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  1. As the great inimitable Barney Stinson says (“How I Met Your Mother”), if you start to feel sad, stop feeling sad and become cool: here I always stop being sad and become cool, honestly!

  2. Imagine two mailboxes. One box will be called “short”, it gives a short effect. The second one is “in the long run”.

    “Short” means quickly filling yourself with energy. For a huge number of people, it is a horror to take care of yourself. For women, so in general, a mandatory program: restore your energy, always be full yourself.

    What should I do now? You need to prepare a certain set of actions for yourself, which quickly puts you in order. We write that in order for me to get a burst of energy, I need this and that.

    I'll give you an example: one of the pearls that we'll put in the “short” box. Now it's getting stuffy, so let's open the window and it's getting fresher, which will give me a little more energy to work on right now. We take your phone or notepad with a pen, and write a list of things that restore you: turn on loud music, walk around the house, coffee, etc. The main trick is to do it not later, in 10 minutes, but now!

    And now, the most important, and very scary task. Take, and opposite one of these items, put the date and time when you will do it!

    The short topic is all about physiology. It's so simple and primitive that it seems like you can neglect it. Well, then, you will be discouraged, and you will be inoperable.

    And this set is different for everyone, but always very simple: coffee, air, a quick rest, sports to do.

    Write in the comments what really restores you. Share it and let us have a beautiful piggy bank. And for those whose comments you like, please like them.

    Briefly charged, everything is cool, but … How much can you stimulate yourself with coffee? In the long run, it's a completely different story. If there is no sense in what you are doing, if there is no answer to why and for what, if you are not familiar with your value system, then all short “injections” will remain short bursts. And then there is a very useful resource in a person – laziness. Laziness is very necessary and important to us, in general, learn to be lazy. Long-term laziness is a hint about inefficient use of resources.

    Mission is the answer to the question “why”.

    If your answer is not fair, then you will lose all energy, you will be discouraged, you will be super inefficient and, of course. To hear an honest answer to the question “why”, it works for a long time. Find this challenge, meaning, and devote yourself to it mercilessly, uneconomically, with the fear of death, with all the problems, ” until I solve this issue, go all in the ass.”

    If the challenge is accepted, then the next step is the vision. How exactly will I implement my mission? In addition to all this, there is another ambush – roles. There is another mistake in roles. With the same management, guys often get into a long mess by taking on roles that are not typical of them. A terrible mistake: to take and start doing something that you are not predisposed to do at all. You've grown up big and you're not comfortable in a submarine, so don't take on that role. In vision, you need to learn how to create teams, understand and recognize your strengths and weaknesses, and delegate.

    And the last check of all previous positions (mission, vision, and roles) is the schedule. The same thing as in “short”, building something that charges you is useless if you haven't done any of it. There's a very strict schedule monitor for whether you're lying to yourself or not. Time Shield. It's so scary! Everyone is so terrified of this task! We take, and begin to record, during the day, what we are doing, what, in fact, is being done during the day to implement the mission.

    Find out who you are, what your mission is, what vision you are implementing it in, and what role you are playing. Any new actions in the schedule? If not, it's all just empty talk..

    Read more in the video:


  3. I'll join the previous answers and add a little more.

    Sometimes you can afford to be sad… It is not always possible to be cheerful and joyful, otherwise others may misunderstand it, and the person himself may get tired of “bright sunny days”, sometimes he wants” rain ” and fresh air after the rain and the smell of wet grass.

    And if it makes you uncomfortable, then ask yourself:

    1) What is the reason why I am depressed?

    2) What's wrong with my life? What's not working? What would you like to change? How ready am I to make changes now?

    Sometimes “despondency” occurs simply as a result of fatigue from the same type of actions and situations in which there is no dynamics, development… Like Groundhog Day… Maybe in this case, you should change the situation, relax, go where you didn't go before, but wanted to, do something that was forbidden or postponed. You need new experiences, different “colors”, sounds, smells, or tastes (I mean food). Otherwise, the brain may experience “hunger” for new sensory signals and give out fatigue. Therefore, despondency can simply be a need for updates or rest. (And it shouldn't always be seen as something bad.)

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