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  1. I dreamed that I was at a festival or competition in a small club, and I was watching George W. Bush plays guitar. One on the stage, under the minus sign. His guitar is like a Flying V, and it also plays through some big yellow guitar processor in the style of the 80s (of course, these don't really exist). He played at a very amateur level and was quite modest, like he understood that he was not a super guitarist, and other guitarists in this club played better.

  2. I had this dream a couple of weeks ago. I go out to uni in the morning and realize that there is an invasion of some bugs on the street (something in common between an ant and a dragonfly). They crawled everywhere, but it was impossible to crush them. I ran to a lecture on macroeconomics, and the teacher started telling us about his family with a presentation. They say that my daughter was born in 1992. Someone did not listen to this and he shouted “If you do not pass, I will not tell you what to do with the bugs!”. And at the end of the lecture, we learned that they need to be fastened together,then you get a material like a wicker basket. The more bugs there are, the denser the material. We made something similar to a marshmallow and ate directly made up, without sugar. After waking up, I really wanted marshmallows and check in with a psychologist.

  3. Country village (not a dacha). I sit in a park or throw rocks off a cliff into a lake. The people below are not happy. A man appears skydiving. He's giving my mom a ride with the baby. Then he climbs to our cliff where the ride ends. We want to go for a ride, but there's another kid in line. Our turn. We tie a table and 4 chairs to the parachute. We sit down on the chairs. Let's go for a ride. Fearfully. The skydiver flies up to the balcony and tells me to go to the VK in any public. I get into Schrodinger's humor. He laughs. At this time, the phone rings. I am getting up.

  4. I'm sitting at a table, and across from me is a domoldor who says, ” SHIT SHIT SHIT! GOOD LUCK IN THE COUNTRY.” Then I bow to him and walk on and Ron shakes me off: “What's in this box?”, � – I say: “Titi”. It confirms. Then I find myself at home and some guy is holding me over the chasm and I say, ” LET GO OF MY TITI.” Then I woke up. And it was when I watched Harry Potter for the first time. And probably the last one.

  5. Dream 1.�

    My friend and I are running away through the wilderness from a bloodied, spiked RAINBOW UNICORN. He's got a terrible crossbow in his mouth and he's shooting at us.�

    Dream 2.�

    Honestly, I don't remember the whole story, but I do remember that it was a grandfather, somewhere in Soviet times. I was looking for something and investigating it. The climax is important here. Imagine: on the road next to the house is a boat hat. From the house (from a great height), poop falls directly into this hat. The point is, that's exactly how it was supposed to end. I laughed, which woke me up, and I spent another half hour on fire…

  6. Once I dreamed that I was on the roof of a skyscraper fighting with swords with a human centipede made of Spongebob, and ABBA – Happy New Year was playing in the background.

  7. Mya and a number of other young men were being led by ropes into the forest. The sky was bottomless, gray-white, the trees were leafless, dried up, and the leaves on the ground were gray. We were wearing only loose pants, but it wasn't cold. We were brought to a clearing, and it turned out that we would be executed – given to be eaten by cannibals-the mentally ill.

    I went down to the cave where the enchanted treasures of the Vikings are located, it was necessary to descend by sliding down a low hill made of polished copper to a mirror shine. And when I took the first coin in my hand, small rings of cartilage and skin grew on this hand on the forearm, there were eight of them, four in two rows. And I started to tear them, there was no blood, there was a terribly unpleasant crunch, and a pulling-pressing tedious pain.

  8. There were a lot of delusions, some of which I remember especially well. For example, a dream in which I, a guest, came to visit my hostess at home. On the occasion of unusual guests, I-the hostess decided to cook dinner and took out a frozen baby from the freezer. You know how to get the best out of stocks in difficult times. Save on buying meat and all that.

  9. I dreamed that I was looking out of some thicket and saw strange creatures scurrying along the street: vile such, very strange, they are narrow at the top and bifurcate down. They walk, bouncing their forked body downwards… And after a while I realize that I see us! People! To think that I didn't recognize the people in my dream!!!

  10. The most delusional dreams in my life are connected with chases. All from my childhood. And they all look like they're preparing a script for a horror movie. Because amazing creatures chased me in my dreams all my childhood. Now, fortunately, my brain is not able to generate such a thing..maybe.

