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  1. Perhaps you eat with your head (mind), in an attempt to get as much pleasure as possible. The mind clogs the body. It is healthier in all respects to eat with the stomach (body). The body is a very sensitive and intelligent organism that knows the measure well and effectively copes with any kind of overdose, whether it is food or, for example, alcohol. If you try to subtly feel yourself as the body, and not as the mind, which is trying to solve a lot for the body, then the mind will fade into the background, the sensitivity of the body will sharpen and it will be easy for you to observe the measure and be satisfied.


  2. I also used to like a lot of “pohomyachit” to oversaturation. But I realized one great thing: water is health. With the help of water, you can lose weight, and keep the body in a healthy spirit and not eat much. You need to drink about every 2 hours for a glass, as I did

  3. I may seem down-to-earth next to the previous answer. I speak from personal experience. I first replaced one large portion with two small ones and ate them in an interval of 1-1. 5 hours. Plus, I replaced (if possible) the fork with a teaspoon. It helped me, not immediately of course, but after two weeks I didn't feel hungry all the time and so much.

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