don't fit into stories that are hard to get out of — you can stop volunteering, but you can't escape the army.�

    And keep doing it until you figure out what you want next

    No one will judge you if you start your first year at 20-22, and if they do, you probably won't care about it, you'll know what you want from life, because it will be your choice.

    And this will distinguish you from most adults: from depressed teachers and students who don't understand where they are, downtrodden clerks and workers who work because they have to, professionals who hate their professions.�

    Unlike them, you will know why you are where you are.

  5. The sooner you figure out what you like, the better. Sounds easy, right? It's easy if you like, for example, to take pictures or run. And if you like working in Excel? Or, for example, copywriting?�

    It can be difficult to find something to connect your life with, what profession – you still have to work, you want to eat something. I'm still searching, although the search area narrows with each passing month.�

    It's also very useful to be friends with people – it's more fun than not being friends with them.�

    Don't rush to get an office job if you don't feel pressured at all (or it won't be your dream office)�

    The rest, probably, will be said without me

  6. If you don't want to, don't live like this.

    who's stopping you?) most adults live the way they do, not because they were FORCED to, but because they decided to. (or because it's easier than anything else)

    You can go to conquer the Far East, or go to India to be a downshifter.

    you can become a street musician, freelancer, but I don't know.. porn actor.

    no one forces you to go to the office and stay there from 8 to 5.

    Naturally, all non-traditional ways will require confidence, desire, initiative, and the ability to communicate with people( if this is a contact life and not a hermit's life).

    In short, everything is in your hands.

  7. Collect all your savings, buy yourself some equipment, learn how to build halabudas out of shit and sticks, and build bonfires. Then go to the forest and PROFIT. Better yet, just read the other answers…

  8. I'm only 23, but I can make faces and swing rocks.�

    We're always in a hurry, and hell, I don't think that's true. Most people talk about the future, goals, priorities, and directions. I think it's worth stopping for a couple of minutes, it seems to me that running in the wheel is still an upcoming entertainment. I bet you'll get tired of it before long. For the most part, I mention the stopcock only to understand one simple thing: we are on the verge of something big.�

    And it may sound naive, but I'm not talking about something global. This is something that can be grandiose only for a particular person and, as it seems to me, this is the only thing that matters. After all, you can only touch something that will bring pleasure all your life. That is why you need to experience as many things around you as possible, to absorb the beauty of the simplicity of the world around you. After all, it contains a huge layer of answers that excites everyone.

    After all, often everything is the will of chance or pleasant nostalgia. This is an unfamiliar curl in the draught of underground subway pipes, this is a late trip to the night hypermarket in torn house pants and a favorite song. Yes, even that piece of sky that always seems to be the same when you hate walking your favorite dog. Or, for example, after leaving your home, but returning to visit, you will imperceptibly fall in love with the predictable draft around the corner of the house and already automatically turn your head towards the kitchen in search of the residents you left here.

    All these little things can tell you what to do next and do not underestimate them. Do not run after someone in a hurry. Or believe what is so often and loudly talked about in the offices. Be unbiased and independent in what you believe-even if you are wrong. That is why you should not abuse the phrase: “I think so,” but hearing it is also valuable. Changing something for yourself is a galactic success and nothing that this very galaxy doesn't care about.

    I think so.

  9. The best advice is not to listen to anyone's advice; do what only you want, and learn only from your mistakes.

    Ah, well, don't give a loan yet

  10. I would advise you to be more concerned with how you want to live your life, rather than how you don't want to. Because living “not like most adults” is quite simple, but on this path you can easily earn mental disorders, addictions, a tendency to crime and self-destruction, and other antisocial features. And it will all be quite unusual, the question is-do you want to be different from the majority in this way? Perhaps it is worth highlighting for yourself what exactly your life should be “not like everyone else” and working (working hard) to find it.

  11. The advice is as follows:

    “Don't bother.�

    You're still going to live your life the same way most adults do – and most adults at the age of 17 planned what you're planning now.

    But there's nothing wrong with living like this, oddly enough.”)

  12. I liked the first answer. At the age of 17, it seemed to me that the most important thing was friends, parents do not understand you and interfere with your life. At the age of 40, I can say that my parents were right, and I got rid of those friends a long time ago. You constantly need to learn and strive for something: swimming, languages, new exercises, without this it is not interesting. To live differently from everyone else: become an astronaut, pilot, open a shelter for dogs)))).

  13. I want to give you not just some non-trivial advice, but a whole photo card

    In general, I don't understand what's wrong with being ordinary? Let's say rinofima also makes you stand out from the crowd, but do you need it?

    God forbid I should do anything great, but I'd rather do something useful, as the old saying goes. Perhaps this is what I would like to wish for, if I really need to wish for something

  14. Quickly decide on the business that you like, your interests and positions, and try to do as much useful as possible, but in such a way that it brings joy. In other words, do not spend years searching and throwing, do not spend your life on something that you do not like.

  15. Such zeal only pleases me, but usually nothing good comes of it. Nevertheless, I will begin my answer by quoting an excerpt from one of Viktor Pelevin's novels.�

    — Do you really think that humans have evolved above animals?”
    “Of course,” I said. — Don't you?”
    “No,” he said. “He sank much lower. Today, only a retired millionaire can afford the lifestyle of an animal: live in nature in the most suitable climatic conditions for the body, move a lot, eat organic food, and never worry about anything at all. Think about it: none of the animals work.
    � – And squirrels? Hera asked. “They collect nuts.
    “Honey, this isn't a job. Now, if squirrels sold each other sour bear shit from morning to night, it would be a job. And collecting nuts is a free shopping experience. Only cattle that man has bred in his own image and likeness work. And the man himself. If, as you say, the purpose of money is to make life easier, why do people spend their entire lives mining it until they turn into senile garbage? Do you seriously think that a person does all this for themselves? I'm begging you. A person doesn't even know what money really is.

    So what I'm trying to say is that if someone doesn't want to live their life like the majority, then this majority should never be listened to. Never. Absolutely not. Absolutely. In our time, people do not live their own lives, they fulfill the plans of a certain interested circle of people. They are all drawn into a system of endless slavery and in the hands of slave owners there are three very effective tools-marketing, which puts pressure on instincts (“there is no apartment in the center, cars for two lakhs and a phone for 100 thousand? You're nobody! ” – familiar?), credit (well, you understand) andplanned obsolescence in its most diverse forms. This is especially true for Russia, which is developing according to the famous Orwell scenario. You can see the results for yourself: as soon as I took a used Chinese subcompact on credit, I immediately start shitting on everyone. �

    And it is important to understand one fundamental point. You can “want” a lot of things-if only it was for the good, and not as usual. Income (both literally and figuratively) is just a side effect of expenses. In order not to be like the majority, you need to at least develop. Sitting out your pants in offices for 5/2 is obviously a losing option, since a person is not created for this.�

    But the most important thing is not to be afraid – you need to invest so much work in any business that the result will seem like two pennies.

  16. Oh, it's very simple: learn to think well.
    This… this will not provide you with some mega-unique life (life is radically different from the rest – terribly uncomfortable), but at least you can live your life more or less well 🙂

    And, by the way, most adults live very, very differently. And your generalization – well, it's just an indicator that you don't know very well how people live.

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