    One of the very first dreams I ever had. I'm two years old. And I dream that I went out for a walk. I'm swinging on a swing next to the house. And everything seems to be fine. But suddenly I hear heavy footsteps approaching in the distance. I turn around in alarm and am horrified to see someone running towards me from the other end of the yard…our refrigerator. Follow me, of course. Of course, he's a villain, of course. He ran, I must say, for the old Soviet scrap metal quite quickly. Waddling from one foot to the other, with a terrible crash. Unfortunately, I can't say whether he caught up with me or not, or what he wanted from me. In reality, I was thrown out just before the climax, as it usually happens. The most interesting thing is that I even remember telling this dream to my mother in the morning.

    At about the same age, I dreamed that I was being chased by another household item — a TV remote control. This dream was even scarier, because this remote control was a local maniac who tickles children to death. And I knew it beforehand. And it was scary. It's funny now, but then there was no time for jokes. But the remote control-yes. He was chuckling ominously.

    Well, the third dream is also a crypt. Although, in fact, nothing special. Just a certain Mr. Lemon. In a black robe. With a knife. He met me at the entrance when I went for a walk. Simply. Mister. Lemon.

    I remember many other delusional dreams from my childhood, but nothing compares to these three.

  11. I once had this dream.

    I come home hungry. No one's home. I open the refrigerator and it's empty. I open the freezer and it's empty, too. I open all possible cupboards, where there can only be food – there is nothing anywhere. And then, out of nowhere, Peter Pettigrew from Harry Potter, holding a small piece of chocolate chewed on all sides, gives out: “DO YOU WANT A CHOCOLATE BAR? MMMMMMMMMMMMM???”

    This is where I wake up.

  12. A loaf of bread…

    And I dreamed that I was a dumpling. So I opened my eyes, and I was among the dumplings in a deep plate. And most importantly, I do not understand why I am among them, in the very center of the world. After a minute, I realized that I myself was a dumpling, when a man's hand with a fork began to move towards me. I don't remember the pain, but I was pretty fucked up then.

  13. 1-zombie apocalypse, where I fought off zombies with a pencil. That is, I ran up and punched the zombies ' heads with a pencil and did it quite effectively)

    2-a sociolinguistics teacher chased me with an axe, killed my entire family, and wanted me dead)

    3rd in turn saw my dream through the eyes of a woman, then through the eyes of a man, their relationship, and then it turned out that this is generally the 3rd character who watches the series.

    4-I was running away from the maniac, but I couldn't run fast (I think everyone knows this), I couldn't feel my legs, and then I just freaked out, swung my arms and legs like I was floating and took off. But I couldn't get up high, only about 2 meters, so if I jumped up, the maniac could get me, oh, and it was dumb.�

    5 – this is a dream of my friend, when her friend after a date gets on a helicopter with the words “Drunk woman flies away in an unknown direction”)

  14. In my dream, I was Alice in Wonderland, and I needed to steal a chicken from the Queen of Hearts to take to my starving family. And here I am running with a chicken through the royal park, being chased by two guards (in uniform? in the image? playing cards), one of them catches up with me and turns out to be Roman Abramovich, gives me gold coins with the words “I bought myself Chelsea, you buy yourself something too.” I wake up happy – but in reality there are no coins, no Novel, no Wonderland

  15. Ooh, I've got plenty of that stuff.

    In my garden, a wave “got out”, on which I, the host of “Heads and Tails” Lesya Nikityuk and the girls from Totali Spice were spinning on their stomachs. Suddenly, one of the spies fell into some branches in my garden, which I was genuinely surprised by, and later asked her about her health.

    There was another dream about the zombie apocalypse. I was in a group of special forces who had a task-to find weapons. We went into the corridor, chose one of the doors behind which there was a cat, and at the end of it – another door. There was an entire armory behind that door. What was there just not there! But for some reason I wanted to take corn. A great weapon, in my opinion. In my squad, there was a man with a pink bracelet similar to mine. I got jealous. Zombies appeared out of nowhere, I saved the whole team with a piece of corn, for which I received a pink bracelet and went home happy.

