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  1. If you can, try to do nothing. Just live and watch what happens to the conflicting urges that tear you apart, to trace the mechanism, to see the source, the causes of contradictions. There is a chance that the intensity of the urges will reach such an extent that there will be a break in the patterns of duality and contradictions. This will solve all your problems, not just the ones you write about.

  2. You can make origami or launch boats in the pond, you can walk short and long distances, the range of possible activities, even if you are limited in interaction with society is very wide. Look for options for what to do, try it.

  3. First, understand what you are running from. What's wrong with reality? The reasons are different…
    What are you looking for in this “escape” that you are missing?
    How can you fix this?
    How much do you want to get rid of it?�
    What can you do to reduce the desire to “run away”?
    Or how do you learn to live with it safely?

    I can help you personally if you feel like it. Good luck!

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