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  1. You won't believe it, but at this age, many people have no plans for the future. Continue to do something, try to spend more time studying, maybe you will find something to your liking. For example, I decided that I wanted to go to the IT field only by the age of 16, and I chose the university only a week before applying to it.

  2. Forget it, it's quite normal. If this continues , it's not scary at all, just take what you do best and see where they take it. When something goes well, it often creates more interest in the case. And if you suddenly catch fire with something else, more interesting to you – it doesn't matter, you can switch at least at 18, at least at 20, even at 35 years old. In the end, there is a second education, and just work not in the specialty has not been canceled.

  3. I agree with the answer above. Do what you get high on, get satisfied with. Any of your inclinations that bring pleasure, or at least interest, should become a profile. Although, it also happens that only in the 4th year of UNI you realize that this is not yours at all, and it would be worth doing African studies instead of PR (for example) and leave. Looking for yourself is an eternal problem of a person and humanity, so I don't see anything wrong with re-election.

    Here's another example of someone I care about, who knew who he wanted to be. She wanted to become a musician from an early age(she graduated from a music school in two classes). And she didn't start coming straight out of school. She decided that she would learn more, just for a person who understands electronic music. She's coming in soon, and I have no doubt that she will. I mean, this is an informed decision, go for it. Someone in her place would have already entered the nearest department to go for a crust. But no, you need to do what really interests you . I admire such people.

  4. Even after finishing school, I didn't know what I wanted to do, so I went to study where my parents sent me.A
    hobby that actually became a style of my life appeared closer to 20. I know people who started all over again in their 30s and 40s-they found new goals, learned new things (and quite successfully).
    So don't be afraid of uncertainty, you always have a chance to find new interests and change your life.

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