    The third dream is a bit funny. My mother and I broke branches from trees and burned them. But it seemed to us that this was not enough and we decided to cut down the neighbor's pine tree, which grew horizontally. When we were done, we quickly dragged her away, but our neighbors decided to go out for a walk at night and noticed us. As a result, we went all the time, they asked about the pine tree, said that the same beautiful growth grows in their yard, and we ,blushing, lied , saying they bought it at the market. We just wanted to burn the pine tree.�

    What do you think of Mel Gibson from the band Heathens? And I dreamed it, even though there is no such band, I just remember the song. All sorts of game come to mind…

  16. I had a lot of delusional dreams. Especially scary ones when you're breaking out in a sweat. I remember one absurd one for a long time…
    1) Background.
    It was at the dacha, 5-6 years ago. We lived in a wooden house with thin walls. Accordingly, absolutely everything was heard through them. So one evening I started chopping like this at 8-9 pm, and I decided to retire to my room to rest. At this moment, behind the wall, my parents were watching “Field of Miracles”. Through the wall, I could hear the aether too well to fall asleep. I screamed and pounded on the wall so that my parents would hear me and turn down the sound of the TV, but it was all in vain…
    After a while, I manage to fall asleep…
    I climb the stairs of my college to the 2nd floor and walk towards the dean's office. I turn around and realize that instead of offices, some kind of home appliance store is located. I look at it and think, ” what the hell is going on here?” I go to this store. In the back is a washing machine, and on both sides of it is a security guard and a saleswoman. I walk up to them and hear them talking. Who would have thought they were discussing the “Field of Miracles”! The guard turned to me and said with an expression: “And Yakubovich is a fascist!” I was taken aback and looked at the saleswoman, who was standing there with a serious look and nodding her head. I look at this trash and start laughing….I woke up to my own laughter.
    After that, I try not to fall asleep to the TV in order to avoid watching such nonsense in my sleep.

    2) I remember very well the dreams in which I flew. And they dreamed not only in childhood. I'll tell you about one thing:
    I'm walking through the neighborhood and I see a guy with a gun pointed at me. I was terribly frightened, jumped up and took off. And, as in all my dreams, I tried to fly away from the man who was shooting at me with a slow movement.� I tried to fly on the roofs of 9-storey buildings, but the effect was the same as in computer games without an open world. You're banging into an invisible wall, and a guy is running somewhere below you and firing a gun. It was scary! I woke up in a cold sweat…

    3) At one time, I had dreams in which I found myself partially or completely naked in the city center or in some crowded place. I experienced a very unpleasant feeling during and after such dreams.

    4) Well, the last one that I remember well.
    Evening. Sitting on a green lawn with friends. And then, from all sides, a man of 10 gopis comes out of the darkness with huge chains wrapped around his arm. Everyone scattered. I jump up and realize that I'm wearing a pair of fucking house slippers, and the lawn is long and wet, like after a rainstorm. There's a sharp drop at the edge of the lawn. I start running away from the gopas in slow motion as usual, but my sneakers slide on the grass. In the middle of the descent, I finally slip and roll head over heels down, and then I see hop, who brings the chain over me and…I wake up again in a cold sweat. It was creepy.

    What the hell is this all about?

  17. I traveled through time on a three-horse chariot along the railroad tracks, trying to find a shoe store. the same events were repeated several times with minor corrections. In the end, the horses ran me over and I became a ghost car, driving through traffic jams and crying bitterly. I also remember the bear who watched me all the time. I always dream about bears. Just like that, in short.

  18. Just the other day I had a very interesting action game, which for some reason I remember in detail.

    I and a couple of dozen others were being held hostage in the basement by some armed men in orange prison uniforms.

    Then the leader came. It was the Joker! His head was a raspberry-green texture, with red lips and bulging, lidless eyes. And a metal fang protruded from the top of his head, which turned in different directions. And then we started a riot and escaped with a few hostages.

    We ran for a long, long time. I was armed with a Harley Quinn bat. We reached a building that looked like a hospital. But in the adjacent park, we were attacked by little people made of sticks and leaves. Not scary, but very annoying. That's where my bat came in handy. And we were saved again.

    We got to the cinema, decided to hide there and watch The Defenders at the same time (this is the Russian “answer to the Avengers”, which is released in February 2017). We finished watching the movie. At the end, I shouted, ” What the hell did I just watch?!” In general, I didn't like it.

    By the end of the dream, we had reached a trailer where my colleagues from work were sitting. One of them gave us fried eggs and sausages. Happy end.

    Conclusion: you should watch less comic book movies and work less.

  19. I have two favorite dreams. In the first, I was attacked by special services immediately after arriving in the tropical jungle, for what purpose I was never able to find out. Trying to hide from them, I run into a cave under a waterfall, and after walking a few meters I notice a ten-meter green-colored Tyrannosaurus in front of me. He was surprisingly friendly, which he assured me on his own, and asked me to stay calm and not go deep into the cave, because not so long ago he had some rather unpleasant neighbors who settled there. They were aliens who ate human flesh. I decided to stay with my new friend and not go any further.

