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  1. Be ashamed 🙂 Indeed, when you are ashamed – be ashamed, when you are happy-rejoice, when you are cute-be moved.

    Specifically with shame, as with a feeling, you most likely will not be able to do anything. It arises – you feel it, but then the most important thing is to realize why you feel it, what happened in the past, what you can learn from. After all, all actions (shameful, unpleasant, self-serving, evil) are an experience. The experience that made you you. Sometimes it is useful to experience any feelings and shame-no exception!

    Just do everything well in moderation, do not overdo it, do not humiliate or reproach yourself for years for something.

    And sometimes a shameful situation can be skillfully turned into self-mockery and a joke, so that there is something to tell the children about 🙂

    So be ashamed, laugh, and prolong your life.

    And just feel everything that is felt, just don't get hung up on one thing : )

  2. Dear author of the letter, let's say to ourselves, ” Uh, that won't do,we won't sell the goat that way.”But seriously, it's called not accepting yourself.For personal growth, this needs to be worked out in your own understanding.You are the person you are,and you are the person you are.Komu is not interested,I will not insist,I will easily say goodbye.Do not allow yourself to introspect.Live here and now

  3. I believe that the past, like the path I have traveled, has created me for who I am. And I mostly like myself, so the past, even mistakes, worked to create what I like.
    And if you do not like yourself, then you should learn to love yourself, if there are problems with this, then contact a psychologist.

  4. The past has already happened, and the pages of life cannot be torn out. You just need to accept that the past will remain forever, sincerely repent, and try to redeem yourself with good deeds, but that would be from the heart, otherwise they will have no value.

  5. I have recently started to benefit from this position: realize that the Past belongs to the category of unreal and beyond your control, unlike, for example, the Present, which we directly influence. Everything that was in the past remains there forever.:

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