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  1. Everything that is done is for the best. I've never regretted anything. But if I do, I'll make a conclusion for myself. Learn from mistakes. (but it is better on other people's sites) as Theodore Roosevelt used to say.

  2. I regret that I didn't follow my dream.I chose love!And not studying for the desired profession in another city.Now I am very sorry about this,if you want, you could have combined everything,but!At that time, of course,it seemed impossible to me)

  3. I've already seen this question a dozen times.

    Most of all in my life, I regretted and regret that by the age of 21 I was almost completely antisocial, I couldn't really make small talk, I couldn't communicate with strangers unnecessarily, I couldn't manage anyone.TC was used to being on my own. And all the actions I regret are connected with this. And to be honest, I hear people constantly discussing each other and not really want to socialize somehow, while it's funny that the feeling of regret does not disappear anywhere.

  4. I dream of many good deeds… I can't make up my mind right away. But I think my most cherished dreams are to cure someone of a serious illness, protect them, surround them with love and care. Finally, become his true friend for life! Or save someone from loneliness… Also become his true friend, communicate with him as often as possible, help in difficult times, pay a lot of attention…. Perhaps these are my most cherished wishes! I am a kind person, I like to help others, give useful advice, I love animals, everyone, without exception… I can empathize and understand other people… And I am a great true friend, I will keep any secret! If necessary, I'll do anything… for anyone who asks for help! If you have a question, please contact us!

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