    The second favorite dream starts with the fact that I came on vacation to a summer camp, like in American films, but it was in Paris. In this dream, there was a lyrical plot that my friend from that very camp was married by her parents to an unloved one, but this is not the point. This camp had its own tradition and, so to speak, local entertainment: in the summer, on a hot sunny day, on one of the streets of Paris, the one that is at the biggest angle, like a slide, people gather and change into bathing suits, take healthy pieces of butter and go down on it from this slide UUIIIIIIII

  20. 1)I dreamt of a hamster who was possessed by a demon and tried to kill me after the exile, he tried to kill me in its present form
    2) I had a herobrine (March I reviewed minecraft) that was chasing me in the dark and trying to kill himself, he was angry and not allowed to do it then I supposedly woke up (but I was still asleep), and you herobrine lol

  21. I had a few strange dreams.
    1. I went in an excalator, and pieces of iron popped out of the ladders, which made a couple of scars. The other people didn't react at all.
    2. One of the most pleasant and sad at the same time (because in IRL this does not happen). A dream where I talked to a really charismatic girl who knew all her colleagues at work and gave advice on life. In general, “non-existent girlfriend”
    3. Where the guy (from the 1st person, as in shooters) climbed the windows, i.e. climbed the walls and looked for his window to the room. And there were windows of different sizes, and one of them was a narrow passage. The dream ends with the fact that the guy gave up on this case.
    4. People worshipped mechanical swings. If damaged, those same individuals can kill or threaten.

  22. I had various dreams…
    1) I went to a gay couple I knew with a cake, they thanked me, and said thank you so much for helping me open a witch shop
    2) I was a dream killer's assistant. I didn't see his face, his voice was neutral, and I called him “he.” The first time it worked out, we killed the victim (there were no murder scenes), we left the room and went to the exit. The building was my gymnasium, where I studied for the first 7 years. The second time it was similar, but we were caught by a security guard, locked in a chest of drawers with a wardrobe, sofa and TV, which he turned on. I went to the closet, found a first-aid kit, collected a few pills from each box (there weren't many of them), and ate them. I woke up later on the street, ran to the store to ask for help, and they took me to the basement.
    3) I went with a girl and friends to concerts of two bands, returned to the common flat, showed photos from the second concert to a girl who did not go, but loves this band, and she started crying.
    4) I was at home, I went to another room, and in the corridor I meet my friend fully dressed in abibas and with hair the color of potassium permanganate, he was laughing, but I didn't hear him. I think ” Aha, glitches, this is a subconscious prank, you need to write to a friend about it.” I sit down to write to a friend and wake up…

  23. I had a dream today that I and the kids from school were offered a ride on three-legged camels. As a result, they got into a fight and fell on the guys, while they were flattened, like in cartoons. Then we were offered to ride horses with long legs (like a giraffe). We agreed. And the most interesting thing is that my horse understood me, well, which I was given. She understood me as a person understands a person. Hah, so weird and fun at the same time. So here's more)) I ride a horse and end up getting lost in my own city. Thrash of some kind… Voobdem I love delusional dreams. Something new every time.

  24. I had a dream that I was happy. Really. In my dream, it seemed to be the same feeling… But then I woke up and was upset. After all, it was just a dream… Just a dream.

  25. October 30 was a dream.

    Winter. I'm walking down the street with someone. I see two big dogs and one small dog tearing at something on the asphalt – it's beeping. They do not bite, but simply throw themselves in the direction of this small creature. I grab the dogs by their collars, pull them to me(as if they were my dogs), and hold them down, shouting to my companion, “Grab them! Pick me up while I hold the dogs!”

    The one who was walking with me runs up to the helpless creature lying on the asphalt and scoops it up in his arms. Then the dogs run away and I pick up this little creature. It turns out that this is a small white kitten. He's very dirty and cold. (I've been wanting a white cat for a long time.) I look under the kitten's tail and find out that it is a cat. I am a little saddened by the fact that this is not a cat, but a cat. I'm taking him home, I'm going to wash him and cure him – he's sick, there's a lump in his side under the skin. The kitten doesn't look well. I wash it in the bathroom. It turns out that he is not white, but like a Siamese in color. The kitten's tail suddenly falls off – it's frostbitten. Instead of a tail, a spaniel-like tail remains. I get scared.

