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  1. This, unfortunately, often happens if before this there was some heavy disappointment, an experience of betrayal, or there was a moment when they stopped believing in themselves or others. Feelings can “freeze”, turn off, or, conversely, the presence of those who do not understand what is wrong with you is annoying. Yes, it passes when you can get enough warmth, acceptance, and faith in you at the right moment.

  2. But I'll interrupt you. But do you need it? Do you need this sympathy? Do you need to find love for yourself? Do you need these frustrating ass adventures? I would be happy.

    Okay, let's say you're over 30 and your parents are demanding offspring (let's say). We need to find a partner. Attraction can be raised by certain foods, as well as sports for certain muscle groups.

  3. Sympathy for whom? To persons of any gender or only to women? I noticed the word “attraction” and thought about it.�

    You can think about the questions:�

    Who do I want (or am used to) liking, but don't?

    • Maybe the environment has already ceased to be interesting, you need to go to a new level of communication, get acquainted? That is, just changed interests/values, and therefore the environment is also worth changing.�

    Has there been any upheaval recently? Or was some problem delayed and just now surfaced?�

    • In this case, you need time, recuperate, remember about those people who can be trusted, who are always nice and pleasant, and it is with them that you maintain contact and feed.

    If we are talking about the opposite sex, then you just need to survive it, finish the story and move on.�

    And you also need to love yourself. Feel sympathy for yourself, admire yourself, find every day confirmation of your irresistibility and appreciate it. Realize your value and purpose in life. And then there will be an interest in yourself and other people!

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