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  1. I'm not sure I understand the difference between” consciousness, “” individuality, “and”being.” It's like these are three different things, but in my opinion, with T. Z. death, it's plus or minus the same thing. You can also call it “I” and “life”. The more you love life, the more you enjoy life, the more you don't want it to end.

    The unknown might be scary, but it's very small in our time, given that we have repeatedly seen all or parts of consciousness lost from head injuries, strokes, and Alzheimer's. There doesn't seem to be any room left for the unknown.

  2. Most of all, people are not afraid of death itself, but of the torment that accompanies the process of dying. The fear of disappearing forever, losing identity and consciousness is also quite strong, but this is mainly suffered by atheists and agnostics who do not believe in the immortality of the soul.

  3. Many people believe that after death the soul flies to the sky and so on, but I, like probably many, hold the opinion that after death a person (and his soul) completely ceases to exist.
    I think that's why many people are afraid of death. After all, no one came back from the grave and did not tell what it was like. Therefore, for living people, it is unknown. Perhaps the unknown is scary.
    It is very difficult for us to understand and imagine what will happen if I die. Just try to imagine that I will cease to exist, I will not be able to think, think, dream, do something-it is impossible.

  4. Most likely, a person is not afraid of Death itself, and not of the listed formulations, but of awareness at the subconscious level.absolute irreversibility of the process! Brings this definition to its logical conclusion …actually an eternity! An inexplicable value for a person.

  5. Nothing scares me. Always ready, even now. Upsets you if it's painful and excruciatingly long. And if immediately, then all the same. It would be something to live for.

  6. Fear of the unknown, of course.

    A person is most afraid of the unknown. But for anything you don't know personally, you can at least use someone else's experience in life. In a situation with death, unfortunately, even this is impossible:

    That's the answer. Here's what lengthens it

    Our misfortunes live for so many years.

    Otherwise, who would have endured the humiliation of the century,

    The lies of the oppressors and nobles

    Arrogance, a rejected feeling,

    A slow trial and most of all

    Ridicule of the unworthy over the worthy,

    When it's so easy to make ends meet

    Dagger strike! Who would agree,

    Groaning, under the burden of life trudge,

    When would неизвест the unknown after death,

    Fear of a country from which no one comes

    Did not return, did not bend the will

    It is better to put up with the familiar evil,

    Than to run away to a stranger to strive!

    Christianity with its fairy tale about the afterlife, unfortunately, only worsened the situation… Although some life-lovers are even ready to end up in hell, just not to disappear completely , and they organize their lives based on this…)

  7. I don't know what scares them. It doesn't scare me. In my opinion, the fear of an inevitable, but abstract, someday-waiting death is the most absurd, illogical and irrational fear. Here is the fear of the death of loved ones-yes, I can believe in this fear.: /
    I think those who are afraid of death are either lying, or they have some hidden psychological trauma that needs to be worked out.

  8. I'm not afraid of death at all, except for a painful death. That is, I am only afraid of the pain or suffering that may occur before death, if it is not natural. And people are most likely afraid of the unknown, and even the subconscious of an atheist tells him in a dream that you may not disappear after death, but you will go somewhere, say to hell. Therefore, it would be better for atheists to believe and serve God, if only to stop fearing death. By the way, that's why I'm not afraid of her

  9. I don't remember ever being afraid of death. Probably because I grew up in a relatively religious family.�

    Perhaps it scares me a little, or it seems very uncomfortable to think that beauty and hope are disappearing. the beauty of a person disappears, and something else naive and tender is deceived all life and disappears along with the life that has ended. That's a pity.

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