    I think ,” Here we go. It will be a shame if it all turns out to be a dream right now and I don't have a kitten.”

    Then I wake up in my sleep at home. I'm sorry that I only dreamed it.

    But since this is all happening in a dream, I have the following dream.

    I live in a large colony. This is a whole world, located on countless tiers under the ground. Everyone in this world is busy with their own business. Everyone is a cog in this whole great system, a big mechanism. I get tired of it all, and I pull away. I tear the wires connecting me to the system, and the system sounds the alarm that one of its screws has broken. I'm being followed. I do my best to dodge and run away. They're looking for me. I hide where I can – under tables, behind locker room dividers, even in toilets. When they find me in the toilet and want to catch me, I turn on the toilet flush and jump into the depths of it. I am carried by a stream of water through the sewer pipes to the next toilet. They want to catch me again, and I'm off again. I'm stuck in one of the pipes. The width of the pipe is just under my shoulders. I get scared. Someone on top of me, sitting on the toilet, takes care of all their needs for me. I'm disgusted. Then I am swept away again by a flood of flushing water. I keep running. I don't hide in toilets anymore.

    I get tired of running from my pursuers, so I don't bother running like I used to. If I'm caught on one floor, I jump down hard, break through several of the world's ceilings and floors, and reappear on another tier. I find myself in the theater's auditorium. They shoot me with some kind of green and orange laser, hit me. Something like a chip is firmly attached to my body, leaving a trail of color everywhere I run. Now the system knows where I am. All my movements leave a bright trail, like a comet's. I rush around the theater in a panic, then fall down a few more tiers. I'm panicking. I know I can't escape.

    The dream ends there…

  26. Nettle asked me for help. She told me to stick hedgehogs to the tree to make cookies, because they have an important mission. A group of hedgehogs languidly waited for me by the tree

  27. Ah, perhaps the most enchanting dream I remember is passionate sex with Freddy Krueger in some dubious room in front of the guys I know. The funniest part is that it was nice.

  28. I had an important mission ahead of me. It consisted of secretly stealing a plastic bottle cap from gypsies. The goal of the mission is shrouded in darkness, but I managed to complete it.

  29. I dreamed that to wake up-you need to open your eyes-take a bottle opener and remove the lids, like on beer bottles from the eyes. With the same sound.

  30. Before going to bed, I saw enough insta some well, very cute guy. I fell asleep thinking about him

    So it's the bastard who raped me in my sleep. And then she killed with a PLUNGER!

  31. I was walking along a red brick wall, and it was raining from the ground. Snails were crawling towards me, singing a hymn. that was strange. And then we had whiskey. I added an orange, because it was very sour. Oo

  32. I often see a nuclear mushroom on the horizon in my dreams, but for some reason I'm not so afraid-as it is very beautiful and I watch it silently spreading. What would that mean? Who dreamed of something like this?

  33. At the age of 11, I had a dream in which I was playing in the yard with my friends. We were playing games, chatting, but suddenly night fell and I went to the house. Walking towards him, I saw that my friend from school was swinging on a swing, I ran to her, but instead of my friend I saw a toy cheburashka lying on the ground. I have almost reached my entrance and suddenly I hear a man running behind me with a knife. I turned up the gas and ran into the entrance, where there was one grandmother (in real life it was an old lady who always chased us for yelling under the windows). She took out a Star Wars-like sword and asked for my identification. I started looking for something in my pockets, and at that moment a girl came down from above and shouted, ” I'm going to explode!” Then I woke up.

  34. I dreamed that I was running around in a huge freezer and watching the life cycle of frozen vegetables. The problem was that these vegetables were 5 times bigger than me._.

  35. I often dream that I am possessed by a demon. I flew over the room and frothed at the mouth, biting, scratching myself and hurting myself badly. Exorcism.

  36. I once dreamed that the Devil was my son and that we lived together in a small room in Hell. There was a fireplace and it was quite cozy. But for some reason, there was a dead Jesus hanging in the center of the room.

    And recently, I even dreamed that I was talking to Hitler in German, and I ordered him to “suck”. I don't know where this is coming from in my head.

