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  1. Calmly approach the teacher after the lesson, if communication does not improve with a sense of self-rightness, go to complain to the head teacher, if it does not help, then to the director)

  2. I was once given an amazing piece of advice: if a teacher, or anyone else, behaves inappropriately or insults you, send them “to Switzerland”.

    Imagine him in a gallery in Switzerland, sitting by the fireplace, drinking cocoa and watching the flames. Calm and happy.

    Strange, but it almost always works

  3. This is a very, very ambiguous question. I have experienced this personally and I can say that going to complain is not the best option. I had a bad relationship with the teacher, who was also my classmate, and half of the class. The fact is that she was on friendly and close terms with many of them. But I didn't want to find out anything about her then, and I don't think I would do that now. So I don't even know what to recommend here. It is good when you are able to respond sharply and sharply, immediately putting the teacher in his place. I'm not very good at it. I hope you have developed this skill better

  4. There was such a situation at uni-two laboratory assistants behaved completely inadequately and insulted half of the group, becoming personal. Those lab assistants obviously had some problems, I don't even want to tell you about that trash. I spent the whole couple arguing, trying to answer intelligently, asking them to explain their position – they just laughed and continued to be rude. After that, I made an appeal to the Ministry of Education, which was also signed by 3 people besides me. I offered to subscribe to all my classmates, but the rest said that they did not need problems. The complaint was sent. As a result, after a couple of weeks, the deputy director called us and said that we should have come to him first with a complaint, and the laboratory assistants would be dismissed.�

    Now I understand that I really should have applied to the department first, but on the other hand, we have heard many stories of someone doing this, and it did not lead to any effect.

    Many people wrote here that their comrades would be dissatisfied with such activity. So, then half of the group started hating me: like, what a scandal, the teacher is always right, etc. To which I replied that they simply did not have a sense of self-esteem, they did not know how to defend their position and were stuck in the times of serfdom. In short, we argued-argued and scored. Nothing terrible happened.

  5. To begin with, it is worth realizing that you are in Russia, so it is unlikely that you will just settle this conflict in your direction. You need to look reality in the eye – if a teacher is dismissed due to your “fault”, then most likely the rest of the school's staff(teachers) will turn against you, who will ambiguously “push” you in the learning process, but do it so that their plan is not caught. This will also involve not the most intelligent layer of students who will start hating you(the subconscious desire to lick one place to higher-ups, this is also well developed in Russia). In general, there will be no end of problems. The easiest way is to analyze the situation and observe – perhaps this teacher insults not only you, but all the students around you(which is most likely true) and this directly indicates that he does not have a PERSONAL dislike for you. Simply put, insults from this person should not be taken seriously, because they are empty in their essence, because they concern almost everyone, which already looks stupid a priori. Plus, no one around will take such a person and his words seriously, because everyone understands everything perfectly, even on a subconscious level. Be smart, good luck:)

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