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  1. I don't have any disorders, but I've rarely had to take sedatives. I don't know about antidepressants, but the usual Novopassit helped me once. After the pills, I didn't feel anything. Generally. No joy, no sadness, nothing. It's a strange state, like being in a vacuum with no feelings. It was unusual. But the effect of any pill ends sooner or later. Therefore, you still need to somehow find money for a psychoanalyst or similar specialist in this profile. They treat, not cure, problems.

  2. 1. there are psychotherapists in the psycho-neurological dispensary. and they don't keep charlatans there

    and this is according to the compulsory health Insurance system

    moreover, just in HDPE, these specialists are more reliable than private traders

    1. there are state psychological assistance centers (you can ask)
    2. Whether YOU have clinical depression or some temporary state of unstable psyche can only be determined by a doctor! And nothing else. Not the Internet, not the tests , not the person himself. He is subjective and even more so cannot correctly assess his condition. This is usually determined by a clinical psychologist or psychiatrists-psychotherapists.
    3. If you are actually clinically depressed, sedatives will not help you. You need medications that can ONLY be selected by a DOCTOR, depending on the TYPE of depression (there are many of them) and concomitant conditions. For the adept has a completely different action. And drinking just “what you bought” is useless at best.
    4. If, however, you do not feel well, then Noopept, Tenoten (from practice)helps well . There is also a vegetable Adeptarium (Hypericum), BUT if you do not have contraindications to taking St. John's wort.
    5. If YOU take them for 1, 5 months and nothing happens, only a DOCTOR will help ( in any medical institution, it is better, but in a state one , it is more reliable) . Don't rely on” pull yourself together”anymore. This WON'T HELP,
  3. As far as I know now, no antidepressants are available without a prescription, in any case. (With the same problem of lack of money as you have, I tried to drink tenoten, as many advised, a cheap sedative or something like that, but of course this is not enough with this diagnosis and did not help in any way.)

    From my own experience, I will say that it is better not to delay with this, to torment yourself, it is better of course to save up money and apply, at least once, because mental health is still important.

    A psychotherapist is an even more expensive pleasure than a psychiatrist, but it is precisely the latter that is more desirable to go to

  4. not the fact that a therapist and magic pills will help. first, you need to understand whether depression is a good or bad phenomenon. the best way to “heal” is to not think about treatment, the best way to forget about depression is to get that word out of your head.

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