  37. I wrote this note on my phone just after I woke up, so that I could remember the plot of the dream. I think it looks better this way than if you disclose the details. I hope sooner or later to redraw this kind of plot for the game
    Remember the seven fears, said the pigeon with the vertical pupils.
    There is a war going on. Irka was like the one who brought misfortune – her sister went to bury her. I died once – I think I was hit by a shell fragment. I came across a basement where the dead live. I have my cat with me. I can interact with material things. They show me a chip – they say you can become all-powerful with it. Death is like a new level due to the accumulation of experience. I can't see the colors on the phone screen properly – a lot of them are replaced with yellow, blue, and red. In the video – everything, and the contours break. If it's a dead phone, you can talk normally. Live – you hear music and lose your voice
    On teatralnaya street, I meet a pigeon with vertical eyes and pupils. They drink. I have a drink with her and can talk to her. This is ryabinushka-you will drink-for talking to the dead, you drink with a company of more than 10 people-the 11th, 12th, 13th… they will die. She says a lot of important things.

  38. often dreams of delirium, often people. which I saw only on the Web, often dead as if they were alive, which you literally touch and feel the cold of touch. But from the person who remembered it, about half a year ago; My father and I are driving in the same car , I'm driving ( I never drive it in my life) For some reason, I go to the tram line and drive along the tracks carefully avoiding trams. Then I see a huge pit between the rails and steer the car into it. My father screams at me, ” what are you doing, you're not going to get out?” I get out of it and leave him there . (My father died in 1986.)

  39. I was about six years old. All night long I dreamed that in some backwater school, a teacher would come at me with a red-hot knife for any wrong answer. I would wake up in the morning, go back to sleep, and have the same dream. I already gave other answers, but in the process it turned out that the teacher considers any answer to be wrong, so after the third repetition I did not fall asleep again.

    I had a second dream recently. I'm somewhere in outer space riding a carousel, like in an amusement park, then it turns out that the carousel is controlled by an evil megamind. He spins the carousel, and I fall out of it and fly from space to earth. I woke up from the fear of burning up in the stratosphere.�

    Still in the “personal top” figure skating on ice without skates and a fascinating journey through the garbage chute (as in Charlie and the chocolate factory).

  40. I usually have dreams that contain typos from yesterday (I watched an episode of Sherlock, the melody of a song I listened to, etc.), and I almost always forget my dreams, despite the fact that I dream about them almost every day. But this dream scares me and still makes me laugh, despite the fact that it is not terrible at all.

    Here I am, flying over a ravine with a lot of muddy water, it even resembles a canal in Venice. I flew not alone, but with my friend with whom I almost do not communicate. When I fly over, I notice that my friend is no longer there, and I see tents and small houses. It was a camp. Everything was fine. I found my friend and never left her side after that. But I was startled in a dream by some guy: pumped up, healthy, with a stupid face, you can even see the veins on the muscles. And one day he chased us, but we saw a cave and went in, and then somehow we boarded up the passage. And then the delirium began: we look around and see a dog in the cave. Big, pot-bellied mongrel. We thought she was pregnant and it turned out that she was. After a while we went out, and when we came back, instead of the dog, there was a woman covered in blood, and she was yelling. She started to say that she was that dog, and that she was giving birth, but as often happens, the dream ended there.

    When I woke up, I had the feeling that I already had such a dream and it did not give me peace of mind and all day I was nervous and on pins and needles.

  41. Once I dreamed that I was Khabensky. I had a daughter about 25-30 years old and she hated me for something. There was an arena like in Harry Potter, she suddenly turned into a dragon and wanted to fight me. I (still Khabensky) flew on shawls on my shoulders, like in the cartoon “Spirited Away”. I didn't want to fight her, like, well, she's my daughter, so I ended up flying out of this arena, across the sea, and ended up in a city, I can't say which one, it was dark, and I wandered around while the police were looking for me.

    P.S. It was quite nice to be Khabensky))

  42. My high-quality methods teacher doesn't like men. That's why I dreamed that she had a child with John Dorian from the Clinic.

  43. I was in the Middle Ages. And I relived the same day over and over again. And every night I ended up being led to the chopping block and beheaded.

    I didn't know if it was a nightmare, because I didn't feel anything. But on repeat 20, I realized even in my sleep what a delusional situation it was and how boring it was. And that I'd rather wake up.

  44. I dreamed that the singer Sia was performing at some school matinee in such an old Soviet school, where she had captive children for backup dancing, which she uses in her music videos

  45. I dreamed that I was flying over a city and was about to land on a dilapidated building with a dome, but I flew too high and hit a round metal hatch in the sky. The hatch has small holes through which light seeps, and the rivets say: “offshore, political migrants.” Moreover, I realized all the comical nature of the image only when I woke up.

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