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  1. You can start with a school education. I graduated from high school 5 years ago, and now I realize that a lot of this has come in handy in my life. Outside of the school curriculum, a lot depends on the professional sphere, but there are still a few universal skills:

    1. Fast orientation in large information flows. There is so much information that the key skill in almost any field and for any specialist is the ability to quickly navigate them and find what you need. It is also important to be able to abstract from these flows.�
    2. Understand the basics of copywriting. Now a page on any social network can be a micro-blog, and this can become a source of passive income in the future.�
    3. Be connected to the Internet. Be able to navigate the code and not be afraid to change the font color yourself, insert a picture or video.�
    4. Possess basic management skills. It will help you organize your time, avoid missing deadlines, and even organize a birthday party.�
    5. Skills in working with photo and video editors, as well as the ability to make beautiful presentations. Saves both at the university and at work.

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